Vietnamese At Home Telephone Data Collectors

US - Home-based telephone work
Dec 03, 2018
Apr 24, 2019
Analyst, Research
Full Time

    • Land line phone service 
    • Not permitted:
      • Cell phones
      • Satellite internet/phone service - such as Dish Network
      • features (e. g. call waiting, voice mail, call forwarding, etc.) must be disabled during working hours 
      • long distance service is NOT required
      • A corded telephone with a hands-free corded headset (cordless phones and Bluetooth headsets are not permitted).
    • A reliable Windows-based (Windows 7 or later) PC computer, and ability to upgrade as security and operational requirements change.
    • anti-virus and anti-spyware software installed with current and updated virus definitions
    • Internet Explorer (IE) installed - most current non-beta version
    • up-to-date Shockwave and Acrobat Reader software installed (can be downloaded for free)
    • regular in-home access to a printer
    • a wired high speed internet connection (cable, DSL or fiber optic only) with a minimum of 10 mbps download speed
      • Connection must be hard-wired with ethernet cable connection during working hours. Use of wireless routers, WIFI, not permitted
    • a web cam with video and audio functionality that can be connected to your work computer (ability to set up a Skype account and install appropriate software for home work environment verification)
    • a quiet private and secure work space to conduct interviews (does not have to be a dedicated office, but work environment must be quiet and secure during work hours, including training)

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