Director, Continuing Education

Rockville, Maryland
Salary Range (Non-Negotiable): $133,523 – $148,358
Nov 13, 2018
Dec 18, 2018
Executive, Director, Other
Full Time


The purpose of this position is to provide strategic leadership and oversight in the design, direction, and management of ASHA's Continuing Education unit and the Association's national Continuing Education (CE) Program. The Director will craft a vision for the unit to maximize growth, create new business opportunities that increase potential revenue-generation, and advance and support the Association’s strategic objectives and operational priorities. The Director analyzes trends and data in adult continuing education including new technologies, learner behavior and engagement, as well as program design and compliance tools and services that improve learning experiences and development opportunities. The incumbent also ensures alignment of CE program standards and compliance with state and relevant accreditation agencies, while establishing and implementing comprehensive approaches, systems, and methods that ensure quality, and promote efficiencies, productivity, and cost-effectiveness

Responsibilities include (1) developing programs and systems to meet the lifelong learning needs of ASHA constituents, (2) managing the development, collection, and dissemination of CE information to ASHA members and nonmembers, CE providers, National office staff, and outside agencies and accrediting bodies, (3) representing ASHA to federal/state agencies, other professional organizations, and private industry on matters related to continuing education, and (4) providing guidance and serving as a liaison to the Continuing Education Board. This individual will also be responsible for coaching members of the Continuing Education team, and sharing Cluster leadership of the Professional Education Cluster.


  • Provide ongoing strategic management of the Association's CE program and related routine operations.
  • Develop and coach CE Team members in providing technical assistance, developing innovative solutions, and effectively implementing policy and procedures, as well as build and maintain effective team dynamics within the CE Team.
  • Oversee the fiscal management and quality assurance of the Association's CE Program.
  • Provide guidance and direction in the development of Association programs and processes that impact members' ability to obtain needed/required professional development.
  • Develop strategy and oversee implementation of marketing of CE program and its components to targeted audiences.
  • Analyze trends, market demands, and state of the art knowledge and competence issues to recommend programmatic modifications that will enhance continuing professional development and foster lifelong learning for the professions.
  • Represent or serve as liaison to ASHA Boards/committees, professional CE associations, and state/federal licensing and certification agencies.


Knowledge Typically Acquired Through

  • Advanced degree in educational administration, adult and continuing education, or a related field
  • 7–10 years' experience managing adult learning, continuing professional education, or accreditation functions

Scope and Depth of Technical Skills/Knowledge

  • Experience implementing programs that reflect current adult learning and adult development theory as it relates to adult and continuing professional education
  • Demonstrated success leading teams in the development and delivery of continuing education offerings
  • Experience managing the planning and marketing of continuing professional education programs
  • Skill and experience in program planning and administration
  • Experience with and knowledge of database management systems
  • Knowledge of and skills in data analysis and interpretation using standard parametric and non-parametric statistical techniques and relevant statistical applications
  • Experience in budget development and administration
  • Skill and experience in managing staff including recruitment, goal setting, and evaluation
  • Skill and experience in managing revenue-producing programs for profit or not-for-profit organizations

Scope and Depth of Non-Technical Skills/Knowledge

  • Working knowledge of ASHA's Continuing Education Program, its requirements and procedures, preferred
  • Persuasive and concise written and oral communication and presentation skills
  • An in-depth understanding of association philosophy, the field of communication disorders, and how an association continuing education program impacts the growth of the association/professions and its members' professional development
  • Ability to work independently, and make and defend management decisions
  • Ability to interact effectively with a diverse constituencies including volunteer Board members, program directors, CE providers, CE participants, national office professional and support staff, local and state education superintendents, directors and staff of government agency, private sector CEOs and their staff.

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