Police Digital Forensic Examiner

Alexandria, VA
$56,835.22 - $93,423.35 Annually
Nov 05, 2018
Nov 16, 2018
Full Time

Police Digital Forensic Examiner

 The City of Alexandria is located in northern Virginia, and is bordered by the District of Columbia (Potomac River), Arlington, and Fairfax counties.  With a population of approximately 150,000 and a land area of 15.75 square miles, Alexandria is the seventh largest city in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Alexandria has a charming waterfront and is a unique and historic place to live and work.  About one-quarter of the City's square miles have been designated as a national or local historic district.  We proudly embrace our rich history and seize the endless opportunities that lie ahead.  If you are interested in working for the vibrant City of Alexandria, we invite qualified candidates to apply for a position as a Digital Forensics Examiner.

Our work is driven by our 4 Guiding Principles:

  • Aligning the work we do with our strategic plan
  • Executing against our strategy and ensuring accountability for our results
  • Promoting and encouraging a culture of leadership and ownership at all levels of the organization
  • Promoting a culture of service excellence, creativity and entrepreneurship
An OverviewA Digital Forensics Examiner performs full performance work in conducting and documenting computer and cellular telephone forensic examinations within the Criminal Investigations Section of the Alexandria Police Department.  This position processes a wide variety of computer systems and other digital media to assist in criminal investigations and is responsible for maintaining the security and integrity of evidence stored in the computer forensic lab.  The examiner will also collect, store and maintain digital evidence in accordance with proper protocol.  Accurate and detailed reports will be written to support law enforcement and testify in court on an as needed basis.  The examiner will maintain the appropriate software licenses and upgrades for the forensic tools necessary to complete forensic examinations. 
What You Should BringThe candidate will have expert knowledge of the principles , methods, and techniques used in the field of digital forensics; good knowledge of the applicable criminal laws; thorough knowledge of general operating systems software and of computer hardware; expert knowledge of computer/mobile forensic software (i.e., AccessData Forensic Software, Cellebrite, Lantern, Oxygen Forensic Detective, BlackLight, Macquisition); ability to comprehend technical literature; ability to think logically and apply deductive reasoning in solving problems and conducting examinations of digital media in a forensically sound manner.  The candidate must have the ability to work independently; ability to work well with others; ability to communicate with others using nontechnical language to explain complex technical subjects; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other agencies; and the ability to communicate clearly and effectively, both verbally and in writing.  The successful candidate should also lead by example, demonstrate a commitment to excellence, and be available to work late evenings, mornings, and/or weekends and holidays if required to accomplish the mission.     
The Opportunity – Examples of Work
  • Acquires and maintains the ability to utilize the latest technology and tactics to investigate/examine complex activities; maintains computers and lab equipment; troubleshoot with or without vendor assistance;
  • Assumes responsibility for the identification, protection, preservation and collection of evidence at complex or major crime scenes;
  • Obtain and maintain certifications in relation to digital forensics examiner;
  • Possesses additional knowledge, skills, and ability and certifications to qualify them as an expert in field of Computer/Digital Forensics;
  • Provide guidance, advice, and direction to police officers, detectives, supervisors, and command staff in relation to digital forensics;
  • Attend continuing education courses as needed to maintain certifications;
  • Assist officers and detectives with the proper collection of digital media, such as but not limited to computers, mobile devices, and video.  Assist officers and detectives with video acquisition and editing for preparation of their information and wanted posters; edit video as needed for court purposes or media presentations;
  • In a forensically sound manner collect, preserve, analyze/examine, and report regarding evidence from electronically stored media; restores recoverable deleted data/files;accesses password-protected and secured files; prepares and presents reports of findings, provides expert testimony and performs a variety of crime laboratory duties;
  • Maintain security and integrity of the evidence stored in the digital forensics lab;
  • Other duties as assigned.
About the DepartmentThe City of Alexandria Police Department is a nationally recognized and accredited law enforcement agency providing services to a diverse community. A group of talented professionals, the Alexandria Police Department is a dedicated team of people who, in partnership with the community, work to create and maintain a safe and secure environment for our residents, merchants, and visitors. We are a diverse organization, reflecting Alexandria's various cultures and offering many different career and promotional opportunities.

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