Lower School Lead Teacher

Washington D.C.
Oct 04, 2018
Nov 08, 2018
Full Time

The Kingsbury Center is one of the oldest nonprofit educational institutions in the Washington area that addresses the special needs of young children, adolescents and adults who experience learning difficulties. The Center is seeking an Lower School Lead Teacher for the 2018-2019 school year. We offer a competitive salary commensurate with experience and education.

Kingsbury's teachers use a variety of techniques in the classroom and are comfortable integrating technology into the curriculum. The school expects candidates to proficiently differentiate instruction. Kingsbury seeks experienced classroom teachers who have a background in curricular and pedagogical innovation. Responsibilities for this position also include collaboration and full participation in a school-wide department to ensure excellent scope and sequence.

  • Use information and data from a variety of sources to understand student’s instructional needs and progress against Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) goals
  • Evaluate and synthesize for instructional practices each student’s learning style, motivators and other factors impacting student’s ability to learn
  • Facilitate individualized strategies to improve behavior and as a drive for instruction
  • Analyze student data and implement strategies to enable each student to access the curriculum and meet their academic and social goals
  • Facilitate individualized academic and behavior management strategies to improve behavior and as a driver for instruction
  • Collaborate with peers and related service providers to design individualized instructional delivery options
  • Develop classroom materials designed to meet curriculum content standards
  • Embed students’ IEP/ILP goals through instruction
  • Write the goals for and actively participate in each student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP)/Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) team
  • Design, implement and administer classroom-based assessments to measure progress toward academic standards and diagnose areas of student misunderstanding, as well as to refine curriculum and instructional practices
  • Participate in Student Review and Student Support Team meetings
  • Administer and interpret Woodcock Johnson tests or any other assessment or test as assigned by the Day School Director
  • Record daily attendance in every class, per Kingsbury’s FacultyWeb Expectations
  • Create a positive, achievement-oriented learning environment that encourages student involvement and enables each student to achieve learning goals
  • Use appropriate teaching materials and assistive technologies to facilitate learning
  • Set and reinforce clear expectations and routines that align with the Day School’s overall mission
  • Demonstrate thorough content knowledge
  • Share all lesson plans with Day School Director, per deadlines and directors set by Day School Director
  • Maintain complete classroom records and protect the confidentiality of the records, including but not limited to consent forms and releases, data collection forms and progress and anecdotal notes
  • Provide supervision and training to assistant teachers and dedicated aides
  • Communicate regularly with parents and families; including completion of progress reports, quarterly reports and grading for report cards, within timeframe established by Day School Director and submitting items for Day School’s weekly newsletter
  • Respond within 24 hours, preferably with a phone call, to any communication from a student’s family member or guardian
  • Respond within 24 hours to any communication from a Kingsbury administrator, staff member or faculty member
  • Meet Kingsbury’s FacultyWeb Expectations, including the taking/recording of attendance in RenWeb, posting grades for assignments, posting announcements and syllabi and any other expectation


  • Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s degree preferred
  • Two years of special education experience at the appropriate grade level is preferred
  • Must be certified in Special Education and content area or achieve certification within one year of hire
  • Must demonstrate knowledge of the nature and needs of students with learning differences
  • Must demonstrate knowledge of current instructional and behavior management techniques, assistive aids, curriculum scope and sequence and content area
  • Demonstrated knowledge of special education best practices
  • Demonstrated skills in written and oral communication
  • Able to change daily routine to meet the changing needs of students
  • Able to work effectively as a member of an interdisciplinary team

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