President, Ambulatory Services

Norfolk, VA
Sep 19, 2018
Oct 19, 2018
Executive, President
Full Time
Job Description: Reporting to Michael Gentry, Senior Vice President and COO, the President, Ambulatory Services will be
responsible for leading Sentara Healthcare's ambulatory and medical group operations - a $450M enterprise. A
critical strategic emphasis for the President, Ambulatory Services will be focused on redefining, redesigning and
enhancing customer accessible and cost effective, medical group and ambulatory services to assure the business
success of the Sentara Medical Groups and Ambulatory Division. The President, Ambulatory Services should also
build and execute strategies that benefit other Sentara Provider and Health
Plan divisions and strategy referral channels downstream. He/she will be responsible for establishing a shared
vision across the four Sentara Medical Groups that positions the groups for further integration over time.
The President, Ambulatory Services will play an impactful role in redefining the system's relationship with the
consumer by: redesigning access and service delivery based on the desired experience of member and patients
while forming lifelong relationships with consumers assisted by personalized digital solutions to address the
unique needs of those with chronic illness. The President, Ambulatory Services will envision, develop and
advance a critical medical group and ambulatory operating platform focused on the retail, ambulatory
healthcare component of the system and maximize their access and value to consumers.

Through the leadership of medical group and ambulatory services across Sentara Healthcare, the President,
Ambulatory Services will develop consumer friendly processes that are easy to use and provide information
consumers need to make informed decisions, easily navigate through the system and strengthen the Sentara

In this role, the President, Ambulatory Services will:
• Foster an environment that promotes innovation and change across the medical groups and ambulatory
• Redesign existing ambulatory services into dynamic retail destinations. Leverage operating responsibilities
for innovation around the consumer experience. Will be accountable for the P&L of the medical groups and
ambulatory services.
• Develop and drive a passionate, consumer‐focused vision, strategy and execution plan for the organization
that can seamlessly accommodate consumer relationship building, business and clinical needs.
• Develop business cases to turn early stage investments, strategic growth funding, or fundamentally new
business models into strategic assets and eventually new revenue streams by developing new ambulatory
retail strategies.
• Conduct ongoing market assessment to identify and prioritize attractive opportunities, including
commercialization of services, potential acquisitions, alliances, licensing opportunities and collaborations
that support Sentara's strategy and mission.
• In partnership with the CIO and the SVP of Marketing and System Development, guide the organization
towards adopting new technologies and other new initiatives to move point of care onto a digital platform.
• In partnership with the President of Sentara Health Plans, actively develop and execute strategies with the
health plans to serve Sentara's members with high quality, innovative services and support the growth of
the plans.
• Develop an analytic method to measure improvement in consumer experience, and reinforce a discipline
around gathering facts and data to improve the overall consumer experience.
• Set the broader strategy for consumer medicine for the system and interact with the regions to ensure
• Collaborate with strategy, marketing and operations to define and segment the customer enhancing the
consumer experience to drive business growth.
• Work closely with clinical and system leadership to implement new programs, technologies and strategies
that improve care delivery across the entire care continuum.
• Foster a culture of high quality patient‐centered care across medical group and ambulatory services.
• In collaboration with the Chief Physician Executive and EMR team, identify and prioritize key Electronic
Medical Record optimization opportunities to improve care delivered and efficiency in the practices.
• Recruit and retain a management team and staff that can achieve ambitious goals and can champion ideas
across the broader healthcare system.
• Standardize organizational structure, systems and processes across the regions that align with the overall
Sentara strategy.

• Creatively identifies and begins to capture opportunities for growth and operational improvement and
efficiency around the edges of his/her P&L platform. The President, Ambulatory Services will:
 Transform Sentara's retail footprint and medical groups using a consumer‐centric business model;
 Track existing consumers and look for their adoption of new and existing products. Track growth of
new consumers.
 Transform service delivery based on a desired experience of members and patients improving
access and satisfaction resulting in significant growth.
 Grow existing markets and expand to new markets. Develop new products that leverage the
advantages of an integrated health system.
 Partner with operational leaders and manage joint‐venture partners to enhance current
relationships and future opportunities.
 Create products and services that foster ongoing relationships with our consumers and maintain
connectivity with consumers by developing systems, programs and tools that identify, track and align
with consumer needs across broader timeframes approaching the span of their lifetime.
 Provide personalized digital solutions that foster a lifelong engagement with Sentara and improve
personal health.

Education Level
Master's degree in business administration or healthcare administration

Ten years in healthcare leadership roles

5 years working with an organization of similar size and complexity

Track record of innovation within the ambulatory clinical space

Experience managing complex healthcare operations

P&L oversight of $200M+ with a track record of inspiring financial performance

A history of transformational improvement

Managing Customers
The successful candidate will have a track record of responding, supporting, and anticipating customer needs.
The President, Ambulatory Services will support customer needs throughout Sentara Healthcare and effect
organizational change in order to meet them. She/he will do this by:
 Offering new ideas to customers, beyond expectations and normal practice, in the interest of an
improved relationship; anticipates the needs of the customer's business.
 Identifying offerings that fit with customer needs even if not identified by customer, and offers them
Collaborating and Influencing
In a highly complex system environment, the President, Ambulatory Services will be a systems thinker who is
focused on advancing the organization. She/he will be a collaborative team player who looks for opportunities
to align diverse constituents, break down silos, and communicate a vision of future state. She/he will have an
orientation towards the health plan/provider convergence and will build partnerships through systemic
influence by:
 Negotiates with a genuine give‐and‐take approach, where decisions are shared.
 Spends time identifying all stakeholders to shape a collective consensus.
 Identifies opportunities to build relationships across Sentara Healthcare that will help others achieve
their objectives.

• High integrity individual who develops trust through honesty, authenticity and
a sense of justice.
• Strong interpersonal communications skills.
• Selfless and quiet‐ego individual who gives credit to others.
• Sets a strong tone at the top, leading by example and living the culture.
• Intellectually curious and interested in cutting edge technology.
• Entrepreneurial.

Outstanding communications skills and presence, a transparent style of communication.