Registered Nurse II (RN) - Operating Room - EWCO Full-Time - Day Shift

Rockville, MD
Mar 12, 2019
Apr 02, 2019
Full Time
Shady Grove Medical Center

If you are a current Adventist HealthCare employee, please click this link to apply through your Workday account. Weekend Option with FT Benefits Saturday and Sunday 7am- 7pm. WOC for RN day shift is an additional $13/hour.

Job Description
A Level II Nurse (RN II) in the Adventist HealthCare Professional Career Advancement Program reports directly to the Clinical Nurse Manager and is independently responsible for the safe and effective delivery of patient-centered care in collaboration with the interdisciplinary team. The RN II educates patients and family through the continuum of care while also striving to advance their own knowledge and skills through careful consideration of feedback and guidance provided by more senior nurses and the Clinical Nurse Manager. They serve as role models to Level I nurses and use electronic resources to support best practices in patient care. The RN II demonstrates professionalism, adheres to ANA standards of practice, and exemplifies the Adventist HealthCare values as they fulfill our nursing mission and vision. The ability to use equipment and technology correctly, to delegate non-nursing duties appropriately, and to maximize efficiency and effectiveness are key RN II competencies.

• Strong critical and strategic thinking, analytical and planning skills
• Organization/time management skills
• Excellent communication skills
• Values diversity and team work
• Demonstrates integrity; is ethical in conduct and decision making
• Demonstrates initiative, creativity, and flexibility
• Tolerant of change and ambiguity
• Demands accountability of self and others

Principle Duties and Responsibilities (competencies):
Patient Centeredness
• Develops a plan of care according to patient population.
• Identifies impending changes in patient condition accurately and initiates corrective action.
• Mentors students, colleagues and team members in patient-centered care.
• Conducts purposeful rounding from patient and family perspective.

Evidence-based Practice
• Conducts efficient literature searches and applies findings appropriately to practice.
• Identifies opportunities for improvement in clinical care and participates in change of practice based on evidence. i.e. participates in wound prevalence study

Interdisciplinary Care Team Vitality
• Creates a work environment that promotes cooperation, respect and trust among team members.
• Acts with integrity, consistency and respect for different views and communication styles.
• Engages effectively in teamwork and team building processes.

Quality Improvement and Patient Safety
• Participates in error analyses and system/process improvements.
• Uses established safety resources for professional development and to help ensure safe practices, e.g., PDCA huddle, restraint concurrent audit, falls huddle, and infection control reports.
• Participates in the collection of data on clinical unit to improve care delivery and outcomes, e.g., patient care audits, pain reassessment and documentation, and care planning.
• Actively seeks information about quality initiatives in own organization and care settings and applies information to practice.

Use of Information Technologies
• Uses electronic resources and databases to enhance knowledge and support best practices
• Acts as a super user or provides \"Just in Time\" training to end-users.
• Adheres to ANA documentation standards and AHC documentation policies; and ensures that the “patient's story” is reflected in the documentation.

Critical Thinking and Innovation
• Demonstrates purposeful, informed, outcome-focused (results-oriented) thinking that is guided by professional standards, ethics codes and laws.
• Applies critical reasoning and judgment in patient care delivery.
• Uses critical thinking skills to make clinical judgments and individualize patient care.

Value Added Care
• Delegates non-nursing duties appropriately (to appropriate person at appropriate time).
• Demonstrates efficient use of resources (materials and time).
• Utilizes care delivery tools in order to deliver safe, timely care and interventions to patient (e.g., SBAR communication tool, POSS scale, RRT, interpreter services).

Other Duties as Assigned

Required Licenses and Certificates:
• Current Maryland State nursing license
• Current Basic Life Support (BLS) certificate
• ACLS, PALS, NRP as required by specialty area

Required Education and Experience:
• Graduate of an accredited nursing program
• Passing score on NCLEX
• Experience: 1 to 3 years (qualified to sit for specialty certifications)

Additional Requirements
• Able to work in a stressful environment with multiple demands and to respond appropriately.
• Able to resolve conflicts effectively, prioritize tasks, respond to emergencies, and react calmly.
• Knowledgeable of professional nursing theory and practice to evaluate care.
• Knowledgeable of medical equipment and instruments to administer patient care.
• Awareness of common safety hazards and precautions to establish a safe work environment.
• Able to respond to alarms codes, answering phone, overhead pages, beeper pages
• Able to read charts, labels, documentation, policies and procedures
• Able to communicate with staff, visitors, patients, and physicians in clear and concise English.

Description of Working Conditions:
• Able to work in a temperature-controlled hospital environment with frequent exposure to auditory and olfactory stimuli.
• Potential exposure to contagious diseases.
• Potential exposure to bio -hazardous wastes and hazardous wastes

Physical Requirements:
• Sitting: Documenting, counseling, supporting visitors
• Walking: Extensive walking around hospital campus, responding to emergencies and daily patient rounding
• Standing: Communicating with staff, physicians, visitors, and patients, setting up equipment, changing IV bags during emergency situations.
• Bending/squatting/kneeling: CPR, assisting with transfers, plugging in equipment
• Lifting: Transferring patients, moving equipment
• Pushing: Moving patients in wheelchairs, beds, stretchers, incubators and cribs; moving carts, and other patient care equipment
Work Schedule:

Minimum Commitment
a. A six (6) month commitment is required
b. A signed letter of agreement to the terms and conditions of this plan will be executed and filed in Human Resources, along with the appropriate documentation of change of status and job code.
c. Failure to fulfill the commitment may limit future participation in like programs.
Plan Option is at the discretion of the department director.
a. Every Weekend Commitment Option (EWCO)
a. WCO plan employees will be eligible to receive benefits in accordance with their status, years of service and hours worked.
b. Employees working 20 or more hours per week are eligible for health benefits at the FT employee rate.
b. Paid time off (PTO) will accrue on actual hours worked up to 80 hours/pay period.
a. Participants will be scheduled to work twenty-four (24) hours per weekend: Eight or 12 hour shifts beginning 1500 Friday to 0700 Monday (generally starting at 0645 - 1915 - 0715),
b. The shift length will be determined by the department director.
c. A 30-minute unpaid meal break will be provided during each 12-hour shift.
a. Employees will be paid at a base rate, plus the applicable WCO differential at the WE1 rate for their weekend shift commitment (24 hours).

Tobacco Statement

Tobacco use is a well-recognized preventable cause of death in the United States and an important public health issue. In order to promote and maintain a healthy work environment, Adventist HealthCare will not hire applicants for employment who either state that they are nicotine users or who test positive for nicotine use.

Adventist HealthCare will withdraw offers of employment to applicants who test positive for Cotinine (nicotine). Those testing positive for cotinine are given the opportunity to re-apply in 90 days, if they can truthfully attest that they have not used any nicotine products in the past ninety (90) days and successfully pass follow-up testing.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Adventist HealthCare is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status.

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