Director of Government and External Relations

Silver Spring, Maryland
Up to 95K
Sep 10, 2018
Oct 11, 2018
Full Time

Director of Government and External Relations (DG&ER)

GOAL: Raise IACLEA’s credibility, visibility, and influence with policymakers at all levels to advance Association goals, particularly in policy advocacy. To enhance and deepen current relationships with government and other associations.  To form new partnerships with other associations, organizations, public and private to advance IACLEA. 


This position works primarily with officials representing federal and state executive branch agencies. It also works with elected members of Congress and state legislatures, and their staff. Additionally, the position will develop and maintain relationships with other associations in higher education and in the public safety, police, and security profession.  This person will occasionally work with Canadian members on talking points for meetings with their federal or provincial governments.  This position reports to the Association Executive Director (ED), unless otherwise directed.  

The Director of Government and External Relations builds and fosters relationships with law enforcement, higher education, and other organizations to further Association objectives across the board. S/he is the Association’s primary law enforcement contact in the Washington, DC, area (with the Director of Training).

Duties include coordinating matters of a sensitive or confidential nature; communicating periodically with police chiefs, administrators, members of the Association, and organizations, inside and outside of the United States.

This position will be responsible for overseeing and working with the day-to-day matters of the Association to include: identifying opportunities for collaboration between the wide array of campus public safety stakeholders, government agencies and facilitating problem-solving partnerships serving as IACLEA’s representative at meetings with the federal agencies, national associations of higher education, and other strategic partners; periodically monitoring available mediums to identify the needs of campus public safety agencies, and working with federal agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to address those needs, where possible. Monitoring drafted legislation or issues that may become legislation.  Paying close attention to federal rules making processes on issues pertaining to campus public safety.  Connecting federal agencies with campus public safety subject matter experts. Providing assistance to federal agencies requesting IACLEA’s assistance and engagement on special projects pertaining to campus public safety. Coordinating, managing, and implementing Day on the Hill for IACLEA Board and representatives annually. Assisting the Training Director or other staff in seeking federal or private grants. Coordinating and managing meetings between federal partners and the IACLEA Board annually, or when needed. Drafting communications with the membership and Board on government or other partnerships, meetings, and other initiatives.   Coordinate and staff IACLEA’s Government Relations Committee. Staff other IACLEA committees as tasked.

Being a team player in assisting with other staff and their work on behalf of the Association.  Assist with any annual conference or large training conferences as directed. Advance federal and key state policy objectives on issues pertaining to campus public safety. Prepare technical documents, including issue briefs, fact sheets, and updates to Capitol Hill staffers, etc.  Serve as a spokesperson for the Association—to the media and at meetings/events. Write articles for IACLEA’s Campus Law Enforcement Journal.  Obtain and distribute to IACLEA members law enforcement information from government sources/agencies.

This position does not supervise but will coordinate staff from time to time on projects or other government meetings and partnerships. 

Work is accomplished with a high degree of independent judgment, the ability to juggle multiple tasks, comprehensive attention to detail, advanced problem solving and is characterized by nonrecurring and reoccurring projects. Some work will involve the interpretation of complex rules, regulations and statutes.  It is vital the person in this position think ahead, anticipate, and meet the needs of the Association and the Board of Directors. 

The Director position requires considerable knowledge of government, public safety and law enforcement and a working knowledge of higher education. The mainstay for this position is the ability to effectively liaise with individuals representing a wide variety of interests related to campus public safety. This position is responsible for, drafting correspondence, conducting briefings, presentations and representing the Association with medium and high-level administrators and public leaders.

The position requires the individual to staff committees, task forces, and meetings to take notes and coordinate those schedules.   Employees are expected to work in partnership, to provide leadership to the profession and the Association’s members. 


95%      A. Director of Government and External Relations




  1. Consult with the ED on weekly agenda and upcoming issues/matters.  Use independent judgment in assessing the urgency of problems and questions from Board Members, members, university departments, university administration, other associations, and government representatives.   



  1. Maintain information and communications correspondence with Association offices and departments:  Madison, WI, accreditation, events, communications, training offices and other offices. Provide information and communicate with the Governors’ offices, Attorney Generals’ offices and national/state legislators.
  1. Responsible along with the Executive Director and Executive Assistant to the Director monitoring the progress of activities in support of the strategic plan. 
  1. Position will work closely with the Chair of the Government Relations Committee, the Director of Communications and Director of Training.  This position will be responsible for overseeing and working with the day-to-day issues of the Association, answering questions from members of the Association, linking them with resources and training available, etc. 
  1. The position will monitor related federal and selective state legislation and will develop advocacy initiatives to advance legislation and policy improvements
  1. The person will work with law enforcement-sensitive information, and proper professional discretion will be exercised. 
  1. This person will staff the Government Relations Committee, the Two-Year Institutions Committee and Domestic Preparedness Committee and other committees as assigned.
  1. This person will represent the Association, Executive Director, President, or Board of Directors in meetings, as assigned. 
  1. The position will coordinate, schedule and manage Day on the Hill and a Day with our Federal Partners – annually.
  1. This position does not currently supervise but will coordinate staff in relation to Day on the Hill, Federal meetings, grants and other selected projects. 
  1. This position shall author articles and legislative updates periodically for the Campus Law Enforcement Journal, E-Monthly Newsletter and other communications directed toward the membership. 
  1. Create, maintain and enhance relationships with other public safety, police and higher education associations.  Work on collaborative projects, grants and presentations.  Attend various meetings with our partners.    



  1. Independently follow-up and respond to issues and requests that do not require the Executive Director’s direct attention. 
  1. Respond to unpredictable needs, demands, and fast-changing priorities in a timely and professional manner.
  1. Use strong interpersonal skills with the public, Association members, the Board of Directors and outside entities.
  1. Attend various Association and staff meetings to update, plan, or complete work. 








5 %   B.      Other tasks as assigned, including, but not limited to:


  1. Develop and maintain a procedural manual for the duties performed within the scope of this position.



  1. Provide back-up during other employee vacations and emergencies.
  1. Work special events as needed, including annual conference, Day on the Hill, Executive Development Institute and regional meetings, etc. 
  1. Handle media interviews when requested; serves as on-the-record spokesperson to print and broadcast media.
  1. Perform other duties as assigned.


  1. Ability to maintain high integrity and high professional standards.



  1. Ability to have high ethical standards.



  1. Ability to maintain highly confidential information and materials.



  1. Can work well as a team or individually.



  1. Excellent communication, written, and executive skills.



  1. Self-initiative, excellent judgment and ability to work independently



  1. Skill in strategic thinking, negotiation, and consensus building
  1. Working knowledge of the federal government, the legislative process and rulemaking



  1. Skill in listening techniques.



  1. Skill in controlling emotions and the ability to work under stress.



  1. Working knowledge of higher education culture and protocols.



  1. Ability to make decisions.



  1. Ability to work with minimal supervision and consistently complete routine tasks.



  1. Ability to organize, maintain, and utilize various complex information.



  1. Skill in producing reports, graphs, power points, or other materials.




The final schedule worked will be discussed and agreed upon with the Executive Director.  In general, the workplace is at the Association’s current headquarters located in Silver Spring Maryland.  Work hours will be business hours Monday-Friday and will need to meet the needs of the Association.  Occasional work beyond or outside hours may be required during emergencies, special events or as assigned.    


Persons in this position must possess a valid Driver’s License. Persons in this position are expected to dress in appropriate business or business casual attire or casual attire based on the job assignment of the day.  The successful candidate will be in the Silver Spring, Maryland, area or relocate to the Washington, DC, metropolitan area within 30 days of accepting the offer. 

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