Postdoctoral Fellow in Electrical Engineering at Virginia Tech

Arlington, Virginia
Aug 23, 2018
Sep 27, 2018
Full Time

Postdoctoral Fellow in Electrical Engineering at Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute (ARI) and the Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering invite applications for a Postdoctoral Associate. A Postdoctoral Associate position carries the expectation of a maximum of 4 years post degree. The applicant will mainly work on proposal writing, conducting research and assisting faculty and graduate students with research in the areas of electric power, alternate energy, smart grid and blockchain applications focused on electrical energy domains. The successful candidate will support the director of ARI and help coordinate related research efforts including proposal writing, as well as supporting program development and identification of new research funding opportunities.

The candidate must have an earned Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science with specialization in several of the areas listed in the following: (1) Modeling, simulation, validation and verification of power systems, (2) Distributed generation and micro-grid, (3) Simulation of electrical networks on power systems, (4) Cyber-physical systems focused on energy domains, and (5) Blockchain applications in electric energy transactions.

For additional details, please visit online application site at

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