Operations Director

Washington, DC
Aug 08, 2018
Aug 22, 2018
Executive, Director
Full Time
Artolution is a recently incorporated 501(c)3 charity. It is a community-based public art organization that seeks to ignite positive social change through creative, participatory and collaborative art making. We facilitate projects around the world that connect diverse peoples in order to address common social objectives. Our projects bring together children, youth, families, artists, educators and community groups. Our founding objective is to address critical issues related to armed conflict, trauma and social marginalization by cultivating sustainable global initiatives that promote reconciliation, healing and community empowerment. We believe that through the process of creating collaborative art, diverse communities can come together in times of conflict and social turmoil to address the challenges they face together. Artolution projects engage youth and communities that have faced social exclusion and trauma, including refugees, street youth, the incarcerated, people with physical and mental disabilities, and young people living in areas of violent conflict or extreme poverty. These projects have been organized and facilitated in partnership with local artists, grass-roots community groups, schools and international institutions in 30 countries across Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, North America, Europe, Australasia and South Asia. We utilize visual public art mediums such as mural art and community sculpture, as well as performance genres like dance, theatre and music. In our workshops, participants address various community issues and collectively decide on the subject and content, culminating in the collaborative creation of works of public art. Through this process, we emphasize the building of positive relationships among participants, communicative skill-building, the sharing of knowledge and the encouragement of community activism. Artolution began as a community-based public art initiative founded by US-based artist Max Frieder in 2009. At the same time, Joel Bergner (aka Joel Artista) was following a similar trajectory with his community street art initiatives around the world. In 2015, following many collaborations, Joel and Max joined forces as co-directors to launch Artolution as an international organization built on partnerships with community-based artists, educators and institutions around the world. Following its incorporation in 2016 and subsequent award of 501c3 charitable status, Artolution has undergone a substantial period of growth and expansion of its operations. Having recently secured strong, long term funding support from a major sponsor and with more such sponsorships likely in the coming months, we now seek to appoint a part or full time Operations Director., Artolution is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.This is a new senior position, that will work alongside the two Executive Director and Co-Founders of Artolution, reporting to the Chairman. The capacity to develop a collaborative and mutually supportive working relationship with the board, and with the two Executive Directors / Co-Founders is essential. The role will oversee the financial and administrative components of Artolution's work (budget, systems, protocols, contracts, and compliance), human resource management, program and project administration. The Operations Director will also provide administrative oversight of our contract artists' project activities, in regions ranging from the Middle East, to Asia and South America. In doing this the Operations Director will ensure that all work undertaken promotes and supports Artolution's vision and advances its mission to use community public art to promote healing and reconciliation in contexts such as refugee camps, war zones and other areas of social disadvantage. Further detail on this is available in the Artolution Strategic Plan which will be distributed to shortlisted candidates., The Operations Director will have responsibility for leading the development of, and then overseeing, a suite of corporate services including financial management, fundraising and other corporate functions such as board support, all legal and accounting functions (and interactions with Artolution's legal and accounting advisors), fundraising and compliance, and monitoring and evaluation. All such administrative functions are as yet at the early stages of development in this young organization. In the initial period until additional staff are taken on, there will be a strong focus on fundraising, grant writing and exploration of new revenue streams (such as, for example, merchandise and art sales). Specifically this will include responsibility for: + Fundraising growth, as established annually in collaboration with the board of directors. + Donor development, including enhancing donor recruitment and retention by building productive relationships to understand prospective and current donors' interest in Artolution. + Grant writing, including working with the Co-Founders to identify suitable granting bodies to which to apply. + Communications, including printed publications, digital publications, public relations and media coordination. + Effectively managing human resources in areas of accountability per current laws and regulations. + Assuring the organization and its mission, programs, products and services are consistently presented effectively in all forms and media. The principal categories of performance required of the position are outlined below: Leadership + Work alongside the Co-Founders and the board to regularly update the organization's strategic plan; assume primary responsibility for the implementation of the strategic plan. + Develop and implement policies around programmatic, organizational, and financial goals. + Identify and assess internal and external events and issues that affect the organization and provide relevant updates to the Board. + Act as a spokesperson for the organization to the public, the media, and industry organizations and forums; coordinate messaging with Co-Founders and Board Chair, as needed. + Represent the organization at community activities, as a public speaker, in panel discussions and other events, in order to enhance the organization's visibility, public profile and brand reputation. + Conduct official correspondence on behalf of Artolution, consulting with the Co-Founders as appropriate. + Build and nurture strong, strategic long-term partnerships with key external stakeholders, including government agencies, community leaders, the local business community, industry organizations, and partners. Board/Staff/Volunteer Support + Ensure effective training, enrichment activities, and support for volunteers and fellows. + Maintain hands-on involvement in day-to-day operations and direct the activities of the Program Manager. + Direct and manage the activities of Artolution's volunteers and interns, including Advisory Council members, which act as the effective operational departments of the organization; maintain interaction with committee chair and work closely on the formulation and implementation of action plans. + Provide regular updates on operations, issues, activities, and concerns to the Board in the form of written reports or presentations at Board meetings, and maintain close and regular interaction with the Board members. Financial Management + Work with the board Treasurer to prepare an annual budget and ensure that the organization operates within budget guidelines by developing and maintaining sound financial practices. + Ensure all operations with regard to financial management is conducted in a transparent manner. + Ensure adequate funds are available for Artolution to carry out its mission. Fundraising + In coordination with the Board, Artolution staff and a contracted grant writer, establish and implement a broad-based fundraising plan, which will include identifying and establishing ongoing fundraising goals with periodic updates provided to the Board throughout the fiscal year. + Foster relationships with current sponsors and donors to increase levels of giving and establish new funding sources, including new sponsors and partners.+ With the support of Board members, the Marketing Committee, and/or other Board-approved contracted personnel, refine all aspects of external communications, including use of the website, social media, traditional marketing, media and external relations, always with the goal of creating a stronger brand and increased visibility. + Develop and maintain effective working relationships and collaborative arrangements with key stakeholders and outside organizations, including potential partners and donors. + Communicate regularly and effectively to partners, donors and volunteers through relevant channels, including email, newsletters, phone conversations, speaking at member events, and social media platforms. Requirements Strong candidates for this role may come from a variety of backgrounds including humanitarian aid, education or another aspect of charitable activity serving the needs of disadvantaged or disempowered people. + Evidence of commitment to Artolution's mission and values, with emphasis on diversity, equity, inclusion. + Experience in operations management in the nonprofit sector, preferably in New York. + Ability to work under pressure and with little direct supervision - a 'self starter'. + Excellent communication, interpersonal, writing and presentation skills. + Strong analytical and problem solving abilities. + Attention to detail. + Understanding and experience with management of core administrative functions (HR, finance, project and program management) in a not for profit context. + Outstanding supervisory skills, including supervision of interns and volunteers. + Ability to develop strong collaborative links with key stakeholders including donors, government agencies, and other not for profit organisations that support Artolution's work. + Proven experience at a similar level in a similar organisation, ideally with a minimum of 5 years' experience + Experience/interest in a sector aligned with Artolution's work, for example humanitarian aid, education or some similar area / profession.Benefits package is negotiable but likely to be in the region of $60-$80,000 pa. Successful candidates are likely to be motivated by Artolution's mission and values, and keen to explore an opportunity to work with an organization committed to using public art as a way to effect healing and reconciliation. For more information about the organization please visit our web site at To apply, please email your cover letter and resume to . Please include: Operations Director in the subject line.

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