Not Alone Companions (Volunteer Program- Unpaid)

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Jul 12, 2018
Oct 01, 2018
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What is Not Alone Companions Volunteer Program?

The Not Alone volunteer program is designed to create opportunity for good-spirited people to spend part of their time with UMC patients who may feel lonely and/or abandoned, without family presence or support; patients with no families, homeless; patients who have been estranged from their families; or patients with families who also have health-related and other life challenges. A volunteer is able to make such patients feel loved and reassured that someone still cares because We Are Your Family at UMC.

Discerning to become a Not Alone volunteer?

Think about these…

  • Do you want to share your time with those who are lonely?
  • Do you want to be a companion to those who are sick and without a family or with an overwhelmed family?
  • Do you want to relieve someone's feeling of anguish and abandonment?
  • Do you just want to put a smile on someone's face, make someone's day on the hospital bed a little better?
  • Do you want to accompany someone transitioning out of this life?
  • Or, do you just believe that “no one should die alone?”

The Not Alone volunteer need not be a professional clinician or a board certified pastoral care provider. We rely on your willing spirit to be with someone facing the storms of life during hospitalization and your supportive presence for families that are far stretched thin as they feel the weight of hospitalization of their loved ones. Requirements to be a volunteer are quite simple:

  • Sit to keep the company of the patient as s/he goes through the ordeal of hospitalization by giving a gift of Not Alone.
  • Be in the moment with the patient as s/he transitions out of this life, such as spiritual readings, uplifting words, storytelling, comforting music, etc.
  • All Not Alone volunteers will follow the standard protocol as identified by the hospital to ensure quality and safe care for patients even as they provide compassionate presence to our patients.
Recruitment process

The NAC volunteer is required to follow the UMC recruitment procedure for volunteer programs as outlined by the Human Resources Department, i.e., application, occupational health screening, and securing the hospital ID badge. A UMC employee may only need an application to the program.

For additional information or help, contact the Office of Patient Relations: 202.574.6780.

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