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Jul 02, 2018
Jul 30, 2018
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The SEED Foundation ( was created in 1997 to establish college-preparatory urban boarding schools that prepare children both academically and socially, for success in college and beyond. In 1998, the Foundation opened The SEED Public Charter School of Washington, D.C. - the nation’s first urban public college preparatory boarding school. The school currently serves 325 students in grade 6-12.  In 2015, 100% of  SEED’s seniors were accepted to a four year college or university.


All SEED students live on campus from Sunday evening through Friday afternoon when they return home for the weekend. The dormitories are organized into small “houses” of 10-12 students per life skills counselor for afternoon and evening routines such as study hall, house meetings, and social activities. We provide a safe and caring 24 hour boarding experience. Our relationship with parents and guardians is essential to the success of their child while at SEED. 


We are currently seeking Student Life Counselors (SLC) for 2018– 2019 school year to serve as the principal direct caregiver for students within an assigned house and to act as the primary advocate for the students in their care.  This includes assisting students in achieving academic and social goals.  The SLC will create, establish and maintain a productive and interactive environment for an assigned house within the residence halls.  This position is responsible for monitoring and supervising students during the main hours of the Student Life Program.  The SLC will plan and implement programming for their house of students in and outside the residence halls, and nurture and support students’ social and emotional growth within the Student Life program.


SLCs are responsible for nurturing and educating the students who are entrusted to their care.  They are responsible for maintaining a safe, secure environment in which students can learn and grow.  Student Life Counselors will model, guide, and teach students social, self-help, and lifelong learning skills, and are responsible for supporting and assessing student achievement.  




1. Nurtures each student entrusted to their care consistent with the Student Life Program as the individual responsible for a house within a cohort:

• Communicating with the family regarding student’s progress, accomplishments, growth areas, and concerns about the student

• Attends to students’ personal safety by being aware of student location, being aware of and attentive to warning signs of emotional distress, and supporting overall campus supervision

• Making decisions based on the best interest of students


2. Teach social, self-help, lifelong learning, and basic life skills and facilitates student 

leisure and recreational activities:

• Providing opportunities for students to practice/demonstrate learned skills including manners, conflict resolution, cooperation and teamwork and teaching developmentally appropriate decision-making and critical thinking strategies

• Planning and leading students on educational and/or recreational trips and/or activities and facilitating clubs and activities


3. Provides a structured learning environment during Student Life Programming:

a) Supporting and assisting with homework students during Study Zone 

b) Teaching and modeling appropriate study skills (management of information, materials, and time)

c) Communicates with teachers on a weekly basis


4. Building and fostering positive relationships with students:

a) Displaying appropriate role modeling

b) Developing relevant programming to meet the needs of students

c) Listening actively to students’ thoughts, feelings, concerns, and problems and counseling when appropriate

d) Utilizing active listening, pro-active teaching, corrective teaching, and self-awareness

e) Managing student behavior in the house, residence hall, SEED community, and public

f) Effectively utilizing appropriate skills to prevent and/or de-escalate intense situations while maintaining the dignity and respect of the student


5. Submit all required documentation in a timely manner.


6. Manage and maintain the house/residence hall by:

a) Ensuring a safe, secure, and clean environment by conducting room inspection,

b) Ensuring the common area, kitchen, bathrooms, and corridors are orderly, safe, and clean

c) Ensuring all technology provided is maintained with respect and care


7. Oversee and/or provide structure and expectations for residence hall routines.




• Bachelor’s Degree

• 2-3 years direct experience with administrative, management, or leadership positions

• 2-3 years direct experience in adolescent development, residential/boarding education, teaching, or related fields


Preferred Qualifications:


• Experience working in a residential and/or boarding program in a college-preparatory school

• 3-5 years direct experience with administrative, management, or leadership positions

• 3-5 years direct experience in adolescent development, residential/boarding education, teaching, or related fields

Starting salary: $31,000

If you are interested in joining The SEED Public Charter School of Washington, D.C., we would like to hear from you.  To be considered, you must forward a complete package consisting of the following:

1. Letter of Interest

2. Resume

3. Salary History

Packets must be emailed to:

The SEED Public Charter School of Washington, D.C. is committed to the letter and spirit of equality. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or national and ethnic origin in hiring and employment, nor in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship, and other programs.


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