Medical Technologist

Washington D.C.
Jun 28, 2018
Aug 01, 2018
Full Time
Position Description:
The Medical Technologist is an allied health professional who exercises technical and scientific functions in Medical Laboratories. Medical Technologist performs complex chemical, biological, hematological bacteriological analysis including:
  • 1) Microscopically examine blood and other body fluids.
  • 2) Make cultures of body fluid and tissue samples to determine the presence of microorganisms (fungi, parasites, bacteria, and others)
  • 3) Analyze samples for chemical content or a chemical reaction and determine concentrations of compounds as blood glucose and cholesterol levels
  • 4) Type and cross match blood samples for transfusions.
Analyze blood for anemia, infections, and some type of malignancies

Required Education and Experience:
  1. Knowledge: Through knowledge and understanding of the sectional functions and operation.
  1. Skills: Effective communication and a good leader of the section.
  2. Abilities: Be able to correlate results with patient's diagnosis and enforce the hospitals and laboratory's policies and procedures.
Certified as a Medial Technologist by ASCP, HHS, AMT, ISCLT, NRC, NRM, or NCA.

BS in Medical Technology or any biological science or equivalent.

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