Quality Assurance Engineer

Northern Virginia/Metro Area
Jun 22, 2018
Jul 27, 2018
IT, QA Engineer
Full Time

The Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer will focus on ensuring the timely delivery of high-quality software as an embedded member of an Agile engineering team. The QA Engineer will be passionate about understanding complex system interactions and the dependencies that cause quality issues, and contributing to processes and test artifacts that prevent recurrence. They will demonstrate empathy for our customers and a keen understanding of how changes affect them, championing quality as an integral part of the software design and release process. The QA Engineer is a motivated professional who will report to the head of QA, but work day-to-day with minimal supervision.

Desired Experience/Aptitude

Understanding of API/backend testing using third-party tools such as Postman and Apollo

Comfortable with non-UI-based testing

Familiar with GraphQL or other query languages

Understanding of, and/or past experience in, automated regression testing

Experience with JMeter/Blazemeter or other load testing tools

Experience creating and optimizing test automation with Jenkins


Begin by assisting the head of QA Engineer with test efforts for existing product pilots and rollouts.

Assume the QA role providing API-based testing for backend services.

Help define and implement automated regression testing solutions for both backend and frontend teams.

Become the “automated testing guru” for specific Decisiv engineering groups.


Assist in defining processes, standards, and overall Quality Assurance practices.

Model best practices for Quality Assurance engineering, demonstrating thought leadership and a commitment to high standards.

Lead efforts to implement thoughtful, value-added automation to QA.


Manually test and troubleshoot new features from a multitude of dimensions (systems integration, API, compatibility, User Acceptance Testing, functionality, database, and regression) across web and mobile platforms.

Analyze, research, and troubleshoot software defects and document defects, anomalies, and test patterns to aid in future tests.

Contribute to thorough, well-informed test plans, test cases, test reports, traceability metrics, for functional and regression testing, and help manage the suite as it grows and matures.

Build, maintain and improve test artifacts for rapid and efficient reuse.

Work with other Scrum team members to define and review Acceptance Criteria and determine the best strategy for API-based and automated testing.

Demonstrates empathy for and understanding of our users as a means to ensure Quality processes are tailored toward ensuring the best possible outcomes for our customers.

Ensure complete and timely reporting of bugs and test results.

Systematically analyze requirements ensuring they provide effective input into development activities.

Effectively and efficiently determine root causes of leaked defects.

Manage library of automated test cases to ensure broad testing capabilities across platforms.


Work with product management, engineering, and other stakeholders  to identify areas of concern, patterns, and opportunities for improvement in released software.

Work with Scrum team’s JIRA board to regularly update ticket status, provide feedback to the team, and otherwise ensure the software development process progresses as intended

Attend and participate in daily stand-ups for Scrum team

Work with the Product Manager embedded on the Scrum team regularly to ensure requirements are properly reflected in and tested by the QA processes through Acceptance Criteria and other means

Keep the head of QA Engineer up-to-speed on major victories and/or blockers at all times

Participate thoughtfully in meetings with internal stakeholders, engineers, etc.

Model a commitment to thorough, amicable, and professional communication across all teams

How to Apply

Applying is easy. Just submit the following to careers@decisiv.com

Your most current resume

Cover letter (see below for more details)


While applying is pretty easy, standing out among candidates does take effort. You see, it’s pretty hard (and very time consuming) for us to find the truly great candidates, so we ask you make it really obvious to us just how great you are. The easiest way to do that is to address the following questions/topics in your cover letter:

What would you work on if you were given a month to do anything that would help build automated testing into the software development lifecycle?

Why do you want to work in QA, and why would you be a great Decisiv QA Engineer?

What are your career goals, and how does a QA role and working at Decisiv fit with those goals?

If you have them, share examples of QA artifacts you’ve personally created (e.g., test plans, test scripts). Don’t have any of your own examples? Share some examples that you think are really good and tell us why.