Customer Service

Golden Corral
Elkton, MD
Jun 14, 2018
Jun 15, 2018
Customer Service
Full Time
The Guest Experience Attendanta€ (TM) s primary responsibility is ensuring the Guesta€ (TM) s Pleasurable Dining Experience. The Guest Experience Attendant will focus on maintaining the cleanliness and presentation in the bar areas, floors, and restrooms during peak periods. Because of their presence in these Guest areas, the Guest Experience Attendant must be attentive, helpful, and pleasant in appearance and personality. Requirements: Friendly, customer-focused individuals who enjoy serving others in a team environment. Accountabilities/ Responsibilities: Guest Service: Assists Guests by being able to describe all menu offerings and where they are located on the Buffet. Ensures that products are available and inquires of back of house Co-workers when they will have product available. Offers assistance to any Guests who may need help and assists Guests at the buffets when requested. Is friendly and courteous with Guests at all times.Cleanliness: Cleans and maintains top and front of bar areas to ensure Guests have perception of a clean restaurant Checks, lightly cleans, and stocks the rest rooms. Informs the Utility Person or a Manager when additional cleaning and/or maintenance is required. Picks up and disposes of any trash visible to the Guests. Sweeps and cleans floor areas in and around the Buffet. Performs duty roster and Pleasurable Dining Experience responsibilities. Follows local health department laws.Adherence to Standards: Brings equipment problems to the attention of the Manager. Observes the quality and presentation of food on the Buffet and informs the appropriate Co-worker and/or Manager when the items do not appear fresh and full. Follows local health department laws. Performs other functions that may be necessary to ensure Guests receive a Pleasurable Dining Experience.