Therapeutic Aide

Washington, DC
Jun 14, 2018
Jun 15, 2018
Accountant, IT
Full Time
Job Description The Dedicated Aide works with an instructional team consisting of the lead teacher, a special education teacher and/or paraprofessional. The dedicated aide - special education may work to support the program, ensuring consistency for identified students throughout the day. This individual provides individual instructional support for a student with Individualized Educational Plans (IEP) using intensive, research-based strategies under the direct supervision of the lead teacher. Working with students from ages 12-20. Responsibilities: Supports the creation of environments and instructional opportunities that meet the needs of diverse learners Provides individualized behavior and academic supports to improve student's achievement of individual academic and behavioral goals in support of student's IEP goals Consistently implements behavioral and academic strategies outlined in student's IEPs Uses information and data from a variety of sources to understand student's instructional needs and progress against IEP goals Maintains records and documentation Keeps other members of the classroom teaching team, appropriate service providers, and families informed of progress and challenges regarding the student Ensures a safe, clean, attractive and engaging centers-based classroom that encourages both exploration and complex play for students with special needs Fosters tolerance and a sense of community in classrooms, modeling and explicitly teaching acceptance and appreciation of others Works with the teaching team to ensure the classroom contains sufficient supplies and materials for individualized instructional supports Assist student with personal hygiene, meals and other daily activities Communicates the individual student's goals and progress to families and also ways in which the family can support the student at home Plans collaboratively and shares ideas and resources with instructional team Collaborates with the teaching team to evaluate instructional effectiveness and to modify instructional approaches based on feedback Actively participates in professional development opportunities provided and seeks out additional professional development Maintains confidentiality and treats all information about student and their families in strictest confidence Fulfills the standards of professionalism including appropriate dress, attendance and timeliness Qualifications: High school diploma or General Education Development Certificate (GED) required (Associates Degree preferred) Demonstrate knowledge of and the ability to assist in instructing reading, writing, and mathematics. Must be energetic, reliable, flexible and integrity driven Effective communication skills to ensure effective, positive interactions with their teaching team, staff, parents and student. Solution focused and goal oriented Strong communication skills required in order to effectively engage with teachers, staff, parents, and student Ability to thrive in a highly collaborative work environment Ability to maintain a patient and supportive relationship with assigned Company Description Guiding Principles Alignstaffing was founded over 15 years ago on the idea of bridging the divide between talented candidates in the education, healthcare and social services sectors, and the companies and institutions that need them. Our partnership with your organization allows you to focus your energies on what's most important. We understand the demands you face - time is crucial, and the right staffing, essential. Our experienced team of recruiters can save you that valuable time by always having staff available, credentialed and ready to assist. From his own personal experience as a young student in special education, alignstaffing's founder, Aaron Copeland, came to understand the importance of professionals in these fields, not only to the institutions they work for, but to the populations they serve. Alignstaffing is the premier staffing provider for education, healthcare, and social services in the Washington, DC area, including northern Virginia, Prince George's County, and Montgomery County. We are committed to being responsive and to aligning our services with your needs. It was the soul of the business 15 years ago and it remains so today. Our Guiding Principles Quality of life for our staff, clients, business partners and community. We recognize the human element of business. We see our staff, our clients, our partners and the community as individuals and people. We value quality of life at work as well as outside of work. Commitment to delivering an exceptional experience. We are committed to our clients' exceptional experience. We understand our clients' challenges, needs and goals. We have a high sense of urgency to deliver on our promises. Making our expertise a distinguishing value. We recognize that our clients require expertise. We aspire to become a trusted advisor. We strive to improve our expertise. Making the complex simple. We outsource everything we are not experts in. We stay within our core competencies. We strive to communicate succinctly, candidly and with transparency.

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