Teacher, Special Education (Transition Teacher)

Ashburn, VA
Jun 12, 2018
Jun 22, 2018
Full Time

Provides education for students, parents, and staff regarding transition services and organizations.

* Provides regular transition education to the elementary and middle school staff, families and students in their cluster.
* Provides staff development on transition topics.
* Teaches lessons on transition related topics to individual students or small groups (e.g., resume writing, interviewing, filling out applications, searching for colleges/technical schools, post-secondary options)
* Assists students in obtaining employment and employment related skills; monitors students' progress toward post-secondary goals.
* Works with community business leaders and adult service organizations to establish work-sites for students; collaborates with the CBI and marketing teachers regarding supporting the accommodations and modifications a student may require in a job site; provides or locates job coaching services when necessary.
* Attends IEPs and assists in developing transition plans for students who are in need of transition services; assesses students' transition needs utilizing a variety of vocational and career assessment tools.
* Conducts phone surveys of students in special education after graduation and reviews IEP's to meet State indicator requirements; collects and analyzes data on student work experience and career assessments
* Performs related work as required.

* Holds or is eligible for a valid license from the Virginia Department of Education in Special Education.
* Has a desire to work in the community with local businesses to obtain employment and work experiences for students with disabilities.
* The transition teacher must be very well organized with strong time management skills.
* The transition teacher must be a self-starter who is comfortable and competent taking on leadership roles.
* The transition teacher will be responsible for meeting the transition needs of students with disabilities in the assigned school cluster.

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