Deputy Director of Developmental Disabilities Administration

DC Government Career Opportunities
Washington, DC
Jun 11, 2018
Jun 25, 2018
Full Time
The incumbent is responsible for developing and directing program operations, designed to meet the needs of the Department, vendors, staff, appropriate District and Federal laws and other activities and related initiatives. Provides program direction and support to other DDS offices, staff and contractors in meeting responsibilities in the delivery of various programs that includes management of staff and the delivery of pertinent program functions, responsible for qualitative and quantitative standards and criteria. Coordinates with the Office of Procurement and the Office of the Chief Financial Officer, as required, in preparing necessary contracts, program specifications and documents. Ensures the availability and delivery of the highest quality and state of the art technology services to all programs, activities and functions of the Department. Provides oversight of operational program support service activities for all activities of the Department to ensure they are completely documented and that procedures are updated and revised as necessary. Works collaboratively with the Department to develop budgets and ensure appropriate fiscal administration. Establishes, in conjunction with the Director, administrative, financial and service delivery priorities to fulfill not only ongoing program requirements and customer/client expectations but DC Commitment management initiatives as well. Exercises discretionary authority to approve the allocation and distribution of funds in the division's budget. Exercises delegated authority to oversee the overall planning, direction, and timely execution of several program segments, each of which is managed through separate subordinate organizational units. Consolidates and approves multiyear and longer range work plans developed by subordinate supervisors, managers, and team leaders of subordinate organizational units, and subsequently manages the overall work to enhance achievement of the division's goals and objectives. Oversees the revision of long range plans, goals, and objectives for the work directed. Manages the development of policy changes in response to changes in levels of appropriations or other legislated changes. Manages organizational changes throughout the division, or major changes to the structure and content of the program (branches) directed. Exercises full authority for the full range of personnel actions and organization design proposals recommended by subordinate supervisors and managers. Attends/conducts staff meetings, seminars, and workshops and sits on or chairs various committees. Gives advice, counsel and instructions to individual employees on both work and administrative matters. Interviews candidates for vacant positions and makes recommendations for appointments, promotions, or reassignments involving these positions. Provides final approval or resolves problems arising over leave usage of subordinates. Reviews and approves paperwork related to payroll/overtime requests; develops performance plans, monitors work of senior managers, provides feedback and devises corrective action plans where appropriate; evaluates subordinates activities, work performance, and conduct. Through monitoring activities, ensures compliance with contract, regulations, requirements and proper linkages with other programs, ensuring that activities are integrated into current delivery system in accordance with operational and organizational objectives. Ensures optimum technical assistance and guidance to contractors throughout the contract period and for the review, verification approval of contracts, and monthly invoices. Advocates for the needs of individuals and families served by DDS. In conjunction with other public and private entities, develop strategic plans to address the needs of individuals served by DDS including implementation and development of best practices. Provides relevant liaison and coordinative activities with other District agencies and community-based organizations. Provides current information and/or advice to the Director, Executive and Senior staff on policies, and regulatory requirement concerning program objectives of proposed and/or assigned contracts. Participates in senior and executive management meetings and conferences relating to assigned areas of responsibility. Participates in meetings and conferences with contractors and representatives of other organizations. Assures that office staff and contractors are currently informed concerning federal and local laws and regulations, program operations and activities; and guidance materials are promptly disseminated and used as a reference source. Participates in providing on-the-job training to employees assigned to the office. Performs other related duties as assigned. Qualifications Applicant must have one (1) year of Specialized Experience at the next lower-grade level. Experience that equipped the applicant with the particular knowledge, skills and abilities to perform successfully the duties of the position, and that is typically in or related to directing program operations, developing policies, and leading long-range strategic planning efforts. Examples of Specialized experience include: coordinating and managing complex program operations in order to meet established citywide performance standards. Desired Experience: 7 years of experience managing operations for a government or private organization serving people with disabilities. *Education cannot be substituted for experience at this level. *Applicants must have met the qualifications requirement for this position by the closing date to be eligible for this position. Education Minimum requirement: A bachelor's degree; a combination of education and work experience will be considered. A master's degree in a related area preferred.

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