Director, Teacher Marketing and Socialization

Bridgespan Group
Washington, DC
Jun 11, 2018
Jun 25, 2018
Full Time
Marketing and Socialization Design and Execution (60%) Advise the Managing Director of Teacher Marketing and Socialization (your manager) in setting ambitious yet feasible marketing goals for our teacher-facing work and in developing a strategies that will meet the aforementioned goals and is aligned the organization's broader marketing strategy, Ex Developing leading indicators (metrics) to evaluate our digital strategies (eg social, email, apps, text) to achieve team objectives and contribute to moving segments of teachers from “detractor” status towards brand “promoter” status. Developing and executing various strategies such as podcasts, website/livestreams, video, manage social media calendars and social media content and channels related to our audience-specific campaigns such as early admitted corps members or teacher resilience/teacher wellness programs. Drafting and editing written materials such as social media content, digital ad copy, client memos and marketing presentations to help invest others within the organization in the outcomes we seek and to form partnerships Collaborate with our Participant Insights and Design sub-teams to design, plan and execute marketing campaigns for products and experiences coming out of our team, Ex Be the creator and/or consultant with other designers and content managers around the organization to develop assets in support of teacher campaigns/communications initiatives (ex. Summer training, regional engagement) Support the program and Participant Insights team (along with other TLD sub-teams) in the creation of content for specific national and regional teacher audiences (ex. Teacher awards, Resource Hub promo) Determine and execute a plan for monitoring efficacy of campaigns ongoing and adjusting accordingly, Ex Use analytics to optimize and make recommendations for channel, content or “product” improvements to improve performance of targeted products, and target segments Providing clients (aka internal TFA sub-teams) with regular metric reports on digital activities Cross-team Collaboration (30%) Internalize the organization's broader foundations and marketing strategy, and ensure your work aligns to it Work with the Managing Director of Teacher Marketing and Socialization to set, adjust and evaluate our strategy for marketing and socialization products and experiences to teachers Collaborate closely with our Participant Insights team to ensure marketing and socialization plans target our users' needs and contexts Collaborate closely with our designers to understand the objectives of our products and experiences in a way that will enable you to market them to our audience Assume ownership of and contribute to the culture, systems and processes required of a team that is highly collaborative and where the work is touched by each sub-team Personal Leadership and Responsibilities (10%) Engage in your own personal and professional development and planning to continually improve your effectiveness and bring marketing and socialization insights and best practices to our work Engage in organizational responsibilities such as personal administrative duties, corps member selection processes, and organizational and team culture stewardship Prior Experience Professional experience in designing and executing marketing and socialization plans that (re)engage disengaged audiences in user-first and digital-first capacities highly preferred (includes skills using graphic design, audio/visual programs, social media platforms and their third party data apps, copy writing, SEO, Pardot email,, and Google analytics, etc.) Experience managing large, cross-functional projects highly preferred Experience and comfort with having autonomy over campaigns that are distinct to individual products yet aligned to a broader overarching marketing strategy highly preferred

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