Senior Law Enforcement Advisor- Liberia

Tetra Tech
Washington, DC
Jun 08, 2018
Jun 21, 2018
Accountant, IT
Full Time
PRO-telligent, a Tetra Tech Company is seeking an experienced Senior Law Enforcement Advisor for a government client. The position will be based in Liberia. Senior Law Enforcement Advisors will mentor, advise, and train the LNP's IG and his command staff as the LNP organization assumes responsibility for domestic civil order and security from UNMIL. Members of the Senior Law Enforcement Advisor Team shall communicate regularly with the INL/Liberia office and coordinate efforts with the CO and/or COR, in order to make certain such effort remains within policy objectives as determined by the US Ambassador to Liberia. The Senior Law Enforcement Advisors will be co-located with the LNP command staff or other civilian security services, and they will work to help the LNP or other law enforcement services to continue to become professional, effective, and proficient. This shall include, but not be limited to, the development and implementation of: Effective human resource policies and procedures; Accurate and timely systems of accountability for personnel, weapons, vehicles, facilities, equipment, and supplies; Systems to budget for and justify future LNP and GoL resource requirements, as well as transparently account for and spend existing available resources; Systems to receive and analyze intelligence and security-related information; Systems for decentralized decision-making and coordinated operations of the LNP or other civilian security service operations; Systems for procurement; Systems for coordinating with other GOL and foreign agencies; and Proactive communication with civil society and the media. The Advisors will: Work with LNP and GoL's planning, logistics, personnel, training, finance, fleet, facilities, and general administration offices on a daily basis to increase effectiveness of each section; Mentor LNP and other civilian security service senior staff to inculcate best management and organizational development practices; and Mentor the LNP's Professional Standards Division (PSD) and the Civilian Complaints Review Board, in order to strengthen its system of investigating and addressing allegations of officer misconduct (this work shall be closely coordinated with INL's program to enhance police accountability); Mentor the LNP's Crime Services Division to complete prosecution-ready investigations, ensuring that court-admissible evidence is properly handled, secured, and provided to prosecutors. Aid the CSD in creating a system to track cases and trends; and Establish a robust police/prosecutor coordination effort on serious crimes such as armed robbery, narcotics, sexual violence. US. Citizen Ability to possess/maintain MRPT certification Graduate of any US local, state, or Federal law enforcement academy At least 15 years of experience as a full-time, law enforcement officer in a full-service US local or state law enforcement agency with experience in a supervisory or managerial position involving operations, management, organizational development, and/or strategic planning. This experience must be recent, within the past 2-3 years. Must have held the rank of lieutenant or above for at least three of those years. Evidence of progressively responsible leadership experience. Mastery of law enforcement principles, methods, and practices to provide subject matter expertise in advising, mentoring, planning, development, and oversight in law enforcement programs. Knowledge of police development in an international environment. Superior negotiation and interpersonal skills. Ability to build and maintain key relationships in a culturally diverse environment and negotiate the resolution of conflicting views to enable the implementation of policies and programs. A working knowledge and demonstrated proficiency in Microsoft Office products, including Word, Excel, and Power-Point. Must be able to communicate in English with accuracy and fluency in order to participate fully and effectively in conversations on a variety of topics in formal and informal settings from both concrete and abstract perspectives. Must be able to discuss their interests and special fields of competence, explain complex matters in detail, and provide lengthy and coherent narrations, all with ease, fluency, and accuracy. If a verification of English competency is requested by INL, candidates must receive a superior level rating from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). Excellent communication skills (reading, listening, report writing, and oral presentation). In possession of a current and valid driving license for at least one year. The Senior Advisors shall satisfy the requirements of Police Advisor IV in the base contract. Desired Qualifications: A master's degree in public administration, police administration, police science, criminal justice, business administration, or equivalent field from an accredited academic institution. Experience in strategic planning, policy development, and implementation of major law enforcement programs. Experience working on an international police mission in a post conflict environment. Experience working or coordinating with US government agencies such as the US Department of State.

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