FAA Senior Aviation Analyst II

Washington, DC
Jun 04, 2018
Jun 18, 2018
Full Time
Description:Job Description: Researches and drafts technical and regulatory documents, and reviews documents for accuracy, completeness, and compliance with appropriate requirements. Available to consult on technical, legal, and regulatory aviation issues related to specific tasks. Knowledgeable in a variety of aviation areas, including the regulatory process, conducting air carrier aircraft records reviews, corporate aviation evaluations, and quality system evaluations.Job Responsibilities:- Managing projects, monitoring project costs and schedules, conducting Internet research, and coordinating on issues with Government and industry personnel.- Utilizes and applies knowledge of web information technology and associated tools such as micro media flash, adobe, sharepoint, etc. to provide an information format for Government and industry personnel and the general public.Additional Scope of Work: This effort provides overall Technical Support services to support the many safety related programs under the Associate Administration for Aviation. The activities required to support the safety related programs include tasks to support FAA safety goals, strategies, interventions, and the safety related aspects of capacity and efficiency programs. Flight Standards Service (Flight Standards) has identified a need for increased contract support in light of recent activity regarding integration of UAS into the NAS. This list is not all-inclusive but identifies the order of magnitude that Flight Standards will face in the coming years.The increased workload includes:- Safety policy guidance including Advisory Circulars, 8900. 1 Handbook Guidance and Operation Specification updating of this material will be in conjunction with rulemaking activities.- Rulemaking activities including support of various ARCs International activities involving integration of UAS into ICAO standards and recommended practices, as well as other materials.- Increased activity supporting waiver issuance (not long term).- Increased activity supporting complex waiver issuance (not long term).- Integrated Pilot Program (IPP) safety support this activity will cause a heavy work force burden in the near term.- R&D Support in support of safety policy and guidance criteria.- Drone Zone support.- Outreach/education efforts in the implementation process of new rules and policy and guidance.- Safety risk management criteria development.- Data Analysis Review Team (DART) and Executive Review Board (ERB) support.- Safety integration activities supporting Public Aircraft Operations for UAS 4. 1.Regulatory and Guidance Materials Support: The Contractor shall provide a full range of support for the revision of regulatory, policy, and guidance materials. The Contractor shall support the coordination of proposed changes to regulatory, policy, and guidance materials and their associated revision cycles.This support includes the following activities:- Analysis of National Airspace System Change Proposals (NCP), new technologies, new procedures, and other changes effecting current materials.- Coordination of required revisions resulting from analyses.- Develop, coordinate, and manage revision cycle plans.- Coordination of proposed changes with applicable organizations.- Approval coordination for proposed changes. 4. 2.Rulemaking/Policy/Guidance Support:- Assist in the development, review and implementation of FAA, DoT and other transportation rulemaking, policy, studies and/or guidance documents used to guide decisions and achieve effective operational outcomes.- Assists in developing and maintaining Policy Notices for Federal Registers.- Assists in developing and maintaining Memorandums of Understanding, Memorandums of Agreement and other partnership agreements between the FAA, industry organizations and other government entities to describe broad concepts, mutual understandings, goals and plans shared by the parties.Qualifications:Required Education and Experience:- Bachelor s Degree and 12 years of direct aviation experience concerning flight operations and, as appropriate, experience as a pilot with a commercial or airline transport pilot rating. (Required)- Bachelor s Degree may be waived with 15 years of experience developing, evaluating or managing aviation operational or training programs, or developing, implementing and managing governmental aviation safety regulatory and oversight programs, or a combination of both. (Required)