Washington D.C.
Jul 02, 2018
Jul 02, 2018
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Not required

Relocation expenses reimbursed No



Compatible military grade and assignment required prior to the effective date of placement. This is an excepted service position that requires membership in a compatible military assignment in the employing state's National Guard. Applicants who are not currently a member of the National Guard must be eligible for immediate membership. If you are not sure you are eligible for military membership, please contact a National Guard recruiter prior to applying for this position.

Military Grades:MSgt/E7 and below or Maj/O4 and below

Compatible Military Assignments: 1B4X1 / 17SXD

This is a potential opportunity to commission.

Applicants must obtain and maintain a Top Secret/Special Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) security clearance and Information Assurance Management Program Certification Level Technical Level II (IAT II) to qualify for considerations
1. For hire consideration, the incumbent requires routine access to Top Secret material or similar environment. For award and retention of the cited compatible Officer and enlisted AFSCs, completion of a current Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI) according to AFI 31-501, Personnel Security Program Management, is mandatory.
2. The incumbent must be certified IAW DOD 8570.01-M, Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002, Clinger Cohen Act of 1996 and obtain Special Experience Identifier (SEI) 264, Information Assurance - Technical Level II (IAT II), IAW current AF directives.
3. The incumbent must have and maintain local network access IAW AFMANs 33-152, User Responsibilities and Guidance for Information Systems and 33-282, Computer Security.
4. Prior to appointment, an applicant's military medical record must indicate a completed and current medical physical, medical profile, and completed/cleared drug test.
5. Must possess a valid state driver's license to operate government motor vehicles, for the state in which they live or are principally employed, in accordance with Army and Air Force Vehicle Operations Directives
6. Personnel in technical category positions must maintain certifications, as required by the certifying provider, to retain privileged system access. The Level One (1) certification is required prior to being authorized unsupervised privileged access.?

GENERAL EXPERIENCE: All series personnel must be certified at the next higher level before being eligible for that level and must have a minimum of one year on-the-job experience in the grade immediately below the next higher level. An applicant must have a validated understanding of the basic principles and concepts of the occupational series and grade.

SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: Must have at least 36 months of specialized experience working the cyber program's standardization and evaluation programs. Skilled in weapon systems, crew positions, and developing policies used to assess Cyberspace Operator mission readiness. Experiences included coordinating with MAJCOMs, Numbered Air Forces, Group Standardization and Evaluation, and active duty counterparts to validate that the unit's evaluation program reflected AF standards and metrics. Experienced in developing procedures used to assess an operator's currency and readiness to perform contingency and training missions. Skilled in identifying performance trends and knowledgeable in applying remediation to improve operator performance. Demonstrated abilities, skills, and knowledge competencies required to assess and document a Cyberspace Operator's evaluations and qualifications. Capabilities to write clear directions for the Crew Information Files that provide timely operational requirements for operators to read before they are cleared to conduct missions. Knowledgeable of published cyber operation regulations. Experienced in analyzing, evaluating and examining Cyberspace Operators in order to determine their proficiency levels as required to operate cyberspace weapon systems and meet the of particular crew positions' standards and special mission profiles. Skilled in conducting scheduled and unscheduled positional, written and
supplemental evaluations and examinations. Must have expanded competencies that involved instructing, verifying, and certifying employees' qualifications when the employees were nominated for the Instructor Cyberspace Operator and Standardization and Evaluation Examiner (SEE) upgrade qualifications. Experiences included performing cyberspace operations that protected and defended (or assessed the capability to protect and defend) information and information systems that ensured availability, integrity, authentication, confidentiality, and non-repudiation. Capabilities included information systems mission assurance by incorporating protection, detection, and reaction capabilities. Experienced in conducting risk and vulnerability assessments of DoD information systems that identified vulnerabilities, risks and protection needs. Provided technical assessments and subject-matter expertise that improved mission and system defenses. Must have a full-range of competencies as an experienced and qualified Evaluator Cyberspace Operator. Must have comprehensive knowledge and understanding of information technology, cyberspace operations, and the unit's tasked missions to develop and monitor unit policies and procedures. Experienced in delivering assessed changes to higher-level policies, standards, directives or operations manuals that provided impacts on unit plans, policies, programs or operations. Must have experiences in the cyber program regulations, procedures, policies, and guidelines. Skilled in presenting formal and informal briefing and written reports in regard to the Cyberspace program mission readiness. Skilled in conducting and assessing on-line and classroom training that resulted in effective and efficient training environments. Experiences included recommendations to senior leaders to adopt new concepts, criteria, and standards for inclusion in cyberspace operations training programs.

National Guard Membership is required.
Males born after 31 December 1959 must be registered for Selective Service.
Federal employment suitability as determined by a background investigation.
May be required to successfully complete a probationary period.
Participation in direct deposit is mandatory.

If you are a male applicant who was born after 12/31/1959 and are required to register under the Military Selective Service Act, the Defense Authorization Act of 1986 requires that you be registered or you are not eligible for appointment in this agency (

If you are unable to apply online or need to fax a document you do not have in electronic form, view the following link for information regarding an Alternate Application.

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You will be evaluated for this job based on how well you meet the qualifications above.

Once the announcement has closed, your resume and supporting documentation will be used to determine if you meet the qualifications listed on this announcement. If you are minimally qualified, your resume and supporting documentation will be compared to your responses on the assessment questionnaire to determine your level of experience. If you rate yourself higher than is supported by your application package, your responses may be adjusted and/or you may be excluded from consideration for this position. If you are found to be among the top qualified candidates, you will be referred to the selecting official for employment consideration.

Your qualifications will be evaluated on the following competencies (knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics):

Information Systems/Network Security

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