Second School Nurse and Coordinator of Health Services

Cleveland Park, NW, DC
Salary is based on experience and benchmarked against similar positions in the school.
May 23, 2018
Jun 27, 2018
Full Time

Reporting to the Associate Head of School, the Coordinator of Health Services is responsible for managing the health related aspects of and for the school community.  The COHS will work with Division leadership and other student support members to ensure that the School meets student health needs in an effective and timely manner. 

This is an exempt, full-time, 10-month plus position.

Major functions and responsibilities

The Coordinator of Health Services will:

  1. Act as a first responder in instances of student illness or injury.
  2. Assess and evaluate all acute illnesses and injuries for students.
  3. Review and revise all health related policies to be in line with DC law and best practices.
  4. Monitor illness trends in school and out and provide information to the community as needed. 
  5. Provide limited ongoing health monitoring for staff in addition to assessing and evaluating situations of acute illness.
  6. Provide health information to all members of the community as needed.
  7. Provide information and explanations to families regarding health issues as well as offering referrals to families for health care providers and reviewing all aut.
  8. Manage the Magnus Health Care Portal by maintaining records, archiving student records on an annual basis, coordinating any WIS specific changes with the company.
  9. Respond to all summer inquiries from parents regarding Magnus, forms, health requirements.
  10. Collect and review all health care forms for student compliance with DC health requirements.
  11. Submit all immunizations to DC Department of Immunizations.
  12. Compile and share, as needed, with faculty a list of students with health issues including food allergies, medication allergies, and medical issues. 
  13. Coordinate with Athletic trainer for all needed health training for auxiliary program staff, coaches and students.
  14. Maintain a list of CPR certified personnel.
  15. Create, as needed, individualized plans of reentry for recovering students.
  16. Prepare and manage health office budget.
  17. Manage and oversee health offices, ordering of supplies and equipment upkeep.
  18. Serve as member of the Middle (MS) and Upper School (US) Student Support Team (SST) meetings and act in collaboration with team members to manage student case load.
  19. Manage all forms of community communications including handbook revisions, community emails, and website development.
  20. Supervise and support hiring of additional nurses, including Primary Nurse, Summer Camp Nurse and others.
  21. Teach health related lessons as needed in advisory classes in MS and US.
  22. In collaboration with division leadership, support teacher chaperones and students attending local, national or international trips.


  • Current RN licensure in DC, or eligible for reciprocity
  • Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree
  • Current certifications in Adult and Child CPR, First Aid, and AED
  • Minimum 5 years nursing experience; school nursing, Pediatrics or Medical-Surgical preferred
  • Supervisory experience
  • Training or teaching experience
  • Strong oral and written communication skills, ability to speak French or Spanish helpful