May 20, 2018
Jun 03, 2018
Full Time

Duties: Designing and implementing Fonteva's current and future products, including designing, engineering, testing, releasing, and supporting of the features built. Provide solutions that are highly usable, scalable, extensible, and maintainable on the platform. Own reviewing design elements and signing off on the overall technical design. Responsible for: technical expertise for software development, including design, development (programming), testing, documentation, and deployment of high-quality business solutions on the platform; recruit, train, and manage Product Engineers, including daily direction, 1-on-1’s, goal-setting, performance reviews and corrective action; ensure product architecture design and software development meet highest standards of coding excellence on current and future proprietary products; designing and estimating technical solutions for Product Development Department; act as primary engineer over proprietary product development, bug fixes, enhancements, delivery and customer support; with Product Development team, contribute to current and future product development and testing; develop applications using Apex and VisualForce technologies from; develop and integrate application components to meet business requirements; conduct design, coding, and performance tuning of Apex code; enhance existing applications and refactor code to improve quality and scalability; verify that documentation of Apex code, as well as application use and flow, are accurate and well written; design and develop integration between company product and external applications as required by customers; develop and execute all parts of the test lifecycle of code components, including user tests (UAT and QA), debugging the application, and resolving defects; create, execute and document tests necessary to ensure that the application meets all functional and non-functional requirements; manage status of assigned defects and quickly resolve issues; support development of automated acceptance tests; conduct peer reviews; provide technical oversight and mentoring of junior resources and developers reports to him directly; prioritize product features and road map; collaborate with the Product Development team to facilitate the growth and evolution of company software products; clearly and effectively communicate with team and with customers regarding status, technical issues, enhancements and creative solutions; and learn latest new technologies to incorporate into proprietary products.
Requires: Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or closely related field and 18 months of experience in the job offered, Software Engineer, or closely related position. Experience which may have been obtained concurrently must include 18 months of prior experience with Salesforce product development; Apex and Visualforce development; and product architecture design and software development. Mail resume to: Mary Hatzilambrou, Fonteva, Inc., 4420 Fairfax Dr., Ste. 500, Arlington, VA 22203 .

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