Web Content Strategist and Manager

Mindseeker, Inc.
Washington, DC
May 17, 2018
May 21, 2018
Specialty Trades
Full Time
Our client's mission is to provide grant assistance to support economic growth and poverty reduction in select developing countries with a demonstrated commitment to just and democratic governance, economic freedom, and investments in their citizenry. Our client's partner countries enter into a five-year agreement (Compact) with our client that includes a plan for achieving shared development objectives and the responsibilities of each country in achieving those objectives. Our model is defined by core principles, of selectivity, country ownership, transparency, and a focus on results. Our values identify who we are and what is important to us. Our Values are CLEAR: Embrace Collaboration, Always Learn, Practice Excellence, Be Accountable and Respect individuals and ideas. Our client's values define how we behave on a daily basis, both as individuals and as an institution, in pursuit of our mission. They guide how we make decisions, set priorities, address challenges, manage trade-offs, recruit and develop staff, and work together with our country partners and stakeholders. This PSC position is located in the Department of Congressional and Public Affairs. The mission of the Office of Public Affairs is to communicate information about the Corporation activities, programs, Compact results and policies to engage the public, the private sector, and selected audiences including Congress, the news media, state and local governments, and other Federal agencies. The Web Content Manager is responsible for planning, developing, executing and maintaining content for our client's public website. The PSC understands that managing and creating web content is more than writing, it's also having a strong, deep and detailed understanding of HTML and how to appropriately markup text, pictures, charts, graphs, data, microcopy and metadata using HTML in a semantically correct way.Major Duties and Responsibilities: As Personal Service Contractor (PSC): Ensures that the website's content remains up-to-date by establishing, coordinating and managing a web content maintenance plan which defines and outlines a schedule for the regular review of website content, establishing, coordinating and managing a web content archiving plan, establishing an editorial calendar to maximize exposure of web content and tracking client's guidance, practices, decisions and exemptions related to posting of web content. Works collaboratively with staff from both CPA and other our client's departments to conceptualize, develop, post and maintain strategic and routine web content that describes our client's programs and initiatives and supports our client's communications campaigns, public events and federal website requirements while also aligning with overall agency priorities, public affairs strategies and other departmental strategies as necessary. Translates complex tabular data and related concepts into appropriate visual representations like data visualizations, infographics or diagrams using standards-based web technologies when doing so will make user comprehension of content easier. Keeps current with emerging web technologies, HTML markup standards and web content trends to ensure that our client's web content adheres to and remains compliant with new web standards and practices to create a compelling experience for its users and to ensure it is consumable by the broadest audience possible. Prepares new and maintains existing training materials and instructional resources for posting content to the public website and conducts training sessions for our client's staff who are provided user accounts for posting content to our client's website. Keeps abreast of industry best-practice processes, practices, workflows and technical solutions related to preparing, posting and maintaining content for websites and manages existing or creates new publishing workflows for our client's website based on those practices, and suggests or creates new processes, practices and technical solutions to enhance content maintenance processes, workflows and productivity when necessary. Tracks and reports site metrics on a monthly basis to help our client's determine where to focus resources to expand existing website content, remove unused website content, create new website content and apply best practice SEO techniques to content. Performs other related duties as assigned. Factor 1 - Knowledge Required by the Position Knowledge of and the ability to develop, manage, execute and sustain both a website content maintenance plan and a website content archiving plan which could involve interacting with multiple subject matter experts and managers. Strong verbal, interpersonal, communication, technical, design, writing and editing skills with an incredible eye for detail and an ability to stay on schedule while analyzing issues, solving problems and making decisions. Ability to independently conceptualize, test and produce semantic, standards-based Section 508 compliant HTML markup and CSS code using the responsive web design methodology to present web content. Knowledge of the unique aspects of writing for the web and website content creation practices, including best practices for when and how to use text, pictures, charts, graphs, video, microcopy, metadata or structured data and knowledge of website content management systems and how to integrate different types of web content into them. Knowledge of and ability to use web analytics tools, when to apply Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and which techniques are beneficial, which are detrimental and how to apply them. Knowledge of web design issues (browser usability, cross-platform compatibility, color and quick loading of images, web standards, metadata, etc.) and user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) best practices as it relates to content presentation on a website. Knowledge of creative tools and software applications used to create visuals for use on a website like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Knowledge of project management principles, methods, and practices including developing plans and schedules, estimating resource requirements, defining milestones and deliverables,monitoring activities, and evaluating and reporting on accomplishments. And ability to use popular basic project management and task tracking tools and applications. Knowledge of the mission, roles, functions, organizational structure, relationships, and program objectives of our client to promote operational goals and objectives and to develop new or modify existing web-based products and tools. Factor 2 - Supervisory Controls The supervisor assigns specific projects in terms of issues, organizations, functions, or work processes to be studied and sets deadlines for completing the work. The incumbent is responsible for planning and carrying out assignments, resolving most conflicts that arise, interpreting policy on his/her own initiative, and coordinating work as necessary. Recommendations and decisions are generally accepted as technical sound. The incumbent keeps the supervisor(s) advised when major unexpected problems or significant controversial issues arise. Factor 3 - Guidelines The employee uses guidelines that are often ambiguous and express conflicting or incompatible goals and objectives, requiring extensive interpretation. The employee uses judgment and ingenuity and exercises broad latitude to: determine the intent of applicable guidelines; develop policy and guidelines for specific areas of work; and formulate interpretations that may take the form of policy statements and guidelines. Factor 4 - Complexity Work assignments and projects involve duties requiring different processes and methods. This includes analysis of program requirements, legislative mandates and our client's policy. The incumbent makes decisions regarding the design of plans and assesses circumstances and data available to develop responses to inquiries and solutions to recurring problems and conflicts. The work involves studies of administrative and legislative processes and procedures to assess and subsequently refine the productivity, effectiveness and efficiency of legislative affairs program operations. Factor 5 - Scope and Effect The incumbent performs very broad and extensive studies/projects designed to enhance our client's web based programs and operations. Assignments frequently involve extensive problems of coordination in fact- finding and in reviewing and developing recommendations for enhancing CPA web based products and systems. Recommendations involve highly significant program matters and may result in substantial redirection of corporation policies or programs. The increased efficiency and effectiveness of program operations are directly impacted by the actions, direction and recommendations made by the incumbent. Factor 6 and 7 - Personal Contacts & Purpose of Contacts Personal contacts include individuals and groups at all levels of the Corporation, representatives from other Federal agencies/organizations, contractors, and the general public. The purpose of contacts is to influence, motivate, persuade or negotiate with others who may hold different points of views in order to influence managers or other officials to accept recommendations or to obtain the desired effect. Factor 8 - Physical Demands Work is often sedentary, although walking, bending or carrying of light items may be involved. Factor 9 - Work Environment Work is performed in an office setting. POSITION DESIGNATION: Non-Sensitive/Low Risk (T-1)