Draper/Tailor (Temporary)

Washington D.C.
May 14, 2018
Aug 01, 2018

**This is a temporary position.



Pattern, construct, fit, alter, and refurbish costumes for all WNO productions, galas, concerts, and events. Monitor the efficient and professional execution of work performed in the Costume Workroom.


Duties and Responsibility:


Planning 15%

• Create costume construction schedules and timelines in conjunction with the Costume Studio Coordinator and Costume Crafts Supervisor.

• Coordinate general costume maintenance needs within the season work schedule.


Costume Studio Personnel 15%

• Instruct and supervise workroom staff in the construction and alteration of costumes.

• Ensure that timesheet recording for First Hands and Stitchers is accurate.

• Interview potential Stitchers and First Hands, and administer stitching tests as appropriate.


Costume Studio Facility 10%

• Provide a safe and comfortable working environment for all staff and volunteers.

• Maintain a clean and organized workplace.

• Ensure that equipment and supplies are properly maintained.

• Keep informed about industry standards and new products.


Production 20%

• Measure and assign costumes for all rented and remounted productions.

• Coordinate the pre-alteration or refurbishment of costumes to be fitted.

• Determine a course of action with the Costume Coordinator for any difficult fitting issues.

• Coordinate the completion of notes from all fittings and dress rehearsals.

• Analyze new costume designs with the Costume Designer or Costume Coordinator to determine a course of action for each costume.

• Research any period styles and techniques necessary to complete each costume.

• Provide yardage estimates for any fabrics and trims required for each costume.

• Develop patterns and supervise the construction process through completion.

• Monitor the progress of work in the workroom for each production.

• Maintain WNO quality standards within the workroom.

• Ensure that all costume pieces are completed accurately and on schedule.

• Ensure that post production work is completed on all costumes.


Costume Fittings 25%

• Inform Costume Coordinator when costumes are ready to be fitted.

• Conduct costume fittings for performers in each production as assigned.

• Ensure that every performer is reasonably comfortable in the costume.

• Ensure that notes from each fitting are accurately recorded.


Dress Rehearsals 10%

• Attend all dress rehearsals as requested by the Costume Director.

• Ensure each performer is appropriately and completely dressed in costume.

• Communicate costume notes for compilation.

• Provide the Wardrobe Supervisor and wardrobe personnel with specific dressing instructions when appropriate.


Other 5%

• Ensure that all patterns, fabrics, and trims are organized and properly stored.

• Attend weekly Costume Studio staff meetings. 

• Coordinate and monitor the activities of costume interns and apprentices.

• Set up and supervise volunteer projects in conjunction with the Costume Studio Supervisor as required.

• Provide the Costume Director with ongoing and annual appraisals of First Hands and Stitchers.

• Provide costume support for other company departments as necessary.

• Other department needs as assigned by the Costume Director.




• Bachelor’s Degree in theater or comparable professional experience, with training in costume design, production, patternmaking, and tailoring.

• Costume pattern making, construction, and history.  Draping, and tailoring of men’s and women’s clothing. Managerial, including employee supervision, scheduling, and time management.


Minimum Skills and/or Knowledge Required

• Must be highly motivated and a self starter

• Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills.

• Complete knowledge of costume history.

• Complete knowledge of various costume construction skills, including sewing, draping, patternmaking, tailoring, and crafts.

• Proficiency in the operation of all costume workroom equipment.

• Basic knowledge of workroom equipment maintenance.

• Macintosh computer skills including Microsoft Office and Filemaker Pro.


Physical Requirements of the Job

• Must be able to lift 50 pounds

• Must be able to climb and work safely from ladders



The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is a world premier performing arts organization and our nation’s cultural center. Diversity is a critical component of our mission, vision, and values. Our staff exhibits a wide variety of perspectives and experiences which enable us to foster and strengthen an environment of diversity and inclusion.

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