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May 28, 2018
May 28, 2018
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Compatible military grade and assignment required prior to the effective date of placement. This is an excepted service position that requires membership in a compatible military assignment in the employing state's National Guard. Applicants who are not currently a member of the National Guard must be eligible for immediate membership. If you are not sure you are eligible for military membership, please contact a National Guard recruiter prior to applying for this position.

Military Grades:MSgt/E7 or SMSgt/E8

Compatible Military Assignments: 1B000 1B491

Applicants must obtain and maintain a Top Secret/Special Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) security clearance and Information Assurance Management Program Certification Level Technical Level II (IAT II) to qualify for considerations

National Guard Membership is required.
Males born after 31 December 1959 must be registered for Selective Service.
Federal employment suitability as determined by a background investigation.
May be required to successfully complete a probationary period.
Participation in direct deposit is mandatory.

GENERAL EXPERIENCE: All series personnel must be certified at the next higher level before being eligible for that level and must have a minimum of one year on-the-job experience in the grade immediately below the next higher level. An applicant must have a validated understanding of the basic principles and concepts of the occupational series and grade.

SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: Experienced in supervising, leading, mentoring and/or training the duties and mission requirements that ensured unit readiness for the Cyber Protection Team (CPT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) defense operations for the Department of Defense (DoD) worldwide. Experiences included the analysis, management, and administration of personnel development and utilization programs within the Cyber Operations Squadron, to include weapon system equipment readiness reporting and collaborating with higher headquarters and other Cyberspace Operations units, groups, and wings. Skilled in Providing administrative supervision of full-time support functions that included cyberspace weapon system and IT system maintenance. Skilled in managing and directing personnel to execute operational plans and experienced in evaluating operational effectiveness of communications, sensors, intrusion detection, and related support equipment. Has the abilities to analyze national defense guidance and strategic objectives to create operational policies. Knowledgeable of the tactics, techniques, and procedures
used to execute assigned weapon systems and command and control (C2) capabilities. Skilled in planning, programming, and developing budget inputs to ensure resource availability. Has the abilities to plan and conduct exercises and evaluations to ensure operational readiness goals are met or exceeded. Understands operational procedures and capable in using sound management practices. Experiences involved working cyberspace operations with DoD, interagency, and/or Coalition Forces that established situational awareness of both friendly and adversary operations. Skilled in specific cyberspace actions to include cyberspace defense, cyberspace operations in support of intelligence operations, cyberspace operational preparation of the environment, and cyberspace attacks. Experienced in monitoring and coordinating manning authorizations and military personnel assignments, identified needs or problem areas to the commander, and collaborated with supervisors on recommendations. Experienced in maintaining unit attendance records, along with processing notifications and provided direct counseling to unit members in regard to unit training program requirements and clarified the conse-quences of their failures to satisfactorily participate. Skilled in researching, compiling, and writing cyber unit readiness reports that concerned personnel, equipment, and/or training shortfall statistics for commanders, supervisors, unit staff, and cyber operators. Capable and skilled in completing the cyber unit's readiness status to the Status of Resources and Training Systems (SORTS) and Aerospace Expeditionary Forces (AEF) Reporting Tool (ART). Experienced in providing recommendations to UTC pilot units and Functional Managers on manpower and equipment changes. Skilled in creating and implementing force development and management plans that ensured mission essential manpower, career development, and long-range mission and force development plans met the unit's mission and commander's intent. Skilled in completing studies and analysis of contingencies, deployments, exercises, and mobilizations (CDEM) plans that provided clear strategic and tactical actions for enhancing the Cyber Operational Squadron's combat readiness, and provided direct, effective and efficient recommendations for problem resolutions. Experiences included assisting senior leadership with the selection, utilization, deployment, and monitoring of personnel forces and equipment in order to meet CDEM expectations. Skilled in evaluating various CDEM taskings. Knowledgeable and experienced in analyzing and applying DOC statements, OPlans, Mission Capability statements (MISCAPs), and Unit Manning Documents (UMDs). Experienced in writing, compiling and submitting a variety of recurring reports related to the status of personnel, training, and equipment. Skilled in compiling and evaluating data; performing mathematical and statistical computations. Experiences included working with representatives of the CPT leadership cell, CPT and/or ICS operational squads, and the Commander to ensure Unit readiness for operational
events, exercises, assessments and projects. Skilled in managing support function equipment and tools. Skilled in managing Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) computer and communications equipment maintenance, facility maintenance, workday utilization management, budget preparation, resource allocation, administrative support, and personnel management. Highly competent in performing supervisory personnel management responsibilities. Skilled in advising and counseling employees in the unit's cyber program policies, procedures, and directives. Experienced in interviewing and selecting candidates for vacancies, promotions, details, and reassignments. Capable of identifying employees' skills and qualifications. Skilled in writing work performance plans and appraisals. Skilled in managing people to balance mission requirements; experienced in assessing training requirements and mission readiness. Experienced in resolving complaints that involved corrective applications to improved morale and performance levels. Must have working knowledge of equal employment and affirmative action programs. Must have experiences in managing and applying equal employment objectives, merit principles, performance standards, and diversity objectives. Knowledgeable on procedures and requirements for military and civilian awards and within-grade increase approval protocols.

If you are a male applicant who was born after 12/31/1959 and are required to register under the Military Selective Service Act, the Defense Authorization Act of 1986 requires that you be registered or you are not eligible for appointment in this agency (

If you are unable to apply online or need to fax a document you do not have in electronic form, view the following link for information regarding an Alternate Application.

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You will be evaluated for this job based on how well you meet the qualifications above.

Once the announcement has closed, your resume and supporting documentation will be used to determine if you meet the qualifications listed on this announcement. If you are minimally qualified, your resume and supporting documentation will be compared to your responses on the assessment questionnaire to determine your level of experience. If you rate yourself higher than is supported by your application package, your responses may be adjusted and/or you may be excluded from consideration for this position. If you are found to be among the top qualified candidates, you will be referred to the selecting official for employment consideration.

Your qualifications will be evaluated on the following competencies (knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics):

In-depth knowledge of the organization, programs, mission, and functions of an ANG Cyber Operation unit, its functional relationships with other like units, and associations within the unit in order to accurately assess readiness.

In-depth knowledge of mobilization/deployment/exercise processes and procedures, reporting policies, and readiness standards to effectively and efficiently plan, prepare, and conduct exercises, deployments, and mobilizations.

Strong knowledge and skill in application of techniques used to identify, analyze, evaluate, and resolve problems in unit readiness, training, and utilization.

Knowledge of, and skill in applying IT security principles and methods and of IT security products and services sufficient to evaluate and modify training evaluation metrics to ensure accurate representation of unit training posture.

Extensive knowledge and skill in applying applicable policies, standards, directives, and operations manuals to perform systems analysis, evaluate approaches, offer advice, define alternative approaches, and coordinate requirements regarding the merits of proposed actions.

Thorough knowledge of policies, procedures, forms, and applications utilized within the DoD for equipment, training, and utilization readiness status reporting.

Thorough knowledge of a variety of automated systems and applications employed used to develop reports and correspondence, and to extract data. Strong knowledge of command and control (C2) computer systems used by higher headquarters. Robust knowledge of advanced features necessary to integrate various software in order to produce a single document, retrieve data, convert and produce graphical data.

In-depth knowledge of Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSCs) descriptions and pre-requisites, AF training program policy and procedures, training, testing, evaluation, certification, documentation, planning, and scheduling techniques.

Strong knowledge of military human resources policies, guidelines, and instructions to converse effectively with functional managers and higher headquarters, and advise commanders, supervisors, staff, and other unit personnel. Knowledge of military and Civil Service personnel systems, including unit accession, career enhancement, development, and retention procedures

Basic knowledge of special crew position requirements such as Combat Mission Ready (CMR), Initial Qualification Training (IQT), and Mission Qualification Training (MQT) as outlined in applicable AFl's and related MAJCOM directives.

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