Executive Assistant

Washington D.C.
May 10, 2018
Jun 14, 2018
Full Time

General Summary

The Executive Assistant to the CEO at Oceana provides principal administrative and strategic board management support to the CEO.  Responsible for all aspects related to planning and executing meetings of the Oceana Board of Directors and Oceana Executive Committee (internal leadership team).  The Executive Assistant should be a person who thrives in fast-paced environments with rapidly changing needs, is comfortable multi-tasking, handles highly confidential matters with tact and discretion, proactively facilitates interdepartmental information exchange, and maintains a collaborative alliance with internal and external stakeholders.  Manages a varied and high-volume workload and works independently to manage long-term strategic timelines, meet deadlines, and accomplish tasks.            

The Executive Assistant to the CEO is supported full-time by an Administrative Assistant who reports directly to him or her. 

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Essential Functions:

The Executive Assistant to the CEO carries out duties in the following four major categories:

·         Board of Directors Management

·         Executive Committee (Internal Leadership Committee) Management

·         Managing the Executive Office

·         CEO Communications (Internal and External)

Board of Directors Management

·         Serves as a primary point of contact and support liaison to the 23 members of Oceana’s Board of Directors.  Escalates board communications, items for attention, and requests for CEO’s time in a prompt and professional manner.

·         Exercises full ownership over all event planning and logistical elements relating to meetings of Oceana Board of Directors three times per year in various cities around the world.  Responsible for managing contracts with hotels and meeting venues, liaising with venue staff to reserve hotel room blocks, selecting catering providers and menus, and working with audiovisual staff on-site to ensure seamless and professional meetings.  Routinely arrives to the location of the board meetings early to ensure adequate coordination with the facilities management; food and beverage; local transportation; etc. related to the Board meetings.

·         Manages production and distribution process for extensive board meeting materials.  Facilitates preparation of conference agenda.  Coordinates preparation timelines and holds Executive Committee members accountable for timely submission of written board meeting reports and audiovisual presentations for the CEO’s review.  Responsible for and formatting/design of dozens of board reports, and physical production, assembly, and mailing of 50+ board books per meeting. 

·         Maintains detailed tracking of meeting attendance for different groups of attendees, including board members, special guests, and guest speakers.  Proactively communicates logistical details to each group in the months and weeks leading up to each meeting.  Assists attendees in obtaining formal invitation to enter the host country and/or travel visas for meetings when necessary.

·         Responsible for drafting minutes from board meetings, subcommittee meetings and maintaining official record and files.  Assists with summarizing content of board meetings for dissemination to staff.  Coordinate All-Staff Webinar (3x a year) with the help of the IT department following each board meeting.

Executive Committee (Internal Leadership Committee) Management

·         Assists the CEO with daily management of the Executive Committee, consisting of 18 internal executives from major departments and leaders from each country in which Oceana operates.  Works cooperatively with Executive Committee and their teams.

·         Drafts agendas and distribute minutes for biweekly Executive Committee meetings (via video conference).  Assist CEO with tracking follow-up (delegating action items, assigning responsibilities, enforcing deadlines, etc.).

·         Coordinate planning for an Annual EC Retreat.

Managing the Executive Office

·         Serves as first point of contact for CEO. 

·         Maintains executive calendar, keeps track of the CEO’s to-do list, and screens emails and calls to help set priorities.  Responsible for scheduling and coordinating all CEO’s appointments, meetings (internal/external), and calls.

·         Maintains a close working relationship with external counterparts, particularly those with whom the CEO regularly works.  Uses a high degree of discretion and judgment to handle correspondence and phone inquiries, speeding response and minimizing CEO handling.  Drafts correspondence for CEO's signature when appropriate.

·         Responsible for booking all elements of the CEO’s travel needs (flights, train travel, hotel stays, vehicle rentals, etc.) and preparing meticulous itineraries.

·         Anticipates CEO’s needs for meetings, events, and travel by maintaining organized systems for tracking upcoming deadlines and activities.  Prepares regular “look-aheads” for review with the CEO of upcoming travel and meeting schedule in order to ensure necessary briefings, presentation materials, and other preparations are in place.

·         Determines nature of appointments and develops or obtains necessary background materials. Handles preparation and distribution of meeting agendas and materials, as well as notifying participants of meeting dates and places. 

·         Prepares and submits monthly expense reports for the CEO and for any expenses incurred as Executive Assistant. Review expense reimbursements for CEO’s direct reports.  Completes timesheets for CEO’s office and reviews timesheets for all direct reports.  Works closely with internal and external vendors and customers to ensure timely satisfaction of invoices.

·         Serves as a point of contact for each international Office Administrator; coordinates/follows-up on domestic and international office “action items” from the CEOs office; works closely with other departments to fill in work gaps or to make deadlines.

·         Volunteers to serve on office teams, steering committees and other work groups to show collaborative spirit and willingness to support organization-wide employee activities.

·         Serves as mentor to administrative associates providing guidance and instruction in proper Oceana administrative procedures and processes.

·         Performs additional duties as needed and/or assigned.

CEO Communications (Internal and External)

·         Coordinates research efforts in conjunction with the development of CEO’s speeches and related audiovisual materials for talks and presentations.  Works with CEO and Communications Department to prepare monthly stakeholder communications.

·         Help the CEO with personalized contact with key donors to maintain a high level of engagement and relationship cultivation.

·         Support CEO’s efforts to maintain organization wide awareness of major events and campaign victories. 

The above declarations are not intended to be an “all inclusive” list of duties and responsibilities of the job described, nor are they intended to be such a listing of the skills and abilities required to do the job.  Rather, they are intended only to describe the general nature of the job and are a reasonable representation of its activities.


Education and Work Experience:

·         College degree required.

·         10 years of relevant experience required. 

·         A second language is desirable but not required. 


Skills and Knowledge Requirements:

·         Must be comfortable and confident when interacting with high-profile stakeholders (board members, donors, etc.).  Must demonstrate dynamic interpersonal abilities, capable of relating with diverse groups of people with ease and openness. 

·         Must have excellent and sophisticated knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite, including advanced document formatting, email and calendar organization, database creation and maintenance, etc.

·         Must be able to handle many tasks simultaneously with speed, accuracy, and courtesy.  Demonstrated interest in finding the most effective and efficient processes to get things done, and be focused on continuous improvement. 

·         Must show initiative, and exhibit exceptional level of insightful planning and alignment with organizational goals.

·         Must possess excellent organizational, written, and verbal communication skills. 

·         Must be willing to accept varied workload, including occasional travel (domestic/international) and working outside of normal work-week hours.  Must be resilient and able to rebound quick when facing difficult situations. 

·         Must maintain strict confidentiality in working with sensitive organizational information and possess excellent judgment in handling communications, expenses budgets, other issues and personal relationships.  Must instill trust and gain confidence of others through honesty, authenticity, and integrity. 

·         Must be a team player who can build partnerships and work collaboratively with all staff and Executive Committee members to meet the shared objectives of the organization (who will provide feedback to CEO for performance evaluation).

·         Ability to take initiative in suggesting ways to augment work and responsibilities of position to accomplish Oceana’s goals. 

·         Must be able to represent Oceana and the Office of the CEO in a professional and responsive manner at all times and across all modes of communication. 


Cover letter will be viewed as a writing sample and should explicitly highlight examples of demonstrated experience with 2-3 points in the “Skills and Knowledge Requirements” section listed above.

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