Architect of the Capitol


Washington D.C.
May 02, 2018
Jun 06, 2018
Full Time

This position is located in the Capitol Building, Capitol Building and Capitol Visitor Center Operations and Maintenance Division. The ideal candidate will serve as a Fire Protection Engineering Technician coordinating inspection, testing, analysis, repair, and replacement of fire alarm and fire protection systems. The Fire Protection Engineering Technician will utilize excellent interpersonal skills in working effectively with AOC staff, management, executives, and contractors to develop and champion the fire protection system improvement strategy, building on industry best practices and lessons learned to meet the operational and strategic needs of the Architect of the Capitol (AOC).



Testing, Installation, Repair, Modification and Maintenance of fire protection and fire safety Equipment and Systems 

Institutes a testing program to obtain data under varying loads and operating conditions. Changes and adapts test equipment and procedures. Evaluates the data for evidence of improper function and determines the cause. Assesses the significance of test data. Prepares written evaluation reports of findings and offers recommendations. Assists, on site, in the installation, commissioning, pre-acceptance testing, troubleshooting, adjustment and repair of all fire protection equipment and systems, including audio-evacuation components, gaseous fire suppression control circuitry, smoke control logic circuits and complex fire alarm systems and interrelated components and wiring. Tests for the purpose of determining performance characteristics and to check preliminary engineering designs using standard measurement techniques. Employs creativity and ingenuity to evaluate and determine test procedures and the design of special test equipment or procedures. Items tested include those where performance requirements are hard to achieve or the item is being tested for an optional or new use. Chooses, evaluates, modifies and uses many guidelines, precedents and engineering principles and practices in the area of specialization. Contributes in the final evaluation of test results in terms of user objectives and requirements. Creates procedures for maintaining and repairing a broad range of equipment or systems. Collaborates with engineers to determine data acquisition requirements for each test.

Data Analysis and Presentation 

Establishes data collection and analysis for projects that require the coordination of different methods. Conducts surveys and investigations to gather design information for plan specifications, alterations and databases. Performs preliminary investigations to obtain data for proposed design, construction or modification projects. Determines and plans methods of data collection and analysis necessary to carry out complex engineering and/or design calculations.

Conducts Analyses, Surveys and Studies 

As assigned, serves as the field inspector for fire detection and suppression system projects. Coordinates with the appropriate personnel to insure compliance with design schedules, material deliveries, construction schedules and inspecting job progress and conformance to specifications as required. Coordinates engineering aspects with other functional experts. Plans, manages and conducts fire protection analyses and surveys. 

The work involves the participation of contractors and in-house groups pursuing different portions of the development activities, such as fire alarm system replacement or independent third party testing services. Consults with the Assistant Superintendent for the purpose of arranging for work to be done on the equipment in the buildings and to coordinate the work schedules to create the least inconvenience possible to the occupants of the CB and CVC facilities.

Promotes and Advises on Programs 

Independently finds solutions to unique and complex fire protection and prevention problems. As required, serves as a fire-safety expert to project managers and other management officials regarding fire protection features required in construction and alteration projects. Advises the Assistant Superintendent and Architect of the Capitol personnel in pre-construction conferences on fire-safety features for construction projects. Maintains all Computer Aided Software Engineering programs necessary for fire alarm and detection panel operations, modifications and control. As needed or as assigned, prepares designs and specifications for various projects or systems that entail design problems requiring considerable adaptation of precedents or design of features for which precedents are not directly applicable.

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