Occupational Health Nurse - Middle River, MD (PRN)

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Middle River, MD
Apr 17, 2018
Apr 18, 2018
Full Time
Job Description Basic Summary of Position: The individual will be involved with the overall administration of an employer's occupational health program to include delivery and management of surveillance testing, injury care and management and ADA/FMLA program consultation. May also provide ergonomic assessments and services; as well as early intervention programs. Essential Functions: 1. Evaluate and treat all injuries and illnesses in an efficient and professional manner within the scope of practice and consistent with nursing clinical guidelines. Guide and direct all internal and external referrals. 2. Assist with accident investigation programs per established client site workflows as needed to identify root cause analysis of all incidents and near misses. 3. Use critical thinking and experience to conduct a range of risk and health assessments. 4. Provide appropriate case management * Manage cases to facilitate productivity, assuring appropriate care and return to work. * May include workers' compensation, short- and long-term disability cases * Assist in process of FMLA and ADA program application. Includes communication with outside care providers. * Assess healthcare needs of employees, then implement programs to improve health and facilitate return to work. Work directly with Early Intervention Team to ensure ergonomic, behavioral and biomechanical root cause analysis and follow-up. 5. Monitor employee exposure to hazardous substances administering statutory and non-statutory health surveillance. 6. Effectively execute program workflows, protocols and procedures to include: emergency response, internal and external care referrals, return-to-work, stay-at-work, restriction management, FMLA. 7. Identify prevention and health promotion strategies to optimize the health of the population. 8. Educate on routine preventative stretches and mobility for reducing and preventing injuries. 9. The ability to render first aid to injured employees such as giving artificial respiration, cleaning and bandaging wounds, applying heat and cold to promote healing and advising on safer mechanism of job performance. 10. The ability to request assistance of on-site employee health services or a physician as necessary to assist employee. 11. The ability to communicate about and provide general health guidance on disease management issues such as HTN, DM 12. The ability to treat chronic minor reports of discomfort and related functional limitations to maintain employee performance. 13. Spendg time "on the floor" interacting with and engaging employees, providing job coaching. Assess the work environment for potential health and safety problems. Must be fully capable of extended mobility, climbing both in protected work environments and outdoors. 14. Coordinates the delivery of the travel medicine program, if applicable. 15. Conducts, collects and documents on-site data for following official reporting. Participate in management meetings for information delivery. 16. Performs ergonomic job hazard analysis of work stations with identified risk factors including job process, work station and work method and follow up to evaluate effectiveness of change. 17. Provide on-going evaluations of work environments and provide recommendations in the workplace. 18. Prepares ergonomic, injury intervention, injury treatment, surveillance, FMLA/ADA reports. 19. Provides tracking/trending and analysis of workplace ergonomic issues to provide recommendations to mitigate workplace injuries and illnesses and maintains associated database. 20. The ability to maintain friendly, cordial relations with all clients, outside vendors and employees 21. The ability to maintain a positive work atmosphere by acting and communicating in a manner that result in a positive work relationship with customers, co-workers and managers. 22. Provide education and training to employees in Health, Safety and Wellness topics, including: BBP, Universal precautions, in proper lifting techniques and body mechanics, as well as other OSHA surveillance, health and wellness related topics.. 23. Maintains the confidentiality of sensitive information and records. 24. Ability to comply with ATI standards of operations 25. Ability to adhere to the Core Values of the Company Non-Essential Functions: 1. Perform other duties as assigned by management Supervisory Responsibilities: No direct reports Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Education: Associates Degree in Nursing * >5 months experience in Occupational Health Nursing with desire to sit for the Occupational Health Nurse Certification when eligible preferred * 2 years of nursing experience Experience: * Action oriented; * Approachability; * Career ambition; * Comfort around higher management; * Compassion; * Composure; * Conflict management; * Creativity; * Integrity and trust; * Priority setting; * Problem solving; * Time management; * Timely decision making; * Microsoft Office * The ability to organize and manage multiple priorities; * Strong customer orientation; * Excellent interpersonal and communication (both oral and written) skills; * Excellent presentation skills; * Strong team player; and * Commitment to company values. Skills and Abilities: Certifications Required: * Licensed Registered Nurse or License Practical Nurse * current license in the State(s) in which they will be practicing. * Current CPR certification * COHN, or COHN-S certification preferred, but not required * AWS ATI is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. We welcome job applications from qualified individuals without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, ancestry, family care status, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation or any other lawfully protected status. Minorities, women, disabled persons, and veterans are encouraged to apply. It is the policy of ATI, as an equal opportunity employer, to attract and retain the best qualified individuals available, without regard to race/ethnicity, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or veteran status. AWS SDL2017
5%20months%20experience%20in%20Occupational%20Health%20Nursing%20with%20desire%20to%20sit%20for%20the%20Occupational%20Health%20Nurse%20Certification%20when%20eligible%20preferred%20*%202%20years%20of%20nursing%20experience%20Experience:%20*%20Action%20oriented;%20*%20Approachability;%20*%20Career%20ambition;%20*%20Comfort%20around%20higher%20management;%20*%20Compassion;%20*%20Composure;%20*%20Conflict%20management;%20*%20Creativity;%20*%20Integrity%20and%20trust;%20*%20Priority%20setting;%20*%20Problem%20solving;%20*%20Time%20management;%20*%20Timely%20decision%20making;%20*%20Microsoft%20Office%20*%20The%20ability%20to%20organize%20and%20manage%20multiple%20priorities;%20*%20Strong%20customer%20orientation;%20*%20Excellent%20interpersonal%20and%20communication%20(both%20oral%20and%20written)%20skills;%20*%20Excellent%20presentation%20skills;%20*%20Strong%20team%20player;%20and%20*%20Commitment%20to%20company%20values.%20Skills%20and%20Abilities:%20Certifications%20Required:%20*%20Licensed%20Registered%20Nurse%20or%20License%20Practical%20Nurse%20*%20current%20license%20in%20the%20State(s)%20in%20which%20they%20will%20be%20practicing.%20*%20Current%20CPR%20certification%20*%20COHN,%20or%20COHN-S%20certification%20preferred,%20but%20not%20required%20*%20AWS%20ATI%20is%20an%20Affirmative%20Action/Equal%20Opportunity%20Employer.%20We%20welcome%20job%20applications%20from%20qualified%20individuals%20without%20regard%20to%20race,%20color,%20religion,%20sex,%20national%20origin,%20age,%20disability,%20ancestry,%20family%20care%20status,%20veteran%20status,%20marital%20status,%20sexual%20orientation%20or%20any%20other%20lawfully%20protected%20status.%20Minorities,%20women,%20disabled%20persons,%20and%20veterans%20are%20encouraged%20to%20apply.%20It%20is%20the%20policy%20of%20ATI,%20as%20an%20equal%20opportunity%20employer,%20to%20attract%20and%20retain%20the%20best%20qualified%20individuals%20available,%20without%20regard%20to%20race/ethnicity,%20color,%20religion,%20national%20origin,%20gender,%20sexual%20orientation,%20age,%20disability%20or%20veteran%20status.%20AWS%20SDL2017%0D%0ALocation%3A%20Middle%20River,%20MD%0D%0A%0D%0ATo%20view%20this%20job%2C%20please%20click%20on%20the%20link%20below%3A%0D%0Ahttps://jobs.washingtonpost.com/job/38763475/occupational-health-nurse-middle-river-md-prn-//job/38763475/occupational-health-nurse-middle-river-md-prn-/%3FTrackID%3D315766%0D%0A%0D%0AMany%20thanks%2C%0D%0A%0D%0AThe%20Washington Post Jobs%20team.%0D%0A%0D%0A-----%0D%0A%0D%0A" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

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