Arlington, Virginia
Apr 09, 2018
Apr 26, 2018
Accountant, Finance
Full Time


JOB NUMBER P/E17-18.052


Human Resources announces an opening for the position of Supervisor of Payroll.  This is a twelve-month position, Grade E-13, on the administrative and supervisory salary scale with a salary range of $83,631 to $125,961 (2017- 2018 salary schedule).


The Supervisor of Payroll plans and supervises administration of the semi-monthly payroll for all APS employees, fostering a fully automated payroll system integrated with time and attendance and related processes, and performing related payroll program management work.  Ensures accurate and timely issuance of the semi-monthly payroll from start-to-finish, including but not limited to providing guidance to timekeepers APS-wide and ensuring completeness and conformance to policy of time and attendance reports, ensuring proper deductions of all types (including tax withholding), running trial payroll, running final payroll and reporting to Federal and State agencies.  Continuously coordinates with Information Services regarding the payroll and benefits modules of STARS (the Oracle-based enterprise information system of APS), within Human Resources regarding official personnel transactions, benefits-to-deductions interface, with timekeepers throughout APS, with financial institutions and Federal, state or other governmental agencies regarding withholding, reporting, payments, audits, etc. 

ILLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLES OF WORK (May not include all duties performed – These are intended as an illustration of the various types of work performed. The omission of specific duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related, or a logical assignment to the position.)

  • Manages Payroll team staff; trains, assigns, reviews and evaluates the work of this staff; and performs related supervisory functions. 
  • Oversees processing of actions required for issuance of the semimonthly payroll. Reviews or enters data pursuant to official personnel actions or other actions/sources into the payroll and benefits modules of the Oracle-based enterprise information system (STARS). 
  • Ensures maintenance and update of personnel and payroll records for employees; ensures processing of electronic filings for Federal and state agencies, retirement reports, payoffs for retirees, account changes, garnishments, tax liens, child support payments, delinquent student loans, delinquent property taxes, and other court ordered transactions. 
  • Helps prepare quarterly and year-end reports of payments, FICA, Federal income tax and state income tax withholdings, reconciling totals with reports from STARS and other sources and amounts actually transmitted. Submits required reporting forms to Social Security Administration, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and state and/or city of employee residence. Researches tax publications and the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) and state tax codes concerning requirements for reporting of taxable and nontaxable monies.
  • Processes special requests, such as court orders for child and medical support, tax levies and liens and garnishments. May coordinate with Benefits staff regarding proper repayment of funds and reporting for tax purposes for workers’ compensation cases, and oversees completion of Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission-required wage and hour statements covering the full year immediately prior to injury.
  • Ensures preparation of year-end reports for W-2s, W-3s and other forms related to the IRC.  (APS generates approximately 6,200 W-2s annually.)
  • Oversees review of timesheets for completeness and conformance with established APS policies and procedures pursuant to payroll processing. Processes complex changes or adjustments as needed.
  • Ensures effective training of timekeepers throughout APS.
  • Ensures distribution of payroll data to timekeepers to process the semi-monthly payroll, collection of data from various locations, verification of accuracy, resolution of problems with timekeepers, and entry of payroll and leave data into the computerized payroll and leave system.
  • Coordinates staff responses to inquiries from employees and retirees regarding pay, taxes and deductions, contracts, and related issues, and from senior staff or administrators regarding these and related matters. 
  • Responds to questions from administrators and employees about benefits and/or payroll related matters.  Works with department heads to match system processes to user needs and wants.
  • Meets regularly with staff of Human Resources, Finance and Management Services, and Information Services to discuss areas of need and to resolve problems.  Collaborates to improve techno-functional resource capacity for own functional area.
  • Stays abreast of Federal and state legislation and regulations affecting all aspects of the payroll system, as well as tax status of payments, non-cash income and related matters, and may recommend modifications to standard and special reports generated from the payroll system, or system modifications, as warranted.
  • Stays abreast of payroll system technology problems, technology patches and various technology issues concerning STARS to help ensure system up-time, security, expansion, such as expansion of self service, and improvement from a payroll administration perspective.
  • Prepares or reviews and approves detailed instructions for payroll system employee/retiree users, such as payroll FAQs and other APS intranet online information and Online STARS Employee Self Service instructions concerning electronic W-2sDevelops new system procedures to implement and audit all modules and business rules of the organization regarding payroll and directly related functions. 
  • Completes full audits with Arlington County and Virginia State auditors of tax dollar expenditures.
  • Manages employee/retiree self-service payroll functions, such as online pay stubs, address changes, and tax changes.
  • Leads APS team in Payroll and Oracle Time/Labor functional area, participates in HR, benefits and costing analysis.  Tests system patches and helps develop test scripts as warranted by STARS, in coordination with the Department of Information Systems.
  • Uses a computer for various functions, in addition to payroll and timekeeping data entry and usage – communication, word processing, research (Internet), spreadsheet applications, etc.
  • Performs related duties as assigned or deemed necessary.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in business administration, human resources (HR), payroll administration, or a closely related area; or
  • Four years of progressively responsible experience in payroll administration, HR management (with substantial work in pay or payroll administration), or a related field; or,
  • An equivalent combination of education, experience and training.


  • Knowledge of, and skill in, managing programs, people and resources in the effective provision of payroll and related services in support of retirees and employees, APS-wide; or ability to rapidly acquire such knowledge/skill., including  skill in supervision at the first level of supervision.
  • Knowledge of automated/manual payroll, time and attendance, personnel action processing, etc., including employee self-service, to coordinate entry of, review or verify retiree and employee, pay, benefits and other payroll-related information in the system used by APS, test-run and approve issuance of the semi-monthly payroll, help perform audits and respond to audit reports, provide data to the IRS, SSA, state agencies, etc. and perform related functions.  This includes knowledge of, and skill in using, the automated and manual systems of APS, including STARS.
  • Knowledge of Federal and state income tax withholding and reporting rules, regulations and procedures to process tax reports and perform related functions.
  • Skill in problem solving, including using formulas and checklists to check payroll runs for accuracy, help prepare quarterly and year-end reports and check for discrepancies in individual records; ensuring the training of other; making recommendations for improvements in existing, automated reports; testing system patches and the like in payroll module of STARS; and ensuring that subordinates have the payroll, information technology and customer service skills needed to enable them to perform their functions effectively.  
  • Skill in written communication, including use of technical manuals; tax publications; publications to keep abreast of requirements; and development or review of detailed processing guidelines for staff, and FAQs and system information for employee/retiree users.
  • Skill in oral communication.
  • Interpersonal skills to interact with contacts in a businesslike, customer service-oriented manner, establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with supervisors, staff, students and the general public.
  • Skill in using a computer and modern office suite software (such as MS Office) to plan, schedule, communicate (email), word process, research (Internet), calculate and manage data (spreadsheet applications) etc.
  • Ability and willingness to work under pressure of recurring deadlines, such as payroll week, and during peak periods, such as year-end.
  • Experience working with staff from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds.


Candidates must submit an application online and attach a resume, a written statement of interest in and qualifications for this position.  Please complete the online Administrative/Technical application on the APS website in the Employment section:  A minimum of three letters of recommendation must also be submitted online as part of your application packet.


                 EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER                

It is the policy of the Arlington School Board, as stated in the School Board Policy 35-4.4, that employment opportunities shall not be restricted, abridged or otherwise adversely affected on the basis of race, national origin, creed, color, religion, gender, age, economic status, sexual orientation, marital status, genetic information, pregnancy status, veteran status, gender identity or expression, and/or disability.