Counselor to the Director

Washington D.C.
May 21, 2018
May 21, 2018
Full Time
  • See requirements listed below under Qualifications Required.
  • Your resume is important to this application process. It will be reviewed to determine whether you possess the qualifications referenced above. All applicants are required to submit a resume that provides specific information (to include accomplishments, work experience and education/training) that clearly describes what you would bring to the position.

    The competencies below are required for this position. Those marked with a double asterisk (**) are considered the most critical competencies for this position.

    Ability to apply knowledge of the law to address policy and legal questions.** (Applies knowledge of the theories, concepts, processes, techniques, principles and/or practices of the law to address policy and legal questions that arise from congressional requests, possible conflicts of interest and activities on the part of staff, dissemination of agency products, labor-management relations, and personnel policies; translates new legislation, regulation, and congressional guidelines and directives into program goals, actions, and policies, interpreting the impact of new legislative requirements on agency programs.)

    Ability to lead and manage a program/area of responsibility.** (Acquires and administers human, financial, material, and information resources to accomplish an organization’s mission; accomplishes strategic and operational goals by ensuring the effective interaction and integration of processes; delegates and manages multiple tasks; and plans and organizes resources, people, and activities effectively and efficiently.)

    Ability to lead people and manage a workforce.** (Oversees office performance by assessing staffing requirements in relation to current and anticipated needs of Congress; developing staffing plans, justifications, and requests; making policy area assignments for staff to assure the availability of intellectual capacity needed to meet the current and changing needs of Congress at a sustained level of excellence; and oversees the recruiting, hiring, mentoring, and training a diverse workforce as well as building and maintaining exceptional staff performance.)

    Ability to provide leadership and engagement with congressional clients on matters of policy and statutory authority.** (Engages with congressional clients and oversight committee representatives on matters of policy and statutory authority. This includes conducting regular liaison with the oversight committees and interpreting, explaining, and discussing matters of policy and statutory authority.)

    Ability to communicate in writing. (Prepares a variety of clear, cogent, and well-organized written products, including targeting the amount, form, depth and level of detail, and content of the information to the needs of various audiences.)

    Ability to exercise objectivity. (Exercises objectivity, impartiality, and nonpartisanship in all phases of analysis and consultation, including looking at the dimensions of a problem and weighing them against a set of standards/criteria that are independent of the problem, and maintaining objectivity despite any personal bias or outside pressures.)

    Ability to instill a collaborative work environment. (Creates, promotes, and sustains collaborative approaches to the work of the organization. Ensures an atmosphere in which input is sought from colleagues with diverse expertise, skills, and abilities and uses that input to inform and enhance the work of the organization.)

    Ability to communicate effectively other than in writing. (Speaks clearly, politely, and under control to peers, staff, managers, supervisors, and external audiences to both provide and seek information.)

    Applicant must be a graduate from a full course of study in a School of Law accredited by the American Bar Association and be a member in good standing of the bar of a state, the District of Columbia, a territory of the United States, or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

    The Congressional Research Service, within the Library of Congress, is part of the legislative branch of the federal government. As such, all positions are in the excepted service.

    The selected applicant will be required to file a financial disclosure statement with the House of Representatives, U.S. Congress, in accordance with the provisions of Public Law 95-521, the Ethics in Government Act of 1978.

    The tour of duty for this position is full-time.

    The position description number for this position is 197983.

    All initial appointments, permanent or indefinite, to the Library of Congress require completion of a one-year probationary period. In addition, all newly appointed Senior Level executives, from outside the Library as well as from within, must serve a one year probationary period in accordance with the Library of Congress Regulations (LCRs) 2017.2-1, Senior Level Executive System.

    The Library of Congress is an equal opportunity employer. All who meet the eligibility requirements are encouraged to apply.

    The Library reserves the right to fill a lesser or greater number of vacancies indicated during the life of this vacancy announcement.

    Applicants must submit a complete application package that is received by the closing date of this announcement.

    This agency provides reasonable accommodation to applicants with disabilities. If you need a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application and hiring process, please notify The decision on granting reasonable accommodation will be on a case-by-case basis.

    Applicants with disabilities may be considered under special hiring procedures and must submit an appropriate certificate of eligibility when applying for this position. The certificate of disability must verify that the applicant has a severe disability and may be issued by a State Vocational Rehabilitation Office, a Disability Services or Career Services Office of the applicant's college or university, or the Department of Veterans Affairs. The date of certification must be within three (3) years of the vacancy closing date and must be submitted with your application. For more information contact the Library's Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Programs at 202-707-3960 or email FAILURE TO SUBMIT YOUR CERTIFICATION WILL CAUSE YOUR APPLICATION TO NOT BE CONSIDERED UNDER THE SELECTIVE PLACEMENT PROGRAM.

    The Library of Congress is the national library of the United States and is part of the Legislative Branch of the Federal government. As such, all positions are in the excepted service.

    Appointment/retention is subject to a favorable evaluation of an appropriate personnel security/suitability investigation.

    Are you a veteran? Please indicate the type of veterans' preference you are claiming in your application materials and/or applicant profile and provide the appropriate supporting documentation to validate your claim. Those applying for 5-point preference must submit Member Copy 4 of your DD 214. Those applying for 10-point preference must fill out an SF-15 (click here for the form) and provide the required documentation listed on the back of the form. If required supporting documentation is not attached, Veterans' Preference will not be considered in the application process.

    For more information regarding eligibility requirements, please see the Library of Congress Merit Selection Plan, Section X.D, at:

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    You will be evaluated for this job based on how well you meet the qualifications above.

    Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) are not required for the Library's hiring process.

    The Library of Congress will evaluate applicants using applicants' resumes and a structured interview process.

    All applicants are required to submit a resume that provides specific information (to include accomplishments, work experience and education/training) that clearly describes what they would bring to the position and documents that they meet the five critical competency requirements listed above. Resumes will be reviewed to determine whether candidates possess the critical competencies marked with a double asterisk (**), as referenced above.

    Interviews are designed to verify or explore applicants' experience, knowledge, and training directly related to the job as documented in the resume in order to identify the best qualified applicants for selection.

    For this position, applicants do not need to respond to specific competency questions but will be requested to answer one question related to how they became aware of this job opportunity.
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