Director of Athletics and Student Activities

Alexandria, Virginia
Mar 23, 2018
Jul 18, 2018
Executive, Director
Full Time

Job Description
• Upholds policies and develops programming that support the ACPS 2020 Health and Wellness Goals through school sports, clubs, activities, and events at five of the secondary ACPS campuses.
• Leads and manages the growth of the athletics and club programs at all secondary campuses.
• Develops and expands the program and management through the skills of designing, coordinating, and executing the quality controls for all facets of school activities to ensure alignment with the instructional program and school operations.
• Contributes to the educational growth of students to be responsible citizens by developing processes that monitor student's academic status and provide resources to help them be successful.
• Creates and encourages professional development programs to ensure that the staff acquires the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities to meet the changing needs of students and society.

Education: Bachelor's in related area; Master's degree in job-related area (such as education, leadership, organizational management, sports marketing, business marketing) preferred.
Certificates & Licenses (Preferred, but not Required): Virginia Postgraduate Professional License with an endorsement as a secondary principal.
• Possess 5 to 7 years of management or partnership management in a non-profit or municipal sector.
• Able to build department-level strategic plans.
• Demonstrate leadership and supervisory experience necessary to work effectively with students, teacher, administrators, families, and community members.

Key Competencies:
• Strategic Planning: The DSA will show a strong commitment to equity, as outlined in the ACPS 2020 Health and Wellness goals, through supporting and expanding student athletics, activities, and events at T.C. Williams, Minnie Howard, Francis C. Hammond, George Washington, and Jefferson-Houston schools. The DSA must feel comfortable developing a multi-year strategy and be able to track and communicate the progress and involvement of students, staff, stipend leaders, and other stakeholders. Strong partnership or organization management skills are required to promote and expand the public participation and community investment in the ACPS athletic and academic programs. The DSA must have consistent processes to monitor school attendance, wellness, and academics of student athletes to ensure that they receive appropriate advice, counseling, and assistance.
• Organization and Administration: The DSA is responsible for overseeing the organization of the entire athletic department. The primary job is creating internal communication and management structures to observe, support, and manage coaches, staff liaisons, and community volunteers. The responsibilities also include hiring and managing full-time employees and stipend employees. Much of the job will revolve around creating and growing programs through relationships with booster clubs, community groups, and partnerships. The DSA will enforce all VSHL and Commonwealth requirements and ensure that these requirements are reflected in the ACPS Board policies and ACPS 2020 progress indictors.
• Facility Management and Maintenance: The DSA is responsible for the usage and oversight of the safety of the sports facilities. Depending on the facility, the DSA is to enforce the rules/regulations in regards to,dress code, reservation practices, and equipment maintenance. The DSA is responsible for the management of scheduling to ensure that each team, club, or community organization gets the proper amount of practice and play time.
• Staff Hiring and Management: The DSA is essentially the head of the athletics and activities department, and is in charge of the human resources aspects for the volunteer, stipend, and salaried individuals. This includes working closely with the central office Human Resources Department in the hiring of new staff and the growth of the current staff. The DSA ensures the continued monitoring and benchmarking of the staff performance, job satisfaction, and the effectiveness of their roles in the community of their sport or activity. This includes being responsible for employee reviews and management as outlined by the ACPS policies.
• Funding and Budget: The ACPS programs are funded on an annual basis. The DSA will be expected to participate in the management and development of the athletic department funds. This includes promoting fair, equitable and competitive stipends and advocacy for new or existing positions; a cycle of replacement for gear, materials, and uniforms; any facility upkeep issues; and the funding for covering all transportation costs for team competitions. It is the duty of the DSA to oversee the budget and allocate funds within the perimeters of the ACPS policies. The DSA needs to have a keen eye for accounting to ensure that funds are used according to need and within the confines of Title IX.
• Marketing and Public Relations: The DSA is the leader of communicating and promoting the needs and successes of the department in the current digital age through the approved ACPS communication channels. The DSA is responsible for overseeing the regular communication practices with stakeholders in coordination with the ACPS Director of Communications. This includes developing and overseeing a strategy for managing the day-to-day social media, web site content management, all paper-based communications, and video and any graphic or digital communication components of the department's program accounts. The long-term goals of the communication strategy are to promote positive coverage for all activities and to find ways to proactively maximize involvement of all stakeholders locally and regionally. The DSA will work with coaches and other stakeholder to implement communication strategies aligning with the departmental vision and guiding principles.
• Partnerships and Grants. The DSA is expected to foster positive relationships with external partners and organizations, especially with the City of Alexandria committees and departments. The DSA will work with the Director of School, Business, and Community Partnerships to identifying opportunities to maximize support for current and emerging programs. The DSA will be expected to develop a multi-year plan to proactively position ACPS programs for grants, scholarships, and sponsors. The DSA nis responsible for developing efforts to involve and grow alumni support, thorough programs like the Hall of Fame, class reunions, and other opportunities that arise.
• Leadership. It is expected that the DSA can demonstrate an uncompromising sense of integrity. The DSA should have an inspiring vision for the future T.C. Williams High School and the students. The DSA most be a creative problem solver and be able to multi-task. As a leader of coaches, staff and volunteers the DSA must lead by example and be able to build collaboration within and among various stakeholders.

Essential Tasks and Responsibilities
• Assumes a leadership role in all facets of school program management and coordination, including emerging programs and best practices in adherence of the ACPS 2020 mission and goals.
• Designs and works collaboratively with staff to ensure the effectiveness of ongoing and job-embedded professional development programs and practices.
• Participates in the hiring process and evaluation processes of all coaching staff and monitors affirmative action plans relating to coaching staff.
• Prepares and maintains the budget for program implementation, professional development, partnership contributions, and facilities and equipment maintenance.
• Creates a 360° feedback method to staff, student, and other stakeholders through both formal and informal observations designed to ensure the effectiveness of programs areas.
• Provides ongoing leadership to support the achievement of goals articulated in the ACPS 2020 strategic plan and benchmark metrics specified in the ACPS Education Plan.
• Serves as liaison to all staff members to ensure their understanding of ACPS policies and regulations related to all aspects of the Activities office's work.
• Serves in the key role of developing and executing an overall strategy for communications for the department, including collaborating on planning staff and activities meeting agendas and promoting the ACPS Activities Department as spokesperson on various communications initiatives for the school division.
• Serves as the Division representative and attends all District, Regional, and State Athletic Association meetings.
• Assists the Principal with such other tasks and assumes other responsibilities as may be required to ensure an efficient and effective work environment.
• Ensures ACPS complies with all VHSL, Federal and State laws, rules and regulations and enforces these with all coaches and staff.


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