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Feb 06, 2018
Aug 02, 2018
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Stock Analyst / Writer

The Motley Fool Australia is a publisher with tens of thousands of members…. And it's a pretty great place to work as well (In fact, it's so great, in past years Glassdoor ranked our parent company the best medium sized company to work in America).

We're proud to offer some of the best investing products investors can buy (Our flagship service Motley Fool Share Advisor is soundly beating the market, including one pick up 900%, another up 800%, and many doubles and more).

And yet, even with an amazing company and products, convincing new members to secure their financial future and subscribe to The Motley Fool's publications will always remain a challenge. Simply put, people's finances are a scary topic. It's easier to delay action than put a plan together today.

And that's where our “Stock Analyst / Writer” role comes into play. The core duty of the job is creating new messaging and marketing campaigns that catch investors' attention and convince them there's a specific reason that today is the day to join one of the Fool's investing services.

What kind of work can you expect from this job?

Different projects you will be asked to work on in this role include:

Building Advertising Campaigns: Creating the content for advertisements across platforms like Outbrain/Google/Taboola/etc.Developing E-Mail Strategy: Create content and content strategies for an e-mail list that reaches over 240,000 readers.Creating Product Upgrade Promotions: Work on “upsell” campaigns that offer current members subscriptions to our higher-end services that offer features like portfolio construction. Launching New Products : Work with our product team on launching new products and design the campaigns and events to sell them.Product Onboarding and Retention: Our job doesn't end with the sale. Assist with a smooth transition from the promises we make in marketing to how they're delivered in our actual product.

Now, I imagine you might look at that list and spot some (or even all) of those tasks and think you've never done that kind of work or would be underqualified.

But, simply put… We expect that.

(Unlike most jobs, I won't even list specific “prior qualifications” or experience you'll need!)

When we've previously posted this job we ended up hiring a Ph. D in philosophy and someone who'd worked on credit derivatives at an accounting firm.

And we expect to hire similarly diverse candidates today.

To explain why we hire this way - and what qualities are essential to succeed in this role -- I need to explain some (very short, I promise!) backstory on why we're even offering this job today…

You see, I started at The Motley Fool in a role very different than marketing - I came to the company as an equity analyst.

With no background in marketing whatsoever, I began asking why we marketed the way we did, and working with the marketing team to see if any of my ideas on how to market differently actually worked.

And over the years I became obsessed with marketing and the challenge it presented and built a team of employees who shares in this passion.

Because this job requires a unique type of candidate that may very well only fit 1 in 100 applicants.

Simply put - the “skills” needed for this job are relatively easy to pick up and understand. I believe we can train new candidates in about six months.

Yet, what we can't teach is the enormous amounts of intellectual curiosity any candidate will need to take these skills and apply them to new, more successful campaigns.

Because marketing is the most open-ended challenge I've ever worked on. Our ads compete with thousands of other advertisers for a single placement on a website...

If we're launching a new product, do you know our products and customers well enough to find the exact hook that will form the basis of a successful campaign?

If the stock market's in free-fall, what's a marketing campaign we can quickly stand up that will capture readers' attentions and give them a solution to their anxieties?

If we have customers that aren't engaging with our newsletter services, how do we design a campaign to see if they may be interested in a more hand-off solution, like our Lakehouse Capital fund's management business?

These are incredibly challenging topics.

They require a lot creativity…

They require a lot of hard work…

So, if the challenge of how you design marketing campaigns doesn't sound like a particularly compelling challenge to you, this likely isn't a role you'll succeed in.

But if this challenge does sound especially compelling to you …

The upside to all this is I believe this is the best role to launch a career at The Motley Fool. This role will teach you to understand our customers, how we market, our product suite, and our company's strategy.

Simply put, you'll have a hands-on role where you're working across The Motley Fool Australia's entire business and there will be no shortage of areas you can impact within the company if you succeed in this role.

If you think you've got what it takes to make the cut, enter the gauntlet by applying below.

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