Data Quality Analyst - Chemistry

Responsible for performing quality checks of specific data types as requested by Project Managers
Based on Experience
Mar 14, 2018
Mar 28, 2018
Analyst, Research
Research, Science
Full Time

Job Summary

The Data Quality Analyst – Chemistry is responsible for performing quality checks of specific data types as requested by Project Managers.  He/She ensures report data is accurate and increases the awareness of performance to stakeholders.

The Data Quality Analyst obtains data to create reports.  This position researches and corrects data inconsistencies to ensure data accuracy for food contact, food packaging, cosmetics, and product safety data types.  He/She collaborates with Business Information and Analysis (BIA), Information Services, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Product Managers to ensure data is accurate.  The Data Quality Analyst compares data from previous and current reports to anticipate questions from requestors regarding the validity of data.  He/She reviews data to determine if it was accurately captured.

Other Duties

  • Imports and copies data results into Microsoft Excel to present reports in an acceptable format
  • Schedules reports to ensure the execution and delivery of reports occur in a timely manner
  • Collects and assimilates raw data into reporting templates to ensure report formats are user-friendly
  • Reviews data generated from reports to identify discrepancies
  • Checks production system to verify data is correct for clients
  • Uses project management systems (including JIRA) to track assignments, resolve customer issues and improve data quality

Required Competencies

  • Chemistry, Food Contact/Food Packaging and/or Product Safety Knowledge and Experience: Demonstrates an understanding of chemistry, food packaging, and/or product safety and how it relates to compliance with different regulatory regimes.
  • Applies Information Analysis & Solution Generation Knowledge: Utilizes computer-based analytical and information management tools in order to perform routine analysis; documents approach and findings; reviews results with others as appropriate.
  • Applies Problem Definition & Structuring Knowledge: Identifies key factors behind basic problems and establish a path to solve them; proposes approaches to solve more complicated problems; investigates and diagnoses anomalies in routine business results.
  • Assesses Business Needs: Demonstrates a general understanding of ways to identify and measure the current needs of the customer or business; uses the business need to help define the project’s requirements.
  • Detail Orientation: Documents specific and accurate information; learns subjects thoroughly and in detail; completes work with thoroughness; supplies appropriate details when requested; maintains organized files.
  • Solicits and Gathers Information: Demonstrates a general knowledge of techniques for soliciting and gathering information.

Preferred Qualifiers

  • Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry – Preferred
  • Bachelor’s degree in Food Science, Biochemistry - Secondary
  • Intermediate level experience with advanced Excel functions  - Preferred
  • Ability to write complex queries using tools such as Microsoft Access
  • Ability to read multiple languages a plus but not required.

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