Delmarva Heart
Salisbury, MD
Mar 14, 2018
Mar 15, 2018
Full Time
Delmarva Heart Nursing Salisbury Full Time Role and Responsibilities Doc Box A cents € " This voice mail needs to be checked multiple times throughout the day. Information needs to be pulled off and documented. The items that are in the messages need to be addressed. Items can vary from referring patients to other physicians, schedule appointments with our providers to testing items. These messages sometimes need to be directed to correct department.Fax machine A cents € " Faxes must be clear throughout the day. The faxes need to be triaged and sent to correct department. Labs need to be signed off on and other faxes may need to be checked and addressed such as Cardiac Rehab issues.Procedure Packets A cents € " These packets need to be completed and placed in courier bin prior to 10 am. If a packet is taking longer, please advise front desk to try to hold the courier. Packets need to be sent out 48 hours ahead of the procedure date.Medical Messages A cents € " Triage medical messages and determine if urgent or non-urgent. Then complete items needed for message such as returning the call, discussing with provider and documenting. Also, remember to follow up with patient and notify other departments if patient has been added onto a schedule. Same actions to be done with incoming or transferred calls.Nursing Bins A cents € " Staff will check bins up front in medical records. These bins will hold medical messages and labs. Triage and address items needed on charts.Labs and Results A cents € " Sort through and sign off on all labs and testing results received.Triage Walk in Patients -Assess walk in /call in patients that may need to be seen immediately and add on to provider's schedule.Procedure Education - Perform teachings on procedures that patients need, answer all questions, get consent for and schedule them. This also requires filling out appropriate paperwork and making copies of items in chart.Medications A cents € " Nurses are responsible for administrating any medications that may be given in the office per physician's order.Respond to Stat pages A cents € " If a page comes overheard for a stat response, nurses are responsible to report and assist with any urgent matter.Hospitals A cents € " Nurses are responsible to help with admitting any patients to the hospital. This requires to call over and to send all appropriate paperwork. Nurses are suppose to help to transfer patient from other specific hospitals to PRMC. The nurse is to take all appropriate information and to inform physician on duty. Confirm Procedures A cents € " The hospital will send out the schedule for procedures between 3:30pm and 4:30pm the day prior to the scheduled time. Nurses are responsible for calling each patient and confirming the appointment with the time and directions for the next day. The nurse should also answer any other questions the patient might have.Orders - Fill out appropriate forms/labs ordered for patients as needed by the providers.Assist the providers- Nurses are to assist the providers with any other tasks or needs that they have.Maintain HIPAA requirements A cents € " Have the knowledge of HIPAA standards and make sure that all reasonable measures are being met.Other Duties. Employee will be assigned other duties as necessary. This will be done in accordance to developing the staff as well as the Practice. Qualifications and Education Requirements Current licensure for the state of MarylandCPR CertifiedKnowledge in cardiac rhythms A cents € " 2 years experienceKnowledge of infection control procedures including the disposal of bio-hazardous wasteOperational computer skillsFamiliarity with Cardiac Medications and treatmentsPatient service skillsHighly organizational. Physical Demands and Work Environment The physical demands and work environment described here are a representation of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential function of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. Physical Demands: While performing duties of this job, employee will be required to sit, stand, walk, use hands and fingers and reach and lift up to 50 pounds.Work Environment: The employee may frequently come in contact with patients that carry infectious disease. There is risk to exposure to blood borne pathogens and infectious or contagious diseases. Proper hand washing and protection is required.General Sign Off: The employee is expected to adhere to all company policies and to act as a role model in adherence to policies.The Daily Times - Salisbury . Keywords: Registered Nurse (RN), Location: Salisbury, MD - 21804

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