Assistant Chief Engineer

Alexandria, Virginia
$41-54K per year, +Housing, Benefits, Health, Dental, Life, 401K match up to 5%)
Mar 06, 2018
Apr 10, 2018
Full Time



This is a live in position, the Assistant Engineer (AE) is responsible for maintaining the central plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling systems for the property, including those located in the residential buildings and Community Center.  The AE is also responsible for administering the routine and preventive maintenance program, scheduling work tickets for repairs to the common elements, and maintenance work by building maintenance mechanics relative to the Association's in-unit service program in the absence of CE.

AE recommends to the Chief Engineer (CE) any changes in policies, procedures, systems and equipment to enhance performance, efficiency and use to the residents.

AE does not benefit, personally or indirectly, in any way what-so-ever, from association with any Montebello contractor or supplier.


Reports directly to the CE. 

AE is the third line manager supervising and directing the building maintenance employees.

AE is directly responsible for the Community Center building and any central components in Building 5, and oversight of maintenance activities performed by the maintenance mechanics in the residential buildings in the absence of the CE.

The building maintenance mechanics are responsible for performing the routine and preventive maintenance on common element components in the residential buildings; however, the FPM is responsible for scheduling and work assignments unless any portion of this responsibility is specifically delegated to the Assistant Engineer in the absence of CE.


Responsible for the following:

  1. Administering the routine and preventive maintenance program for the property's common elements central system in the residential buildings and Community Center.  This includes:
  • Reviewing at the beginning of each day, week and month the routine and preventive maintenance tasks which must be performed Generating the work tickets for such tasks Either completing the work alone, or with the approval of the CE and/or FPM, bringing in a maintenance mechanic from one of the buildings to perform or assist in the performance of such work Drawing down such tools, and materials and supplies from inventory, needed to perform the required tasks, entering appropriate information on the work ticket to assure that inventory consumption is properly tracked, and properly completing and processing the work ticket upon completion of the task (or if task cannot be completed, noting the reasons for such)
  1. Performing other work ticket tasks for repairs to common element items or in-unit services to the extent that time is available and as assigned by the CE or FPM
  2. Living on-site and sharing rotating duty for on-call response to after hour emergencies
  3. Performing daily inspections of all central systems and either logging or determining whether required items were logged as to operating temperatures, pressures, conditions, etc. and to determine whether all systems are operating properly; where deviations from the norm are noted, taking appropriate action to correct the condition in the absence of CE
  4. Attending regular monthly on-site maintenance and engineers meetings and training sessions
  5. Obtaining such certifications and continuing professional training and education to maintain and operate the central systems in optimal condition
  6. Performing such special analysis and preparing such reports as may be requested by the CE or FPM
  7. Performing any other duties that are assigned by the General Manager



AE shall have a combination of education, training and experience to demonstrate the successful application of the following skills and qualifications:

  1. Training, and certification as appropriate, in the repair and maintenance of refrigeration equipment and refrigerants
  2. Training and certification in the handling of hazardous materials including but not limited to pool chemicals (including chlorine), CFC's, and water treatment chemicals for central plumbing, heating and cooling systems, as well as how to tentatively identify and respond to other potential hazards such as asbestos
  3. Operating and maintaining central systems of the type and scale found at the property
  4. Working independently and without close supervision
  5. Scheduling, supervising and directing work of others in caring for a large physical plant
  6. Performing minor electrical, plumbing, and mechanical repairs of the type required for the in-unit service program
  7. Communicating both orally and in writing positively and effectively with a wide variety of people in the absence of CE
  8. Evaluating conditions and developing appropriate solutions and responses when problems are identified in the absence of CE
  9. Overseeing the operations and maintenance of an extensive physical plant and property improvements in the absence of CE.


Essential job functions include the following:

  1. Ability to read, write, speak and understand English well
  2. Ability to move about the property to perform inspections and to meet with employees, residents and contractors
  3. Ability to crawl, twist and climb ladders to access the various components of the central systems and items within units.
  4. Communication skills
    1. Communicate with fellow employees/coworkers in a cordial manner
    2. Cooperate with fellow employees/coworker.
  5. Customer Service
    1. Communicate with residents in a cordial manner.
    2. Provide cordial assistance within the scope of work and/or provide information to residents in meeting their needs.

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