Project Coordinator

Washington D.C.
Feb 21, 2018
Mar 28, 2018
Program Manager
Full Time

Position Announcement #118005 – Project Coordinator

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) is a private, nonprofit corporation created to ensure universal access to non-commercial high-quality programming and telecommunications services. We invest in programs and services that are educational, innovative, locally relevant, and reflect America’s common values and cultural diversity. We encourage the development of programming that involves creative risks and that addresses the needs of unserved and underserved audiences, particularly children and minorities.

CPB is currently seeking to hire a Project Coordinator (Level 5).  Salary $42,500 – $57,800.  This position reports directly to the Vice President, CSG and Station Initiatives.

General Description

Serves as the “command center” for the SDMS/Office of Grants Administration (OGA). Serves as the first line of communication between OGA and station grantees regarding the TV and radio Community Service Grant (CSG) Programs. Supports OGA staff in the prepration of Community Service Grant (CSG) calculations and award offers, reviews annual CSG applications, and develops informational reports and data analysis as necessary.

Specific Duties

Administrative Support:

  • Serves as the primary support staff for the OGA department, ensuring that the required materials and agendas are compiled and distributed to appropriate staff across the organization prior to the various team meetings or system consultations. Manages the expedient and efficient flow of information and documentation for the department.
  • Proficient in the use of the Integrated Station Information System (CPB-ISIS), the online tool that is used by CPB to calculate CSG Grants and to manage all aspects of the CSG program. Also, demonstrates proficiency in use of the Gold Standard, an advanced Excel spreadsheet, used to cross-check grant calculations performed in CPB-ISIS.
  • Helps plan, design, implement, and maintain databases to track grantee requirements and for other purposes. Runs basic queries and produces reports, including charts, graphs, and PowerPoints to share data internally and externally. 
  • Coordinates all aspects of OGA’s online and on-site training, including working with presenters to identify content, and with IT to post notices and update the training section of CPB’s website; arranges and oversees the registration process for participants, produces live webinars to ensure all technical requirements are met, and other training-related tasks.
  • As needed, supports overall SDMS departmental special events including station consultations, and other in-house and System meetings.
  • Drafts, proofreads, and helps disseminate all OGA communications with stations, and internal departmental communications, including but not limited to: weekly reports and station updates for executive management.
  • Supports project reporting for formal communications such as CPB’s Annual Report and Board reports.

CSG Grantee Assistance:

  • Serves as the first line of communication between OGA and grantees by responding to incoming telephone and e-mail communications from grantees, providing both general and technical customer support, including Integrated Station Information System troubleshooting. Redirects inquiries or problems to other OGA staff, as appropriate.
  • Performs preliminary reviews of Annual Financial Reports submitted by grantees and works with the Financial Analysts to follow up with grantees, as required.
  • Assists in tracking grantee data including but not limited to radio grantee level changes and/or inability to meet Audience Service Criteria (ASC). Coordinates with department Directors to review and confirm any changes in a grantee’s status; and communicates with radio and TV grantees regarding changes in their eligibility status.

Grant Preparations:

  • Provides administrative support to OGA staff on the run-up to and on the day(s) of the CSG grant calculations.
  • Reviews the CSG Grant Agreement and Certification of Eligibility (COE) forms submitted by grantees for accuracy and completeness and communicates with station representatives on discrepancies, needed revisions and/or problems. Responds to questions regarding the status of these forms and grant payments.
  • Reviews other required grantee certifications to determine CSG eligibility including TV channel sharing and program differentiation incentive.
  • Compiles, proof reads, and finalizes the annual concurrence, station notification, and other documents and internal memos.
  • Assists in drafting Radio and TV station grant adjustment correspondence and sending via email and US Postal Service to effected grantees.
  • Oversees the receipt of TV Local Content and Service Reports (LSCR) and supports the monitoring of other grantee filing requirements as needed.
  • Tracks reporting requirements per Office of Inspector General (OIG) audits and CPB management determination letters. Prepares quarterly reports for departmental review.
  • Helps review incoming applications for stations seeking to enter the CSG program. Interacts with applicants to obtain all needed data and assists them with fulfilling necessary requirements when they first enter the program. Also provides similar assistance to radio and TV grantees exiting the CSG Program.
  • Provides administrative support, including working in CPB’s Grants Management System (GMS), for the review of applications and processing of special CSG programs that are processed apart from the annual CSG calculation in CPB ISIS.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience.
  • Three years of experience in a position requiring skills in administration, project management, and/or grants and contract administration or management.
  • Strong customer relations experience: ability to handle busy phone lines, full inbox and expedite timely resolutions to inquiries, and to troubleshoot issues.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Ability to understand and explain policy, grant criteria, and the ability to interpret data related to the overall CSG program.
  • Demonstrated computer proficiency with expertise using word processing, spreadsheet, and Internet software (preferably MS Office); experience helping to design and work with databases; and the ability to work in an integrated creative manner with all of them.
  • Demonstrated organizational and time-management skills with the ability to manage multiple projects and deadlines with strong attention to detail and under pressure.
  • Demonstrated ability to multi-task, be flexible and to work independently and as a team player.

Desired Qualifications

  • Knowledge of public broadcasting.

For more information about CPB, our programs, and our mission, please visit our website at  Please submit your cover letter, resume, and salary history to

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting has a commitment to the principle of diversity.  In that spirit, we welcome applications from all qualified individuals without regard to race, religion, creed, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, marital status, veteran status, national origin, or status with regard to public assistance.


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