Senior Programmer/Analyst

Alexandria, VA
Jan 19, 2018
Feb 28, 2018
Full Time
Senior Programmer/Analyst

  • Performs programming in accordance with established procedures using appropriate programming languages; Designs and writes scripts to process data file and to connect and /or streamline programming processes.
  • Uses understanding of programming and database structures to resolve complex data file and software issues; Resolves data file and/or programming issues using UNIX shell scripting, SQL, C or C++ programming in a UNIX environment that hosts datasets maintained in an Informix database.
  • Analyzes reasons for data failures, completes appropriate coding, tests coding solutions through to completion; identifies and corrects software defects; testes existing software as ne features and functionality are added.
  • Develops technical specifications, testes, debugs, modifies and refines computer software to meet data professing standards.
  • Writes logical, high quality, well-documented code that ensures that functionality, integrity and performance of data files.
  • Provides technical support to the MIS Manager for software upgrades and design projects; Documents changes to new and existing codes; Coordinates special projects; Participates in training seminars and documents procedures as requested.
  • Bachelor's Degree in computer science or related technical discipline and a minimum of ten years of substantive programming experience are required. Equivalent experience may be substituted for the degree requirement. Experience must demonstrate expert knowledge of programming. Must have a track record of growth and success as a programmer.
  • Experience must include a minimum of ten years of relevant work experience writing complex shell scripts, using C or C++, SQL, or other directly relevant programming tools and/or languages in a UNIX environment.
  • Must be able to demonstrate extraordinary UNIX shell scripting and advanced proficiency with SQL, C, C++ or other relevant programming languages during the interview process.
  • Informix or Oracle database experience in required. Outstanding programming/software development experience using Python, AWK, or PERL, is required.
  • Experience with tools such a Red Brick, GREP, EDI, Unix Cron, SED, VI Scripting, Motif, GUI, Ace, Perform, ISQL, XML, etc. highly desirable.
  • Must be able to analyze, write, understand and follow the intricacies of complex shell script logic to write programs and quickly identify, diagnose and resolve data problems associated with large datasets received from multiple sources on a daily basis.
  • The ability to independently solve a variety of complex programming problems with minimal managerial supervision is required. Must be able to independently complete high visibility technical projects requiring ingenuity and logic.
  • In-depth experience programming at the command prompt and with UNIX file handling and processing protocols and commands is required.
  • Must have an uncanny ability to solve complex programming problems efficiently. Must be able to manage multiple programming projects and tasks, and independently meet deadlines.
  • Must be a team player with excellent written and verbal communications skills to interact effectively with staff, members, subscribers, etc. Must be able to explain programming concepts and approaches in ways that can be easily understood by staff, subscribers, members, etc.
  • Must possess sound judgement and excellent analytical skills. Must be resourceful and able to quickly learn systems and datasets and appropriately implement ne tolls and technologies without creating new database errors or problems.
  • Project management experience is highly desirable.
  • We're seeking a "super programmer” with a passion for programming. The ideal candidate can successfully resolve complex data issues and efficiently apply programming skills and experience. Extraordinary C, C++ programming skills are essential to the success of the individual selected for this position.


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