Associate - Standards Development

Washington D.C.
Jan 12, 2018
Feb 16, 2018
Full Time


Provide policy and procedural guidance and technical and administrative support for assigned API standards committees and related U.S. Technical Advisory Groups.


  1. Manage the overall standards program for one or more assigned industry sectors.  Provide leadership, technical and managerial support to API standards developing committees and oversight groups.  Facilitate industry participation in international standards-making activities such as ISO and IEC as determined by the committee oversight body and API management.  Coordinate joint initiatives with other industry or standards developing organizations.
  2. Advocate the role of technical standards in support of public policy goals and identifying those technical areas where standards development initiatives can support the Institute’s highest priority objectives. 
  3. Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the API, ANSI and ISO/IEC procedures for standards development and manage the process to ensure compliance.  Establish meeting schedules, conduct ballots, develop consensus, process documents in accordance with appropriate procedures while maintaining scheduling obligations.  Organize and administer committee activities including agenda planning, preparation of minutes, and the development of draft documents. 
  • Identify, propose and manage the implementation of new initiatives in broad programmatic areas such as derivative publications, training seminars and certification programs. Serve as project manager for the development of the programs and products working in conjunction with other API staff, contractors and company representatives.
  • Serve as contract manager when retaining outside experts for standards development or research initiatives in support of standards.  Review proposals for technical merit and completeness, work with API staff to develop contractual language.  Manage the project including review of work products, and ensure invoices accurately reflect services rendered.
  • Serve as a liaison with other API departments, industry representatives, standards developing organizations and other groups in order to advance API’s Mission through its standards and technology objectives. 


  • Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of three to five years of experience in engineering or other scientific discipline, standards management or a related technical environment.
  • Strong organizational, interpersonal, facilitative and program management skills, and excellent written and verbal communication skills.  A demonstrated ability to analyze and synthesize complex issues and their broader implications for less technical audiences is essential.
  • Ability to manage multiple priorities, work in an entrepreneurial environment, operate with latitude for unreviewed actions or decisions, and resolve problems without assistance when appropriate.
  • A broad understanding of petroleum industry operations  including knowledge of exploration and production operations, the oil refining industry, oil and gas pipeline operations and petroleum measurement.
  • Ability to manage complex issues and the ability to apply this knowledge in a practical manner, and/or understand key aspects of standards development process and possess a familiarity with the work and organization of other industry-related standards developing groups (such as ANSI, ASME, ASTM, IEEE, ISA, IEC/ISO, AGA and GPA). 


Maintain close communications with committee and subgroup officers to achieve program objectives.  Share information and coordinate efforts within API to maintain appropriate coordination.  Manage contracted technical experts to deliver projects on time and budget.

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