Staff Chaplin

Washington D.C.
Oct 11, 2017
Mar 12, 2018
Full Time
Staff Chaplin

Position: Staff Chaplain
The Staff Chaplain is responsible for the delivery of pastoral care to patients, their loved ones, and, as appropriate, staff. S/he will have responsibility to ensure that religious and spiritual needs of patients and their loved ones are met in areas to which s/he is assigned. The Staff Chaplain will report to the Vice President of Clinical Services.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities
Participate in delivering and arranging for appropriate pastoral care to patients/residents, their loved ones and staff in specific areas of the institution or to particular faith groups as assigned:

  • Participate in the delivery of pastoral care
  • Respond to requests for pastoral care in a timely manner
  • Be culturally sensitive to patients/families and staff
  • Plan and offer worship opportunities
  • Participate in the meeting of ritual and sacramental needs
  • Model the mission of United Medical Center's vision and core values
  • Document assessments, care plans, and visits with patients.

Support an interdisciplinary approach to pastoral care.
  • Participate in team meetings and rounds.
  • Help enhance the a team approach to excellence in care
  • Participate in maintenance of proper administrative procedures for the department in
  • accordance with United Medical Center's policy
  • Participate in the department's plan for continuous quality improvement.
  • Participate in programs that assess and improve clinical service delivery: by conducting mock surveys, initiating and joining performance improvement projects, and working with the Patient Advocacy Department.
  • Represents the hospital to the community and community to hospital: by encouraging utilization of United Medical Center's services, sharing news, recruiting and supporting volunteers, fostering membership in hospital and community organizations and championing the needs of medically underserved people.
  • Assist in the coordination of clergy and pastoral visitors from the religious community.

Contribute to the wider community of United Medical Center
  • Schedule regular events that will include the wider community
  • Recruit volunteers for training in clinical pastoral education
  • Plan and implement for Pastoral Care Week that include people from the community
  • Participate and plan an annual healthcare awareness week.
  • Participate in monthly staff meetings
  • Participate in ongoing professional development


  • Must be certified by and in good standing with the Association of Professional Chaplains, the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy or the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education
  • Must have clinical training in chaplaincy, ordination for ministry by a recognized religious group, a current endorsement for chaplaincy by a recognized religious group
  • Must have at least 5 years serving as a chaplain or a director of pastoral care
  • Some experience of working in a hospital with an underserved population
  • Must have a master level theological degree, doctoral of ministry preferred

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