Cost Analyst

DHPC Technologies Inc.
Fort Belvoir, VA
Oct 13, 2017
Oct 16, 2017
Full Time
DHPC Technologies has an exciting opportunity for a Cost Analyst to work onsite at Belvoir, VA. In this role, you will serve as the Cost Analyst (CA) for PM-EO/IR Payloads. The Cost Analyst is responsible for supporting decision making, planning and control, and serves as a valued business partner directly supporting PM-EO/IR Payloads strategic goals. Responsibilities: Investigate and recommend day-to-day adjustments when unusual accounting problems arise.Project future costs, make recommendations to control these costs, and make recommendations to reallocate resources to improve productivity within assigned resources.Design cost management processes and using appropriate costing methodologies to recognize, determine, accumulate, and report costs of activities on a regular basis for management information purposes.Requires inclusive knowledge of strategic planning, management scorecards, business driver metrics, and reviewing and monitoring of costs inherent in the business.Knowledge of the systematic examination and appraisal of financial records, financial and management reports, management and financial controls, policies and practices affecting or reflecting the financial condition, and operating results of an activity or organization;Analytical work related to the development and execution of policies and programs when such work requires the application of professional accounting knowledge, standards, and principles; or a general knowledge of the overall accounting structure and systems and subsystemsCost management analysis emphasizes the use of the cost data for planning, control, and decision-making purposes.Responsible for recommending a systematic set of procedures for recording and reporting measurements in the aggregate and in detail. This responsibility includes methods for recognizing, classifying, allocating, aggregating, and reporting such costs and comparing them with standard costs.The Cost Analyst will be responsible for a segment of a budget, program, and/or organizational structure that is less than the full scope of budgetary operations for the organizational component and level served. This responsibility includes such activities as analyzing the relative costs and benefits of alternative program plans; recommending allotments and sub-allotments of funds for distribution to program managers; checking the propriety of commitments, obligations, and expenditures; and providing guidance concerning the legal and regulatory aspects of the acquisition and use of funds for program and administrative purposes. The Cost Analyst will interpret information to determine the quality and relevance of information to be used for decision-making. plan and manage business operations using Accounting and Management Information Systems (MIS) to facilitate the Army's operational functions and to support management decision making by providing information that managers can use to plan and control the activities of the organization. utilize information systems such as Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF), Work Mapping Tool (WMT), General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS), Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System (DIMHRS), Standard Finance System (STANFINS), Standard Operation and Maintenance Army Research and Development System (SOMARDS), IMCOM Online (IOL), Automated Cost Estimating Integrated Tools (ACEIT), Microsoft Office Suite product (Word, XLS, etc.), and other information systems. The functional work involves analytical, technical, and administrative duties in cost management. The functional responsibilities will include the process of preparing detailed analysis and estimates of annual funding and cost management needs for PM-EO/IR Payloads. The process begins with gathering, comparing, and correlating information about projected costs of current and future programs and activities. Analysts then determine costs and benefits of different levels of program operations. The Cost Analyst will determine the appropriate methodologies for measuring costs, and for matching costs with outputs to determine the costs to provide or acquire goods and services. Performs other duties as assigned.

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