Customer Service - Sense of Humor - Sales - Full Time

Columbia, MD
Oct 13, 2017
Oct 16, 2017
Full Time
Job Description Customer Service Team Lead - Must Have Sense of Humor We might be able to work together if… If the only time you look forward to a red light is when you're trying to finish a text. If you think there's no worse feeling than that millisecond you're sure you are going to die after leaning your chair back a little too far. If as a driver you hate pedestrians, and as a pedestrian you hate drivers, but no matter what the mode of transportation, you always hate cyclists. If sometimes you'll look down at your watch 3 consecutive times and still not know what time it is. If you totally take back all those times you didn't want to nap when you were younger. If you feel there is great need for a sarcasm font. Job hunting can be stressful, that's why you shouldn't take yourself too seriously. Summit Consulting is now hiring for full time Customer Service Team Lead representatives. Our expanding firm has had a very successful past developing entry level candidates into competitive retail sales and customer service representatives that in turn create top performing retail market managers. Position Benefits · Company Events · Merit based advancement · Uncapped bonuses & incentive plan · Competitive wages · Company paid travel opportunities · Weekly bonuses such as gift cards, tickets, sports events, dinners, concerts, electronics · Work life balance · Employee achievement and recognition · We allow social media in the work place! · Mentorship · Former rotational training · Fun company events for philanthropy, team building, networking opportunities, etc. We are currently seeking entry level customer service candidates with the “winning mindsets" to develop very lucrative retail business careers. We WANT to develop and train our own people from the ground up, starting with entry level retail sales and customer service. Candidate promotion and pay is based on performance starting at the entry level and is NOT based on seniority. This is an entry level retail sales and customer service position. Our company policy is to train people from scratch, so only send your resume if one of the following applies: 1. You have a sense of humor (in case you didn't get that earlier) 2. You work with the utmost honesty and integrity 3. You work harder than everyone you know and put 100% into your work This is a great position for the right candidate. If you believe you are up for the challenge, please submit your resume to. If you have any questions or are requesting further information please email your request. Our field of expertise is executing customer acquisition campaigns for Fortune 500 companies in a retail setting. We are not an employment or temp agency. We are an outsourced retail sales and marketing firm. This is an entry level customer service position. Although this is an entry level customer service position and we train from the ground up, we find that the candidates that are the best fit have backgrounds, experience, education or knowledge in: Marketing, sales, communications, psychology, sociology, sales psychology, advertising, branding, sales branding, brand management, training, marketing training, management, marketing management, sales management, market management, territory management, entry level marketing, entry level brand marketing, restaurant, waiter, bartender, server, fraternity, sorority, recruiting, college graduate, internship, sports minded, sports management, sports marketing, sports sales, entry level sports marketing, entry level sports management, entry level advertising / marketing, promotion, assistant management, entry level branding, entry level marketing / consulting, real estate, entry level brand management, manager, sports, entry level training, sports minded, entry level management / marketing, public relations, PR, PR / Marketing, entry level account executive, entry level event marketing, event marketing, sales coordinator, customer service sales representative, sales marketing, entry level sales, customer service.

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