Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional - QIDP

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Washington, DC
Oct 12, 2017
Oct 16, 2017
Accountant, IT
Full Time
Oversee the implementation of service and supports to individuals with intellectual disabilities (mental retardation and developmental disabilities) in accordance with their Individual Service Plans (ISP). Oversee support services for multiple assigned residential locations. Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements through quality assurance activities and collaboration with regulatory entities. REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor's degree in a human service related field. Two years post graduate work experience providing services and supports to individuals with intellectual disabilities. Two years previous supervisory management experience. Working knowledge of federal, state and local regulations. QIDP in ICF/MR or Waiver residential settings preferred. Preference may be given to applicants with specific experience in the District of Columbia and experience working with Evans Court Monitors, Quality Trust, University Legal Services, District of Columbia Health Care Finance, DC Department of Health and DDA. This person must oversee compliance with multiple regulatory bodies and have superb communication and collaborative skills. Must maintain all mandatory training activities and records. Work schedules for QIDP's are determined by the needs of the individuals served in the program. Schedule requires flexibility. Schedules will be designed in advance and with approval from the Clinical Director, Director of Operations and/or Vice President. Standard work schedule is 40 hours per week. Participation in the weekend on call rotation is expected. OTHER: This position requires driving the company vehicle (up to 15 passengers) and/or your personal vehicle for company business including transporting clients/residents. Must be privileged to drive according to the criteria set forth by Agency MVR guidelines. Valid driver's license in jurisdiction of residence Vehicle liability coverage if driving personal vehicle (on occasion, may be required to transport clients in personal vehicle) May be required to drive a van Acceptable Criminal background check, DC DOHCBC and OIG Exclusion checks Negative Drug/TB Screening and Health Certificate clearance CPR/First Aid Certification must be acquired and maintained once employed PRINCIPLE ACTIVITIES: Physical Plant Work Cooperatively with Residential Coordinators (RC's) to ensure all residential program environments are clean, safe and free of hazards. This includes direct involvement in the resolution of maintenance concerns Recruiting Assist in recruiting and hiring RC's and staffing homes in accordance with budgeting and licensing guidelines. Schedule initial and on-going training and notify attendees of specifics, help monitor expiration dates of key trainings. Maintain an orderly documentation system of all trainings and in-services provided to staff supplemented by an electronic database and/or spreadsheet Ensure that RC's and Direct Support Professionals are trained on Individual Service Plans Address performance issues in accordance with organizational policy Implement employee recognition efforts Serve as a mentor to staff and individuals receiving services Promote the feeling of trust, dependability and stable work environments to enhance staff morale and productivity. Provide direct support and supervision to all staff who work with individuals Design and Development of ISP Practices Collect and review all necessary information and assessments to ensure recommendations are followed through and support the ISP Coordinate entire clinical component of services including monthly quarterly reports complete with progress, summaries and supporting data from behavioral service plans, medical appointments, consultations, community activities, etc. Ensure the ISP meets all of the individual's needs and focuses on individualized outcomes and achievements Participate in the ISP Team Meetings, Human Rights Collaborate with all monitoring entities to maintain program excellence Medical and Health Services Conduct secondary audits on all Medication Administration Records (MAR) Ensure specialized support elements are in place including such items as mobility devices, assistive technology devices, vision/hearing, dental services are available at all times and are in good working order. Ensure all assessments related to medical and health issues are completed, current and filed correctly; Also, work in coordination with nursing to ensure that all medical appointments are scheduled and recommendations are followed Review health related recommendations to ensure all follow up occurs in a timely manner; Coordinate with RN supervisor training for staff on the healthcare passports and plans Inform and maintain communication with service coordinators, families, attorneys, physicians, day programs and specialists to remain current on all health and medical needs of the individuals served. Work cooperatively with RC's to ensure individuals are experiencing good nutrition, healthy living and a positive self image. Community Connections and Celebrations Design and develop opportunities for community integration and connections Constantly work to connect people to their community Recognize formally and informally the achievements of individuals with meaningful celebrations Assist individuals in planning and celebrating birthdays, holidays and other special occasions (not necessarily always with housemates) Communication Maintain a positive professional image at all times, speaking with positive language in a positive manner Establish effective communication efforts with individuals, families, staff, internal and external stakeholders Ensure Individual Contact Sheets are up-to-date (ie guardian, family, attorney, etc) Commutate proactively with day programs and other contractual services Use multiple forms of communication to reinforce understanding and collaboration (ie email, phone fax, written and face to face interactions) Financial Services Tasks Ensure benefit and entitlement programs are maximized and remain current and intact with requirements present (ie social security, Medicaid, medicare) Manage financial accounts and ensure each individual has their own financial records and accounts. Ensure census sheets are accurate and reflect all elements within the ISP and are submitted in a timely fashion Forward Census Tracking Report to Billing Administrator according to discussed schedule Support individuals in learning how to budget their finances Quality Assurance Conduct quarterly records audits Monitor Acuity documents or Program codes once received Ensure information in all records are accurate and up to date Ensure all staff respect confidentiality and HIPPA regulations Conduct individual satisfaction surveys and address any needs related to feedback Conduct Quality Improvement/Quality Assurance audits Behavioral Programming Development Assistance/Data Interpretation Ensure staff development of individualized behavioral support services Ensure data collection occurs, is reviewed , interpreted and documented Understands that behavior is communication and works to improve individual communication efforts Rights, Respect and Individual Advocacy Demonstrate and encourage respectful interactions at all times Participate as needed in providing documentation for Human Rights Committee reviews , LHRC, HRC, BMC, IRC Ensure rights are maximized and protected Ensure all restrictions imposed minimized Facilitates advocacy efforts for people supported Research, locate and encourage individual and group advocacy Incident Reporting Ensure accurate and timely incident reporting and cooperation with internal and external investigations and inquiries (with the exception of media inquiries) Provides all necessary information to the IRC (Incident Review Committee and Incident Management Coordinator Ensure Incident Manager, Clinical Director, Director of Operations, and Vice President are abreast of critical incidents or developments (ie politically sensitive cases, deaths, major health and wellness issues, citations, etc.) Works with staff to understand their roles as mentors, teachers and companions Abuse/Neglect/Exploitation Prevention Ensure staff understand their role as mandated reporters Consistently monitor environments for risks and "red-flags" Support individuals in learning strategies to increase personal safety Licensing/Monitoring/Funding/Accreditation Compliance Works directly with Evans Court Monitors, Quality Trust, University Legal Services, District of Columbia Health Care Finance , DC Department of Health and the Developmental Disabilities Administration. Ensure staff are familiar with organizational and state standards Assists in coordinating site visit responses by monitoring/licensing/funding and accreditation entities.

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