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Oct 16, 2017
Oct 16, 2017
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Information Security is one of the fastest growing professions within the Department of Defense (DOD). Work that involves ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of systems, networks, and data through the planning, analysis, development, implementation, maintenance, and enhancement of information systems security programs, policies, procedures, and tools.

This announcement is being used to recruit qualified individuals, under the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Direct Hire Authority, authorized by 5 United States code (U.S.C.), Section 3304 and 5 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 337, Subpart B.

There may or may not be actual/projected vacancies at the time you submit your application. Applicants will be considered as vacancies occur. Notices of Results (NORs) will not be sent to applicants who apply to this Public Notice. Please do not contact this
office for status. If you are selected for this position, you will be notified.

Please read this Public Notice in its entirety prior to submitting your resume for consideration.

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Occasional travel - You may be expected to travel for this position.

Relocation expenses reimbursed Yes Relocation expenses (i.e. PCS) or relocation incentives as described in 5 USC 5753 may be authorized in accordance with applicable travel regulations.

  • Must be a US Citizen.
  • Males must be registered or exempt from Selective Service.
  • Must be determined suitable for federal employment.
  • Must participate in the direct deposit pay program.
  • May be required to successfully complete a probationary/trial period.
  • See Other Information section for additional requirements.
  • Within the Department of Defense (DoD), the appointment of retired military members within 180 days immediately following retirement date to a civilian position is subject to the provisions of 5 United States Code 3326.

    Must be able to obtain an interim and/or final (e.g., confidential/secret/top secret, etc.) security clearance prior to entrance on duty AND must be able to maintain the required level of clearance while employed in the subject position. Failure to obtain and maintain the required level of clearance may result in the withdrawal of a job offer or removal.

    Some of these positions may be covered under the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) and require additional education, training and experience. If you possess DAWIA Certification, please indicate your Certification Level and Career Field information in your resume. Certification requirements may be viewed at

    Certification Requirements: Must obtain and maintain in the first six months of hiring, Commercial IA certification as per DoD 8570 policy for IA Technical or IA Managerial Level I, II or III.

    All qualifications requirements must be met by the closing date of this announcement and clearly documented in your resume.

    In order to qualify for this position, your resume must provide sufficient experience and/or education, knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the duties of the specific position for which you are being considered. Your resume is the key means we have for evaluating your skills, knowledge, and abilities as they relate to this position. Therefore, we encourage you to be clear and specific when describing your experience.

    Must have IT-related experience demonstrating each of the following four competencies:
    1) Attention to Detail - Is thorough when performing work and conscientious about attending to detail;
    2) Customer Service - Works with clients and customers (that is, any individuals who use or receive the services or products that your work unit produces, including the general public, individuals who work in the agency, other agencies, or organizations outside the Government) to assess their needs, provide information or assistance, resolve their problems, or satisfy their expectations; knows about available products and services; is committed to providing quality products and services;
    3) Oral Communication - Expresses information (for example, ideas or facts) to individuals or groups effectively, taking into account the audience and nature of the information (for example, technical, sensitive, controversial); makes clear and convincing oral presentations; listens to others, attends to nonverbal cues, and responds appropriately;
    4) Problem Solving - Identifies problems; determines accuracy and relevance of information; uses sound judgment to generate and evaluate alternatives, and to make recommendations; AND possess one or more years of progressively related specialized experience that is typically in or related to the work of the position to be filled and has equipped you with the particular knowledge, skills, and abilities, to successfully perform the duties at the levels outlined below; OR possess qualifying education as listed below for the GS-09 and GS-11 levels.

    GS-09: Credible specialized experience includes: assisting in ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of systems; assisting in implementing enterprise IT governance and management solutions; and assisting in applying operating systems patches and configuration for optimum security; OR have a Master's degree or 2 full years of progressively higher level graduate education leading to a Master's or equivalent graduate degree from an accredited institution in computer science, engineering, information science, information systems management, mathematics, operations research, statistics, technology management, or a degree that provided a minimum of 24 semester hours in one or more of the fields identified above and required the development or adaptation of applications, systems, or networks.
    GS-11: Credible specialized experience includes: experience in ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of systems; implementing enterprise IT governance and management solutions; and experience in applying operating systems patches and configuration for optimum security; OR have a PhD or 3 full years of progressively higher level graduate education leading to a PhD or equivalent graduate degree from an accredited institution in computer science, engineering, information science, information systems management, mathematics, operations research, statistics, technology management, or a degree that provided a minimum of 24 semester hours in one or more of the fields identified above and required the development or adaptation of applications, systems, or networks.
    GS-12: Credible specialized experience includes: experience performing information assurance (IA) analysis and program management activities required to anticipate, assess, and minimize system vulnerabilities; identify security countermeasures to resolve existing or potential information assurance security problems; evaluate information systems and software design networks; advise management on information system design and implementation of new and improved IT applications.
    GS-13: Credible specialized experience includes: developing policy and providing advice, consultation and guidance concerning a variety of IT program problems related to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of IT systems and corresponding data; providing expert analysis of Information Assurance by analyzing vulnerabilities, conducting risk assessments and mitigation strategies; and providing system lifecycle solutions to improve the overall security posture; serving as an expert in the implementation, management, and sustainment for all Information Assurance and cyber security efforts and program areas.
    GS-14: Credible specialized experience includes: performing work that involves a wide range of IT management activities that includes: providing policy and program direction for Information Technology, Information Assurance, and Information Management resources; implementing security and Information Assurance policies and IT programs; evaluating systems and network products for use; managing major technical information technology projects; evaluating Information Assurance policies and sensitive compartmentalized information; and developing procedures on information security issues.

    Additional qualification information can be found from the following Office of Personnel Management website:

    See OPM's General Policies for information on crediting education.

    Education completed in foreign colleges or universities may be used to meet the qualification requirements if the applicant can provide documentation indicating that the foreign education is comparable to that received in an accredited educational institution in the United States. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide such evidence when applying for further information, visit:

    Vacancies filled from this announcement may be filled at any grade level listed.

    Some positions may have promotion potential. If selected below the full performance level, incumbent may be noncompetitively promoted to the next higher grade level after meeting all regulatory requirements, and upon the recommendation of management. Promotion is neither implied nor guaranteed.

    Recruitment incentives may be authorized to eligible new hires.

    Relocation incentives may be authorized.

    Some of these positions will be filled through Science and Technology Reinvention Laboratory (STRL) and Demonstration Projects (DEMO). Positions are in the following Commands: Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP), Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), Office of Naval Research (ONR). Pay plans include: NM-2210-IV/V, NO-2210-ll/V, DS-2210-lll/Vl.

    This public notice announcement is for a standing register for anticipated vacancies, and may be used to fill similar vacancies for up to 120 days. Applicants may be referred for consideration as vacancies occur up to 120 days after the closing date of the announcement.

    There may or may not be actual vacancies filled from this register. As such, Notices of Results (NORs) will not be sent to applicants who apply to this announcement.

    Referral Lists will be issued on an as needed basis as vacancies occur.

    This position is covered by the Department of Defense Priority Placement Program.

    Additional vacancies may be filled by this announcement.

    A tentative offer of employment will be rescinded if the selectee fails to meet the pre-employment requirements, including failure to report to any of the scheduled appointments.

    The Department of the Navy uses E-Verify to confirm the employment eligibility of all newly hired employees. To learn more about E-Verify, including your rights and responsibilities, visit

    If you are unable to apply online and request information about the Alternate Application process, please contact the Department of Navy's Employment Information Center.

    Federal annuitant information: The selection of an annuitant is subject to the Department of Defense and Department of the Navy policy on the employment of annuitants. Policy information may be found at:

    ICTAP Applicants: To be considered well-qualified and exercise selection priority as an ICTAP candidate, displaced Federal employees must satisfy all qualification requirements for the position and receive a rating of 85 or higher. For more information about ICTAP eligibility please review the following link:

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    You will be evaluated for this job based on how well you meet the qualifications above.

    When the application process is complete, we will review your resume to ensure you meet the hiring eligibility and qualification requirements listed in this announcement. You will be rated based on the information provided in your resume and responses to the Occupational Questionnaire. If selected, you may be required to provide supporting documentation.

    If, after reviewing your resume and supporting documentation, a determination is made that you inflated your qualifications and/or experience, your score may be adjusted to more accurately reflect your abilities or you may be found ineligible/not qualified.

    Please follow all instructions carefully. Errors or omissions may affect your rating or consideration for employment.

    You will receive credit for all qualifying experience, including volunteer and part time experience. You must clearly identify the duties and responsibilities in each position held and the total number of hours per week.

    Experience refers to paid and unpaid experience, including volunteer work done through National Service programs (e.g., professional, philanthropic, religious, spiritual, community, student, social). Volunteer work helps build critical competencies, knowledge, and skills and can provide valuable training and experience that translates directly to paid employment.

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