Certified Quality Engineer - Sr. Associate

Washington D.C.
Sep 26, 2017
Oct 31, 2017
Full Time


Assist the Manager – Monogram / APIQR with the development, implementation, management, promotion, growth and communication of new and / or existing API Monogram and APIQR Certification Programs to industry stakeholders.  Direct the development of new processes and procedures for existing and new API Certification Programs addressing stakeholder needs. Provide direct guidance and supervision to assigned API Monogram / APIQR Associates and Program Assistants in support of the Manager – Monogram /APIQR.

This Sr. Associate is responsible for ensuring that a) adequate resources are identified and maintained; b) program processes are effectively implemented and maintained; and c) requirements of governing bodies, the accreditation bodies and the oil and gas industry stakeholders are continuously complied with for existing and new certification programs. 


  • Oversee, establish and implement program processes and personnel competence requirements for new and existing API Certification Programs.
  • Liaise / coordinate with industry and government sectors, customers and other stakeholders in the development and /or amendment of program policies and requirements
  • Identify and communicate potential competence and performance gaps and problems and identify action plans to address existing and potential problems with auditors and other stakeholders
  • Facilitate compliance to ISO 17021 and other ANAB accreditation requirements:
    • Oversee implementation of the certifications management system.
    • Coordinate audits (internal and ANAB), management reviews and implementation of corrective actions for nonconformance’s identified during audits.
    • Provide recommendations/guidance for program changes/improvements to operations to ensure compliance with accreditation requirements.
    • Develop and document new processes and/or review process documentation prepared by other associates.
    • Coordinate activities of the Technical Advisory Board.
    • Participate in networking activities with IAAR and US TAG to TC 176 as needed.
  • Work with the Auditor Contract Officer to evaluate and identify global resource needs for new and existing API Monogram and Certification Programs.
  • Organize, plan and conduct global auditor and industry stakeholder training programs / seminars.
  • Assist with the continuing education and development of program resources, Associates and auditors for new and existing API Monogram and Certification Program and related industry requirements.
  • Review and approval of contractor invoices in accordance with contract requirements.
  • Continuous evaluation of the personnel competence and program processes to ensure they continue to meet the requirements of API’s governing bodies, accreditation bodies and industry stakeholders.
  • Organize, prepare and conduct presentations to educate stakeholders on the status, importance, intent and requirements new /existing API Monogram, API Certification and other industry programs.
  • Respond and address stakeholder (applicant, licensee, registrant, user, etc.) issues relating to audits, auditor performance, audit schedules, program requirements, and technical requirements of the standards and programs.
  • Manage the development, implementation and maintenance of program and process tools, such as audit questions, audit reports, training materials, etc.
  • Manage and negotiate contracts with contractors and subject matter experts to develop program tools and related program training materials.
  • Participate in Registration/Licensing Committee decision-making.
  • Provide support to the Manager – Monogram / APIQR with the development, establishment, implementation and management of API Global Industry Services program / process improvements and projects.


  • Reports to the Manager of Monogram/APIQR Programs.
  • Reports to governing bodies, including API sub-committee members, and industry stakeholders on the status, importance and requirements of the audit program, certification and witnessing programs.
  • Directly supervise and assess performance of Associates and Program Assistants as required.
  • Internally interfaces with GIS assigned attorney and contracts administrator regarding contracts and other legal issues relating to the programs and auditor performance.
  • Internally interfaces with standards associates with regards to technical requirements and industry expectations of the API Monogram, APIQR Certification and API Witnessing programs.
  • Externally interfaces with committees, sub-contractors, licensees and user groups regarding audit issues, auditor performance, program requirements, industry requirements / expectations, technical issues.
  • Externally interfaces with technical committees, subgroups, licensees and industry stakeholders on the development and implementation of new API Certification Programs.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a business or technical discipline.
  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience with quality systems and programs.
  • 3 years manufacturing and /or petroleum industry experience required.
  • Strong understanding of API Spec Q1, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 17021 and other management system and conformity assessment standards.
  • Successfully completed ISO 9001 Lead Auditing Training Course
  • Successfully completed ISO 14001 Auditing Course.
  • Ability to learn and understand environmental principles including environmental terminology, techniques for evaluating aspects and impacts and their environmental significance, environmental performance evaluation and legal and other requirements.
  • Proven ability to lead and form strong teams, and to direct and provide work assignments to team members based on priorities and skill levels.
  • Ability to research and assimilate information accurately from a variety of sources to resolve problems.
  • Proficient with Microsoft applications especially Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and SharePoint with an aptitude to learn other computer programs quickly.
  • Ability to follow instructions and adhere to program policies and procedures, and to effectively manage and complete simultaneous assignments with minimal supervision.
  • Attention to detail, exceptional organization, time managements and prioritization skills required.
  • Firm understanding of business processes, budgeting processes and workflow coordination required.
  • Customer service aptitude required.
  • Excellent communication, writing, and analytical skills.
  • Experience / knowledge of certification, training and accreditation program processes and schemes a plus.
  • Ability to work in a global environment and understand and adapt to different cultures required.
  • Proven ability to understand and apply technical requirements and concepts as they relate to oil and gas industry equipment and services.


  • Proven ability to present training, educational and informational materials to industry stakeholder groups (auditors, licensees, users, committees, etc.) of up to 150 people.




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