Deputy Director of Training, Technical Assistance, & Outreach

Alexandria, Virginia
Sep 18, 2017
Oct 23, 2017
Program Manager
Full Time

Title: Deputy Director of Training, Technical Assistance & Outreach

Department: National Coalition Institute – Training & Technical Assistance Department

Reports to: Director of the National Coalition Institute

Employment Status: Full-time, exempt

Location: 625 Slaters Lane, Suite 300, Alexandria, VA 22314

Position Summary

The Deputy Director for Training, Technical Assistance & Outreach for the Institute is responsible for facilitating intensive, comprehensive training and technical assistance to coalition leaders and coalition teams, with emphasis on the development of coalitions serving economically disadvantaged areas. This will require the Deputy Director to provide a training curriculum and technical assistance on state-of-the art coalition building tools, strategies, and science-based prevention strategies and programs. The Deputy Director must work with experts on community organization, coalition building, and resource development to provide coalition leaders the tools to achieve success; these experts will primarily be coalition leaders. In addition, the Deputy Director is required to determine the best ways for providing training and technical assistance [i.e., training conferences, video library, CD-ROM, online training]. The Director will develop a plan that describes how the Institute will promote itself to coalitions so that the Institute’s services are fully utilized by them. In addition, the Deputy Director must develop and implement a dissemination plan to bridge the gap between research and practice and ensure that Institute products, including training and technical assistance, are distributed in an efficient manner.

Specific Duties

In the area of Training

  • Recruit and work with a team of coalition leaders and other coalition experts as appropriate (e.g., evaluation experts) to create a training and technical assistance plan that delineates the types, depth, and execution of trainings and technical assistance;
  • Ensure training curriculum is written based on the training and technical assistance plan
  • Manage, supervise and develop staff training based on the training and technical assistance plan
  • Recruit and train seasoned coalition practitioners who will be contracted to train other coalitions
  • Ensure that curricula provides trainers with the flexibility to any unique adapt training to specific coalition needs

In the area of Technical Assistance

  • Recruit and train coalition leaders, per the training and technical assistance plan, to be technical assistance providers around the country and set up a system for coordinating contact between the providers and the coalitions requiring assistance
  • Support the development of a computer-based network to provide state of the art peer to peer technical assistance to coalitions
  • Establish an interactive website giving communities access to its course agenda, peer-to-peer technical assistance, and other pertinent information
  • Develop and execute plans for mentoring community based coalitions
  • Work with all CADCA departments to efficiently provide these services

In the area of Training & Technical Assistance

  • Work with the Institute’s Evaluation & Research department to create an assessment tool, built upon the coalition typology tool, to provide the Institute’s Training & Technical Assistance staff a mechanism to determine what types of training and technical assistance a coalition leader/team would need
  • Ensure implementation of needs assessment tool by staff
  • Work with the Institute’s research and evaluations office to ensure that the most current and effective practices are included in trainings, and convey to that office what research and evaluation needs the field reports is lacking during the trainers interactions with the field.

In the area of Outreach

  • Will manage and develop the Outreach Manager;
  • Create a comprehensive plan in coordination with CADCA’s Marketing and Communications and other CADCA departments to ensure full utilization of Institute services;
  • Seek and utilize dissemination experts to provide advice on state-of-the art and scientific dissemination practices;

Required Skills

  • Skilled and above average trainer with a special knowledge of substance abuse prevention
  • A strong administrator with knowledge and experience managing budgets
  • Ability to research, solicit and finalize training opportunities fully funded by states, key partners, businesses, non-profits and other sources as identified.

Amount of travel: 30%-50% a month.

Condition of Employment

This senior level position will be very demanding, requiring superior organization, management, and professional skills.  This position is classified as exempt; 40 hour minimum work week, and requires travel.

To Apply

Qualified applicants should send a cover letter and resume to Dr. John Harrison by e-mail at with DEPUTY DIRECTOR in the subject line.

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