Marketing / Sales Representative

Barrett Business Services
Salisbury, MD
Sep 15, 2017
Sep 22, 2017
Full Time
The successful candidate will have a solid understanding of sales and marketing. Advertising is a means to end, and our sales proposition is based on providing a demonstrable return on investment. Our print and digital ads and the marketing program of which they are part must produce higher sales, more brand awareness and ultimately greater profits for our clients. This job requires someone to make five to 10 quality sales calls on most days of the week. Relationship building is key. Most advertising sales to new clients require five to eight calls; persistence is of the utmost importance. Excellent people skills, high-energy, kinetic personality and the ability to listen empathetically will be necessary qualities. It goes without saying that any marketing consultant will need to know how and when to close the sale. We are looking for creative people, who are collaborative, and grasp the difference between collaboration and competition. The success of the newspaper is what guarantees the success of each team member. Dilettantes are not welcome. Presentation, communication and writing skills are a must. Success will be measured by two key outcomes: Weekly sales totals and the number of active accounts each week. Other measures include the number of new accounts and the customer satisfaction. Prior sales experience is welcome and important, but not always necessary.