Public Safety Officer

Anne Arundel Community College
Arnold, MD
Sep 15, 2017
Sep 18, 2017
Full Time
Posted Date:May 12, 2017 Job Category:Staff Department:Public Safety & Police - HPBS Position Status:Full-Time Staff Salary Range:$30,587-38,234 Position Summary:The Public Safety Officer shall be responsible for the safety and security of all College properties; the faculty, staff, student body; and visitors to the College during his/her assigned tour of duty. The Public Safety Officer will patrol the College buildings and grounds to enforce the statutes of the State of Maryland's Education Articles, and the rules and regulations of Anne Arundel Community College. The Public Safety Officer is responsible for enforcement duties pertinent to the function to which the officer is assigned, exercising independent judgment within the limits prescribed by laws, rules, regulations, and Institutional policies. Job Duties and Responsibilities: Patrol campus by vehicle, foot, or bicycle, ensuring a safe and secure environment. Enforce traffic and parking regulations. Maintain effective traffic control as required. Respond to calls for assistance, crimes, incidents and medical emergencies in a timely manner. Provide directions and information to students, faculty, staff and visitors. Perform physical security checks of all campus buildings, classrooms, labs, lecture halls, offices and grounds. Prepare written incident reports, accident reports, routine public safety reports and other documentation as required. Be alert to any situation or condition that may hamper the safe and efficient operation of the college; respond to any situation, which may require assistance. Read and exhibit an understanding of the departmental Policies and Procedures Manual. Follow all established safety policies and procedures including the use of personal protective equipment necessary to perform duties safely. Maintain a high level of proficiency in the use of public safety equipment including the use of handcuffs, OC spray and the use of the AED Maintain and inspect assigned equipment. Testify in criminal court and/or at College hearings. Other duties as assigned by the Lieutenant (Shift Commander), Deputy Director or Director. Required Qualifications:High school diploma or GED/equivalent required. Higher education in a related field preferred. Minimum of three years of public safety, security, law enforcement, military police, corrections or customer service experience.Must be able to communicate effectively with people in the college community by giving information ad directions, mediating disputes, and advising of criminal administrative processes. Additionally, must be able to endure verbal and mental abuse when confronted with the hostile views and opinions of suspects and other people encountered in an antagonistic environment. Must be able to identify evidence and substances that provide the basis of criminal offenses and infractions that indicate the presence of dangerous conditions. Must possess a valid Maryland driver's license and have a good driving record and be capable of operation a public safety vehicle during both day and night, in emergency situations involving speeds in excess of posted limits, in congested traffic and in unsafe road conditions caused by factors such as fog, smoke, rain, ice and snow. 0A clean police record is required. Must meet eligibility requirements to obtain a Maryland Special Police Commission. Must be able to communicate effectively and coherently over public safety radio channels while initiating and responding to radio communications. Must be able to work flexible rotating hours, including evenings, nights, weekends, college closing and required overtime due to staffing shortages. Must be able to operate and utilize various types of public safety equipment; must demonstrate proficiency in the use of handcuffs and OC spray approved for use by the department. Must be capable of gathering information in criminal investigations by interviewing and obtaining the statements of victims, witnesses, suspects and confidential informers and following this, be able to prepare investigative and other reports using appropriate grammar, symbols and mathematical computations. Must successfully pass a background investigation including verification of qualifying credentials; a review of any criminal record; and verification of at least three personal references. Must successfully pass a medical exam to certify general health and an emotional stability and psychological fitness examination. Maintenance of physical condition needed to effectively perform rescue functions at accidents, emergencies and disasters to include emergency medical aid, lifting, dragging and carrying people from dangerous situations and securing and evacuating people from particular areas. Must be able to engage in public safety patrol functions that include such things as walking foot patrol and physically checking buildings, climbing flights of stairs, sitting or standing for long periods of time, physically push/pull large/heavy objects, pick up and/or carry objects or equipment and perform life saving procedures. Must successfully pass this Department's Campus Public Safety Officer Training program, including the 40 hours of classroom work and the 192 hours of on-the-job training with a certified field-training officer. Must successfully pass all mandatory annual retraining programs. THIS POSITION HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AS "ESSENTIAL EMPLOYEE" BECAUSE OF ITS IMPORTANCE TO THE COLLEGE. THE EMPLOYEE IS REQUIRED TO WORK 52 WEEKS A YEAR EXCEPT FOR EARNED ANNUAL AND SICK LEAVE. THIS POSITION IS SUBJECT TO PAID OVERTIME. Preferred Qualifications:The expected duration of this selection process is approximately 6 weeks from the closing date of this announcement. No individual shall be refused employment consideration on the basis of past performance in the competition for Public Safety officer positions (or any other employment opportunity offered by the Community College). All applicants who may have previously applied for a Public Safety officer position shall be allowed to reapply to be interviewed and reevaluated. For full position descriptions, required qualifications and to apply, please visit our web site at and click on Career Opportunities. Anne Arundel Community College is an Equal Opportunity Employer PI99184947