Waltonwood Ashburn
Ashburn, VA
Sep 15, 2017
Sep 18, 2017
Accountant, IT
Full Time
The Server delivers a high quality culinary experience for our residents in a positive, friendly, and efficient manner. They receive meal orders from residents and retrieve meals from the kitchen. Additionally, this position is responsible for clearing the dining room of plates and utensils and ensuring that the dining room is ready for the next meal. As a liaison between residents and cooks, servers must be highly effective communicators and maintain the utmost professionalism and respect at all times. This position reports to the Dining Room Supervisor and resides in the Culinary department. Our servers are committed to understanding and appreciating every detail of our residents' specific dining preferences. By serving the same customers daily, our servers are able to establish and foster fulfilling relationships with the residents. Our Culinary Department provides nourishing and delicious meals that are served in a warm and inviting environment. The department operates with the knowledge that meals and food activities are a crucial part of every residents' day. Delivering a memorable dining experience for our residents is our top priority. Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities: Serve meals according to resident restrictions, location in dining room, and drink preferences. Serve residents drinks, appetizers (soups/salad), entrees, and dessert. Interact with residents and other associates in a friendly manner to ensure a positive meal experience for all residents. Accommodate special requests from residents (condiments requests, half orders, and different items). Listen closely to residents and other culinary Associates to minimize errors and exceed resident expectations. Review and be familiar with residents' dining restrictions. Clear and reset tables in between meal services. Clean kitchen areas (garbage, counters, etc.) and dining room (remove dirty dishes, clean tables and chairs, etc.) Maintain high standards of personal and dining area cleanliness (wash hands, change gloves, etc.) and sanitation and safety standards. Assist with all other duties as assigned by the Dining Room Supervisor. Job Requirements: Prior serving and/or restaurant experience in the hospitality industry preferred. Working knowledge of dining etiquette. Knowledge of proper food service sanitation techniques. Personable and outgoing demeanor.

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