Operating Room Technician

University of Maryland Capital Region Health
Laurel, MD
Sep 15, 2017
Sep 18, 2017
Accountant, IT
Specialty Trades
Full Time
Overview: Passes instruments to the operating team during operations, applying aseptic techniques. Arranges and inventories sterile set-up for operation. Performs other duties as assigned. Requires certification and previous experience or training in surgical procedures. Responsibilities: Assist RN with patient's admission to OR in a timely manner.Sets priorities and plans care according to patient's surgical needs.Selects equipment, instrument and supplies in an organized manner.Identifies completeness and functioning of equipment instrumentation and supplies.Shows awareness of patient's needs: Physiological, Psychosocial, Safety, Emotional.Provides input as to patient's condition on admission to:Assesses appropriateness of selected equipment, instrumentation and supplies.Notifies RN of critical findings or changes following admission.Supports cultural practices which do not harm others or interfere with plan of care regarding: Disposition of limb/body part, Blood transfusions.Follows surgical hand scrub policy.Follows surgical gowning/gloving policy.Prepares surgical instrumentation, equipment, and supplies.Follows surgical sponge, sharp, and instrument counts policy.Drapes or assists with draping using a surgical conscience/principles of asepsis.Passes surgical instrumentation, equipment, and supplies.Follows policy for handling of specimens and cultures.Minimizes talking and noise level in operating room.Assists, as delegated, with providing for the patient's physical comfort.Assists, as delegated, with patient bed transfers/patient transport.Assists as delegated, with direct patient care needs.Practices life-saving support measures as needed.Practices aseptic technique during setup of surgical procedure.Maintains aseptic technique during intra-operative phase.Recognizes and reports breaks in aseptic technique in self and others.Selects and uses proper mode of sterilization for instruments and supplies.Places sterile equipment/supplies in proper area before admission of patient to operating room.Checks for package integrity before opening items.Opens sterile items without contamination.Pours solutions correctly.Cleans and organizes instruments and equipment on an ongoing basis.Handles contaminated material properly.Maintains traffic patterns in operating room and department.Monitors self and others in and out of sterile field.Prepares and operates mechanical, electrical, and power equipment.Removes and labels malfunctioning equipment and instruments; reports to appropriate person.Uses preference cards to secure and replace patient care equipment and supplies.Practices standard precautions, including no-touch technique, handling hazardous and contaminated materials properly, and correctly disposing of sharps.Demonstrates cost-effective use of supplies and equipment.Practices principles of sanitation following completion of a procedure.Cleans and restocks room for next procedure and/or at the end of each day.Physiological and psychological responses.Prevention of infection.Maintenance of skin integrity.Prevention of injury from extraneous objects.Identifies appropriate resources.Delivers case - specific care to meet patient surgical needs.Demonstrates effective interpersonal communication skills with staff and other health care team members (ie, RN, physician, equipment tech., etc.).Communicates accurate information/plan of care to team members (ie, RN, physician, equipment tech., etc.).Communicates with other team members concerning changes in patient condition with accurate/timely information to ensure continuity of patient care. Requires Current Maryland in good standing as an Operating Room Technician and BLS-HCP.At least six (6) months as a OR Tech and/or training or an equivalent combination of education and experience.Off shift positions require cardiac and trauma proficiency.*CB

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